Acquisition of Algrim by Ripple, which lands in Iceland

Acquisition of Algrim by Ripple, which lands in Iceland - cryptocurrency ripple

La Ripple cryptocurrency has decided to announce within a post in his official blog its future expansion also in Iceland through the acquisition of Algrim, a company operating in the field of digital currency trading. 

With this acquisition, presence of Ripple in EuropeFurthermore, the company has decided to add six new engineers to its ranks. The new team will be essential to be able to develop the ODL (On Demand Liquidity) program. 

From now on then, Iceland will be the company's engineering center, and will thus join the headquarters already present in London. In this regard, the vice president of Ripple production, Amir Sarhangi commented: the choice of this team was made because it already knows how to operate, and it is a better solution than building a team. 

La pair between Algrim and Ripple it is therefore considered perfect. During the last two years, in fact, Algrim has chosen to integrate over thirty different markets on its cryptocurrency trading platform. Its engineers introduced more than 10 years of experience in the field. 

Dadi Armannsson, the CEO of Algrim, described the decision to join Ripple as a natural development, in fact, both companies have the same vision, and want to allow a more widespread adoption of blockchain and digital asset technologies. So the two companies think of the same goals, and for years they have been working hard to achieve them. 

Furthermore, during the past week, Ripple has acquired the Logos Network payment platform, in order to be able to develop decentralized financial products.