Addirktive announces two new games under their main IP "CityStates"

addirktive is excited to share the rapid developments of its two new titles, "City States: Medieval (CS: M)" and "City States: Domination (CS: DO)". Both titles are under their main IP CityStates, different editions in the same world.

addirktive also provides other innovative solutions such as their “Dashboard” to enable cross-blockchain bridging, “Token” to support gameplay, “Payments” for perfect integration and “Microequity” for crowdfunding.

The core team of addirktive Games recently commented: "Addirktive Games is positioned to take control of GameFi by focusing on good gameplay and long-term sustainability."


Earlier this year, addirktive launched its CSM token internal, which symbolizes governance and profit sharing in the IP of CityStates. The sale of the CSM tokens also acted as crowdfunding for further development of the CityStates games.

CSM token holders can play a role in decision making in games, as well as receive royalties from IP profits.

From the presale of tokens CSM (On CoinGecko), the CityStates project has spread throughout the community thanks to word of mouth. As of this writing, City States: Medieval has 1,9k Reddit members and over 6k followers on their Twitter page.

Game development

Currently, the addirktive Games team is hard at work developing CS: M and CS: DO. City States: Medieval is now available for registration, while City States: Domination is still in the works.

CityStates is a pioneering project that aims to make the blockchain game easy to play, even for players outside the cryptocurrency. addirktive Games said it prioritizes “zero barrier onboarding of crypto and non-crypto users alike”.

Game development started 2 years ago with BETA testing coming to life before the end of 2022.

City State: Medieval

City States: Medieval focuses on the broader base of gaming players, driving mass adoption reaching both cryptocurrency enthusiasts and game fanatics. Unlike other blockchain games, CS: M doesn't need players to link external wallets or funded accounts to play. It is completely free and easy to use for beginners.

As the name suggests, CS: M is a medieval-themed mobile game, similar to titles like Lords Mobile and Clash of Clans. CS: M is a Player vs Player (PvP) game, which allows players to implement complex and elaborate strategies to outsmart the opponent.

Since CS: M is a blockchain game, it allows for cross-platform and cross-device PvP gameplay.

City-State: Domain

City States: Domination aims to attract players who are already familiar with blockchain and cryptocurrency-related games. Although CS: DO is less game-intensive than CS: M, the former has additional features like NFT and an in-game market.

CS: DO is a browser-based game, which allows players to play without installation.
addirktive Games hopes that CS: DO can provide a complete gaming experience for cryptocurrency enthusiasts and that it will eventually be released as a separate title.

Stay tuned for more information on the addictive games coming this month!