Many of our readers have asked us to review Algo Signals, a trading software that according to their website provides highly profitable trading signals for Forex and crypto pairs.Is Algo Signals a SCAM? 🥇 | Read Before You Begin - Algo Signals 1

The question our users ask us most often is: is Algo Signals reliable or is it the usual online scam? According to our team's investigations, Algo Signals is a safe and reliable platform.

Furthermore, reading some testimonials online, it seems that on average the software can guarantee a daily ROI of 2% on your investment. After testing it, we can say that things seem to be just like that and more, we can add that it is very easy to use, which makes it suitable even for beginners.

In this review we will take a closer look at the features offered by Algo Signals and how you can make the most of this platform. Ready? Then let's get started right away!

What is Algo Signals?

This is quite a popular software for trading CFDs on Forex and cryptocurrencies. Its operation is quite simple: the software is limited to issuing trading signals, which is the trader himself who decides whether to follow or not. It is therefore a semi-automatic platform.

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Its user friendly interface allows it to be suitable even for beginners, who can start earning money while learning to trade. Although its returns are quite high, the platform is not suitable for those who do not want to be in front of a PC to monitor their account and those who do not want to at least learn the basics of trading.

Is Algo Signals a scam?

According to our test team who tested this live platform for several hours a day and for several days, it is a reliable software. The daily ROI is really 2% and many online users say they are satisfied with its performance. The only real complaint that is raised online is that customer support is not very immediate and via email, it takes around 48 hours to get a response.

  • Algo Signals success level is close to 90% in the best trading conditions
  • Online feedback is generally positive, the only complaints are with customer service
  • The software works with some of the best brokers in the world, regulated by the FCA and ASIC

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How does it work?

The software is generally integrated into the broker's web platform that you choose at the time of registration. Which is why, you don't need to install any software on your computer for it to work.

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In addition, comprehensive guides are offered to users to help them throughout the journey. The control panel is intuitive and no advanced knowledge is required to adjust basic settings.

All that is required is to activate the notifications and decide whether or not to follow the signals emitted. The signals are issued only after the software has identified the best trading opportunities.

Algo Signals offers three types of accounts. The one for beginners, experts and masters. The first requires a minimum deposit of $ 250 and offers the ability to execute up to 3 trades at the same time. The expert account increases the minimum deposit to $ 500 and offers extra operations and additional settings. To access the master account, however, a $ 1000 deposit is required which is accompanied by VIP customer service.

Algo Signals also provides a trial account, which can help users familiarize themselves with the platform, without risking a single penny of their own capital, before switching to live mode. We recommend that all beginners practice the demo before moving on to the real version.

How to open an account?

Getting started trading by investing in foreign currency and cryptocurrencies with this robot is really very simple. To do this, just follow the 3 steps described below.


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Fill out the registration form by entering your name, email address and telephone number. Validate your account and go to the next step.

To deposit

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At this point you can already use the demo account to practice, or choose a broker of your choice and the type of account you want to open by investing between $ 250 and $ 1000.


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Practice with the demo account, you can switch to the real one to accumulate real earnings. Keep an eye on every notification and signal emitted by the software and decide whether it is worth following or not.

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Key features of Algo Signals

Algo Signals was developed to adapt to the needs of various traders. Beginners can learn the best trading strategies, starting to accumulate earnings already, while more experienced traders can improve their skills while increasing their profits. Here are some key features offered by the platform to its users.

Invest automatically

This is one of the features that made Algo Signals so popular. Although it is possible to decide whether or not to follow the signals emitted manually, the software is also able to operate with the autopilot. Which means that all the signals issued will be executed through the web trader of the chosen broker.

Stop loss function

Although highly effective, Algo Signals protects the investment of its users with the “stop-loss” function. In a nutshell, the user has to decide when it's time to exit a trade (automatically), before it completely drains his account.

Offers multiple CFD brokers

As mentioned above, Algo Signals connects to the markets through the platforms of the best brokers in the world. Trading CFDs also offers another advantage; to make profits, regardless of the market trend, which can be both bearish and bullish.

Is Algo Signals recommended by any celebrities?

Not many people talk about Algo Signals in our country, but those who did it were highly satisfied. Let's find out who it is.

Flavio BriatoreMarco BaldiniLorenzo Jovanotti

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People claim that they use Algo signals to invest their money intelligently. However, he claims he has never used the software in automatic mode.

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He went through a not-so-happy time in his life when his finances collapsed due to gambling. If he had discovered this software he might have been luckier.

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There are claims that he was one of the first to believe in cryptocurrencies and Algo Signals helped him trade this asset, even though he didn't understand anything about it. We cannot confirm these claims.

Does Algo Signals offer a mobile app?

As mentioned above, Algo Signals is a platform that integrates directly into brokers' web traders, therefore, you don't need to install any software to make it work. Just log into your account on the website and the dashboard is always there waiting for our decisions.

Our verdict

What has been said so far allows us to conclude that Algo Signals is a reliable and functioning software. Users are telling the truth when they claim to earn a 2% daily ROI on their investment and their testimonials are available all over the web.

The software is intuitive and easy to use, plus comprehensive guides are offered to help beginners learn the basics of trading, while doing it live profitably. If you are looking for a safe and reliable software to follow profitable trading signals, Algo Signals is for you and you can sign up now and try the demo by clicking on the button below.

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How much do I have to invest to trade with Algo Signals?

At least $ 250 is required to open an account. We advise beginners to start with a basic account, before moving on to the more advanced ones, which require larger amounts.

How much can I earn with Algo Signals?

Algo Signals generates a daily ROI of 2%. This means that with an investment of $ 500 you can get a maximum of $ 140 in one year.

Can I withdraw my money from Algo Signals?

All brokers who work with Algo Signals are regulated and reliable. So withdrawing your funds will never be a problem.