Anwar Ibrahim is a Malaysian politician twice leader of the opposition from August 2008 to March 2015 and from July 2020 to the present. He is currently the vice-president of the Party for People's Justice (PKR) and leader of the Pakatan Harapan (PH) opposition coalition. Anwar is also the current Member of Parliament (MP) for Port Dickson since 2018.

Anwar himself had been Deputy Prime Minister from 1993 to 1998 and Finance Minister from 1991 to 1998 when he was a member of the United Malays National Organization (UMNO), the main party in the ruling Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition at the time.

His life was quite troubled, but after escaping from prison, some online news appeared that would place his name alongside that of online trading platforms. But what is true in all this?

Since we have dealt with these trading systems, we wanted to deepen the subject to find out what the Malaysian politician and the platforms mentioned had in common. Read on to find out more, or go directly to our reviews to find out our opinion on the platforms reviewed.

Anwar Ibrahim and Bitcoin - Real news or viral fake news?

But why has this news popped up online alongside the name of Anwar Ibrahim with that of some of the most popular online trading platforms? The sites in question are famous for creating fake news every day using a devious marketing technique, which makes use of viral keywords. Their news leaps to the front page thanks to clickbait headlines.

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The systems mentioned and Anwar Ibrahim are currently viral keywords in Asia and for this reason are being targeted by online gossip sites. This marketing technique known as the "black hat" has been used for some time to make sites go viral, as did Facebook at the beginning to promote Libra, for example.

Trading sites Anwar Ibrahim would have recommended using include popular names like Bitcoin Loophole, Bitcoin Code and Bitcoin Evolution. The reason why the Malaysian politician was chosen is that currently after his release, his name is viral in Asia on Google Trends. Read on to learn more about these platforms.

Bitcoin loophole

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Bitcoin Loophole is a robot that uses particularly advanced mathematical algorithms to read and identify potential trading opportunities. It is said that thanks to this robot it is possible to earn thousands of dollars a month by depositing a minimum capital of $ 250.

The software manages to achieve such a level of success also thanks to the financial leverage made available to the regulated brokers with whom it collaborates. Although such large levers are a double-edged sword, as they can also result in high losses. For this reason, we recommend investing only what you can afford to lose.

Does Anwar Ibrahim use Bitcoin Loophole?

As we imagined, these reports linking Anwar Ibrahim to Bitcoin Loophole are unfounded and spread by gossip sites. These sites have every interest in this world to create certain news, to get more clicks on their links.

Bitcoin Loophole is a viral trading system, but also safe and reliable, and one that enjoys great popularity online among traders. This explains why it is mentioned so often. As we've always said, before you take everything online, you should do some more research. Although Anwar Ibrahim never talked about Bitcoin Loophole, our experience doesn't stop us from recommending its use to budding traders. If you want to know more, read our Bitcoin Loophole review.

How to trade with Bitcoin Loophole

To start trading with Bitcoin Loophole, you need to open a new account, make a deposit and then go Live. Such as? Follow these steps:

  • Sign up on the official Bitcoin Loophole page, which you can access via the link below
  • Make a deposit of at least $ 250. This is the capital the system will use to trade and not the cost of the software
  • Get familiar with the platform using the demo account and then move on to live trading with the click of a button

Visit Bitcoin Loophole

Bitcoin Code

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Bitcoin Code is the leader in the trading robot industry and the one most associated with the name of Anwar Ibrahim. The robot claims to generate thousands of dollars a day, starting with a $ 250 investment of money. We have found and read many positive reviews online about this platform.

We are confident that it is an excellent robot, as also pointed out by our review of Bitcoin Code and for this reason we recommend trying it for aspiring traders. Bitcoin Code it is very accurate, as it uses modern technologies such as AI and ML, to analyze the markets and make accurate decisions. Read our review of Bitcoin Code to find out more and find out if it's right for you.

Anwar Ibrahim advises Bitcoin Code?

If so, we would not only have found official statements from the Malaysian politician, but being a very popular platform, Bitcoin Code he would have written it in large letters on his website. This makes us think once again that it is nothing more than other fake news.

Today these little-known gossip sites use a marketing technique called black hat to generate clickbait titles and attract a greater web flow to their portals by associating viral keywords such as Bitcoin Code and Anwar Ibrahim, who made a comeback after a period of personal difficulty.

How to trade with Bitcoin Code

Bitcoin Code is a popular and safe trading system. Follow these steps to start trading with this robot, even if you don't have any experience:

  • Subscribe to Bitcoin Code by logging in to the site via the link below
  • Verify your identity with the partner broker and make a deposit of at least $ 250
  • Log in to the web trader, click on the Live button and relax while the software takes care of everything else

Visit Bitcoin Code

Bitcoin Evolution

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Like the two previous systems, Bitcoin Evolution is also a software that speculates on the price of cryptocurrencies to generate a profit and which has been associated with the name of Anwar Ibrahim. This software is said to be capable of turning its users into millionaires in less than 1 year. An analysis conducted on user feedback allowed us to discover that this is a truly profitable platform. However, we haven't tested it for a year, but only for a few days, so we can't tell you if it's really possible to achieve certain results.

Does Anwar Ibrahim recommend Bitcoin Evolution?

Anwar Ibrahim and Bitcoin Evolution lately appear more and more often in the articles generated by the gossip sites. However, we have not found any evidence that the Malaysian politician recommends the use of this platform, which he has probably never even heard of. Through his official channels, Anwar Ibrahim has never expressed interest in trading systems.

Bitcoin Evolution has been attracting a lot of attention in recent times especially in Asia, thanks to its allegedly high profitability. Platforms that generate fake news are taking advantage of the popularity of this system to create click-catching headlines. We recommend that you take this news with a grain of salt and only rely on official sources before investing money online. If you'd like to find out more, read our Bitcoin Evolution review.

How to trade digital currencies with Bitcoin Evolution

It only takes a few minutes to create a new account on Bitcoin Evolution. After that it will be necessary to make a deposit in order for the platform to place trades on the markets. The people who developed Bitcoin Evolution make money by charging a small commission on the earnings of its users.

  • Open a free Bitcoin Evolution account by clicking on the link below
  • Make a deposit of at least $ 250 through the associated broker
  • Launch the software by clicking on the live trading button

Visit Bitcoin Evolution

Anwar Ibrahim and Bitcoin - Our conclusions

It is no longer a mystery at this point that the news spread by the gossip sites does not enjoy any foundation of truth. The sites that generate this fake news, have the sole purpose of attracting towards them a greater web flow.

However, although Anwar Ibrahim never spoke directly about these online trading platforms, we have tested and reviewed them for you. You can read our reviews to learn more and find out which system is best suited to your needs.