Smart programming and technologies can be used to take advantage of the typical and relatively predictable characteristics of markets. Well-designed systems such as Bitcoin Blueprint for automated trading allow many traders to get more out of trades, as they don't involve components like psychology, which sometimes work against us. When these are incorporated into the cryptocurrency market, the result is interesting.Is Bitcoin Blueprint a SCAM? 🥇 | Read Before You Begin - Bitcoin Blueprint 1

In this guide we present an analysis and review of Bitcoin Blueprint, a robot for automatic trading of bitcoins and other digital currencies, which uses software equipped with a high artificial intelligence. But does it really work? Find out by continuing to read here!

What is Bitcoin Blueprint?

Bitcoin Blueprint is an automatic trading system that allows you to take advantage of volatile movements in the cryptocurrency market through an intelligent algorithm that detects certain trading signals and indicators optimized for the particular characteristics of this market. According to their website:

"The Bitcoin Blueprint software is capable of producing highly accurate trading signals and trading opportunities for assets, cryptocurrencies and CFDs."

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For this reason, we see that the system not only works with bitcoins, but also includes other popular altcoins, which expand our investment portfolio and, therefore, the management of the particular results of each operator.

The system connects to third party platforms (generally regulated brokers) where transactions are finally executed according to the signals activated in the algorithm. Therefore, it is important to check their reliability.

Is Bitcoin Blueprint a Scam?

According to our investigations, Bitcoin Blueprint is a safe and reliable software, which works with licensed and regulated brokers, who provide direct access to the cryptocurrency markets and also take care of the (free) management of users' funds. All this, thanks to the agreements made with the company in question. Furthermore:

  • The system applies 8 trading strategies to open positions in assets available on the financial markets
  • It uses software that is active 24/24 and guarantees the use of technology based on artificial intelligence
  • The use and management of the software is very simple and the user experience is optimal

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How does Bitcoin Blueprint work?

Bitcoin Blueprint is already one of our favorite trading systems, for the simple fact of not offering users expectations that are out of reality. Instead of using a strong advertising strategy that promises exorbitant profits within hours, the system explains how it works and what technology it uses to work.

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Therefore, the user knows what he is dealing with. The system easily adapts to different user experience profiles, providing different trading strategies with cryptocurrencies and other financial instruments.

Consequently - and in our opinion - we believe that Bitcoin Blueprint is a safe and reliable cryptocurrency robot that makes us understand what its characteristics are and how it works.

Upon entering the system, we see that it does not use the typical easy interface of other bots and that it takes things to the next level. After thorough investigation, we are unable to find any clues or evidence that Bitcoin Blueprint is a scam. However, we encourage our readers to check for themselves more information on the reliability of the assigned broker and any additional costs before depositing funds.

How to open an account?

To get started, you need to create an account on Bitcoin Blueprint. Just click on the link below and you will be taken to the website, where you will see a simple form to fill out.


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You must fill out the form with your basic personal information: name, surname and email. When you click "Next", you will need to enter two additional information: password and phone number. Once registration is complete, you will receive an email with a confirmation link and a special link to access the Bitcoin Blueprint software.

To deposit

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To access the Bitcoin Blueprint tools, it is mandatory to complete the registration and deposit with the assigned broker. Log in via the link you will receive in your email. Once on the main Bitcoin Blueprint desktop, you will need to make your first deposit to get started (minimum € 250). Depending on your region, different brokers will be assigned which you need to check the origin and reliability before continuing. Generally, you will be able to deposit using credit cards, transfers, and some electronic means (e.g. Skrill).


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The time has come to put the Bitcoin Blueprint software into action. You can start by watching the video tutorial to familiarize yourself with the tool before getting started. Then, click on the “Signal Walls” section. There you will find live signals for the different instruments available once the deposit is made. You can choose to open trades manually or activate automatic trading so that the robot does all the work for you. We suggest combining strategies and tweaking settings until optimal results are achieved.

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Key features

Bitcoin Blueprint offers its users a number of truly amazing features. Among the many offers, we have decided to include in this review, those that we think have guided the platform towards the great success achieved in recent times.

Excellent performance

We have never used trading apps that work with the level of accuracy offered by Bitcoin Blueprint. And it is for this reason that more and more people rely on this platform to double or triple their investments.

Cutting edge technology

Bitcoin Blueprint was developed using state-of-the-art technology, unlike other competitive platforms that are now obsolete. The software is fast in executing trades, which means that it can capitalize on every little market movement.

Easy to use trading app

Bitcoin Blueprint has won numerous awards. In particular, it was awarded for offering one of the most effective and easy to use trading apps on the planet.

Is Bitcoin Blueprint recommended by any celebrities?

The software is talked about a lot in the UK and USA, but not much talk about it in our country. At least not yet. However, some celebrities have talked about cryptocurrencies in the past. Here's what they said.

Marco BaldiniLorenzo JovanottiFabio Fazio

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There are claims about his overcoming the financial crisis that was gripping him, thanks to investments made in cryptocurrencies, as suggested by a close friend of his. However, we don't know if the claims are true.

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The online claims are about him using the trading system to make money. He has been a supporter of cryptocurrencies for many years. There is no occasion when you don't speak well of it. Evidently if he had invested in bitcoin since its launch it has allowed him to get an excellent financial response. The claims cannot be confirmed and yet appear not to be true.

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There are claims that he is aware of auto trading platforms, but he never claims to have used them. This until proven otherwise, of course. These claims appear not to be true and there is no confirmation in this regard.

Is there a mobile app?

No, Bitcoin Blueprint is a web based app, which means you can use it on any internet connected device and you don't need to download any software.

The platform is compatible with desktop systems (Windows and Mac) and mobile platforms (Android and iOS). The software also automatically adapts to different sizes of portable screens.

Our verdict

Bitcoin Blueprint is an excellent opportunity to trade in a complex market like that of cryptocurrencies. In addition to offering an intelligent and highly configurable algorithm, it is versatile, as it has several strategies that could be adapted to different market conditions. While it's designed so that any beginner can get started quickly, experts will be able to get the most out of the same tool.

Finally, remember that it is essential to understand the risks to which any investor is exposed when trading CFDs on cryptocurrencies, both manually and automatically. Consequently, it is not advisable to speculate with more capital than you are willing to lose.

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How many hours a day should I monitor the software?

Our advice is to monitor the software at least 20 minutes a day. This time will be used to set risk appetite and monitor the first few minutes of trading, to make sure everything goes as planned.

How Much Can I Earn with Bitcoin Blueprint?

With Bitcoin Blueprint, profits are potentially unlimited. But it all depends on how much you are willing to invest and on market conditions.

How much does Bitcoin Blueprint cost?

Bitcoin Blueprint is completely free. To access your platform and start earning, just follow the instructions given in the appropriate section of this guide.