Bitcoin Digital is a trading robot recently launched on the market and which claims to be able to profit from the price volatility of the cryptocurrency market.Is Bitcoin Digital a SCAM? 🥇 | Read Before You Begin - Bitcoin Digital 1

Many online testimonials claim that this robot is capable of generating a maximum profit of $ 5000 a day.

But are these claims real or is it just a well-organized scam? We have conducted extensive tests on Bitcoin Digital and we believe we can safely say that it is a reliable platform, even if it does not completely eliminate the risk of trading.

For this reason, we advise beginners to start trading with the minimum amount possible and not to spend more than they can afford to lose. If you want to know more, keep reading our Bitcoin Digital review.

What is Bitcoin Digital?

As mentioned above, Bitcoin Digital is an online trading program that carries out its operations automatically and by connecting to regulated financial brokers.

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Bitcoin Digital trades online through so-called CFDs, contracts for difference. In a nutshell, CFDs allow traders to "bet" on the price trend of cryptocurrencies, without actually owning them.

As for the trading of CFDs on bitcoin, for example, the operator speculates on the price of BTC, but without actually owning bitcoin and therefore avoiding all the long and tedious process that this would entail.

Is Bitcoin Digital a scam?

Bitcoin Digital is not very different from other trading robots that we have reviewed on our website, only it is one of the latest arrivals and which promises to:

  • Generate constant profits over time with a success rate of almost 94%.
  • Work with regulated brokers who are chosen based on the user's geographic location.
  • It allows you to enter the world of CFD trading with a minimum capital of $ 250.

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How does Bitcoin Digital work?

Bitcoin Digital uses the same advanced trading techniques used by leading Wall Street software. These include the popular “high frequency scalping” technique.

It is mainly hedge funds and other institutional investors that use so-called high-frequency trading. This involves opening and closing many transactions per minute, at an incredible speed. This technique can only be performed by advanced mathematical algorithms.

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The software also uses sophisticated artificial intelligence to increase the potential return of this trading technique. The use of artificial intelligence in this area is not new and has proven time and again to be highly efficient.

Bitcoin Digital's AI conducts technical and fundamental analysis on behalf of traders, with an assumed accuracy level of 92%. In this way it guarantees safe results 9 times out of 10.

How to open an account with Bitcoin Digital?

Opening an account on Bitcoin Digital is really very simple and it only takes a few minutes to do it. Follow these steps to open an account right away.


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First, click on the link on this page to access the homepage of the site. Bitcoin Digital is free for everyone for now, but that doesn't mean it will always be like this. At the moment, only 100 slots have been made available for new users. Take advantage while you still have time!

To deposit

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Although the software is free, you need to invest your money to get a return. This means having to pay trading capital through brokers. The minimum allowed is $ 250. You can do this by bank transfer, credit card, e-wallet and bitcoin.


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At this point you can practice with the demo account or jump right into the fray with live trading. Bitcoin Digital appears to work best when left running for around 8 hours a day. The best time to keep the trading session open is during Wall Street trading hours.

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Is Bitcoin Digital the copy of another Bitcoin scam robot?

There are many online testimonials of users making daily profits thanks to cryptocurrencies and there are also those who claim to make daily profits by trading Bitcoin with this platform and others like: Bitcoin Pro e Bitcoin storm.

You will probably find many reviews online about these robots and some of them have even been recommended by several celebrities, both local and international, who have approved them or invested in them. The truth is, most of these testimonials are published primarily with the intention of advertising or promoting these robots, although there is really nothing wrong with that.

The beauty is that Bitcoin has turned many people into millionaires overnight and has made a lot of money since market cap has increased and people have shown interest in it.

Many “self-made” traders quit their jobs and go all in with Bitcoin. To give a broader idea, in 2017, Bitcoin went from $ 7 to $ 20 within a year. This means that people who bought Bitcoin at 7, and sold at an all-time high of 20, made a lot of profits.

Making profits with this platform is really possible

Trading with Bitcoin means that you don't need to acquire the assets yourself, but you can still invest your money regardless of the amount. With robots like this and the others mentioned, trades are made via complex software, which reads the signals issued by traders in the market and can execute trading orders at a faster rate than normal trading tools. And the best part is that all of this is done automatically.

This software is similar to other reputable systems, which means that the results should also be very close to these high-performance Bitcoin trading robots.

If you have read so far and still have doubts about how to make profits by trading Bitcoin with this program, then let's clear any remaining doubts.

There are many facts listed in this review about the reliability of this software and whether the user testimonials on their website are real or not. What we can advise you to do is take your own conclusions after registering and try the trading robot on your own.

Once you start trading with it, you will find that you don't need any other tools to execute trades and that it is one of the most recommended trading tools for novice users, but also for experts.

What you need to keep in mind is that Bitcoin is a complex, highly volatile asset. There is a lot of money to be made by trading Bitcoin and this software is simply a tool to help people achieve their goals when trading Bitcoin.

Key features of Bitcoin Digital

There are many innovative features that Bitcoin Digital has presented to outperform the competition of more established platforms. Here are the three main ones:

Customer support

Bitcoin Digital is aimed primarily at beginners and for this reason provides its users with introductory guides to trading and attentive and professional customer support, to guide users from start to finish.

Regulated brokers

As it is a trading platform, it cannot manage client funds, which can be managed by financial companies. Bitcoin Digital works with the best brokers in the world.

Easy withdrawals

In the end, what really matters is being able to withdraw your profits. We personally tested the withdrawal process and it was quick and easy. The money arrived in our bank account in less than 24 hours.

Is Bitcoin Digital recommended by any celebrities?

Being a rather new platform, we still do not find local celebrities who have spoken about it directly, but many are in favor of bitcoin and these platforms.

Marco BaldiniFabio FazioLorenzo Jovanotti

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He is said to have managed to get out of the quicksand he entered due to gambling addiction, trading profitably on the advice of a trusted friend. These claims have by no means been confirmed. Now he's back on the radio too.

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It continues to be said that he has repeatedly proposed to the top management of RAI to create an entire episode of his popular program dedicated to cryptocurrencies of which he is a proud supporter. However, there is no confirmation on these claims.

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In addition to making a few more singles here and there in recent years, there are claims that he has also dedicated himself to his new passion, cryptocurrency trading which, according to him, could change the lives of many people. These claims cannot be confirmed.

Does Bitcoin Digital offer a mobile app?

Unfortunately, Bitcoin Digital does not yet offer a real application to download for trading via mobile applications.

However, the web trader is optimized for portable devices and therefore it can also be accessed via smartphones and tablets connected to the internet through mobile browsers.

Our verdict

Bitcoin Digital appears more than reliable. It is very popular with beginners, but some experts also use it. In addition, it is based on some trading strategies used by successful Wall Street traders. You can sign up for Bitcoin Digital via the links you find on this page, but keep in mind that trading is not without risk and that you can lose your capital at any time.

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Is Bitcoin Digital a reliable robot?

Bitcoin Digital enjoys an excellent online reputation and therefore appears reliable. Most users are satisfied with its performance.

How much should I invest with Bitcoin Digital?

The brokers with whom this platform collaborates allow you to start with a minimum investment of $ 250.

How much can I earn with Bitcoin Digital?

The website claims that it is possible to earn thousands of dollars per month. However, we think that a few hundred dollars cannot be exceeded with a minimum amount. It is advisable to reinvest profits to increase daily earnings.