Along with Bitcoin, many other cryptocurrencies have also arrived. Year after year, more and more altcoins arrive on the market and with all this has also arrived cryptocurrency trading. Trading digital currencies is similar to buying Bitcoin, however, the investing user does not buy the asset directly. Many investors also prefer to trade with software such as Bitcoin Fast.

Bitcoin Fast is a cryptocurrency trading robot, which offers a free service through which Bitcoin can be traded. But what makes Bitcoin Fast truly unique is the fact that it offers advantages and benefits to any type of trader, even a beginner.

It seems really impossible that with this software it is possible to earn thousands of dollars a day, however, not only is this what is promised on its platform, but also what many witnesses have achieved.

In this review we will tell you, as objectively as possible, everything you should know about Bitcoin Fast, including the steps to create an account and how to trade on the platform.

What is Bitcoin Fast?

Bitcoin Fast is at the same time a platform and a free software, which all those who wish to do automatic cryptocurrency trading can use in order to make a profit. The software operates in a smart way, which means that its algorithms allow it to detect potential high-income market signals.

However we must also add that despite its popularity, there is not much information as who made it, but on the site they claim to be really a Fast software that performs hundreds of operations in a few seconds, generating profits from small movements of market.

Is Bitcoin Fast a scam?

Everyone who has read or heard about Bitcoin Fast is asking this question. However, the truth is that it is a reliable platform, as also underlined by the many testimonials that can be read online. And the best way to check it is to start by opening a free account and enjoying the following benefits:

  • Free platform that guarantees a success rate of over 88%
  • Support available 24 hours a day via various contact channels, such as online form and telephone
  • Zero commission transactions. Anything that the trader earns can be withdrawn without any problems

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How does Bitcoin Fast work?

Once your account is activated (read on below to find out how) and practiced in demo mode, you can start trading without lifting a finger. Just configure the software, set stop limits and take profits, and let the robot do the rest.

According to the Bitcoin Fast website itself, this robot is capable of detecting signals relating to changes in trends in the cryptocurrency market at an incredible speed. That is, you can read indicators that lead you to invest in an asset where profits are the order of the day.

The only problem is that the cryptocurrency market is quite unstable and can change from one second to the next, but the possibility of earning thousands of dollars a day doesn't seem unrealistic, coupled with the fact that there are positive opinions about it.

How to open an account with Bitcoin Fast?

Opening an account on Bitcoin Fast is really fast! Just follow these simple steps:


The first step to create an account on Bitcoin Fast is to go to the website and fill out the form on the home page where you can enter information such as name and surname, email address and telephone number. After that, you will need to verify your account and it will be activated within a few seconds.

To deposit

To start trading live, you will need to make a deposit of at least $ 250. The interesting thing from now on is that if you activate the automatic mode of Bitcoin Fast, the user just has to sit back, relax and watch the robot work.


After activating the robot, setting your preferred parameters and clicking on the live trading button, if something does not go as desired, you can freeze your trades and withdraw your funds at any time (including any accumulated profits). Withdrawals are processed within 24/48 hours.

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Key features of Bitcoin Fast

This software, while quite new, has already received a lot of positive feedback from the community, as it boasts unique and interesting features such as:

Dedicated account manager

Bitcoin Fast connects the user to the best regulated brokers in the world to manage transactions and funds. These brokers also support the trader with a dedicated account manager to follow him in every operation and take his first steps.

Regulated brokers

As mentioned above, the brokers this platform works with are regulated and licensed. This means that users know their funds are protected at all times and with the best security measures available.

zero commissions

Not only is Bitcoin Fast free software, at least until now, but it doesn't even charge transaction fees, nor for making deposits and withdrawals. Everything in your account is yours and you can withdraw it at any time at no additional cost.

Is Bitcoin Fast recommended by any celebrities?

The software is currently very popular abroad and few local celebrities really know it.

Flavio BriatoreFabio FazioLorenzo Jovanotti

Is Bitcoin Fast a SCAM? 🥇 | Read Before You Begin - flavio briatore bitcoin revolution 150x150

We would not be surprised if it turns out that Briatore uses automated trading software to execute trades, but the little news that is found online is not very "clear" and confusing. These rumors appear to be false.

Is Bitcoin Fast a SCAM? 🥇 | Read Before You Begin - Fabio Fazio 150x150

In an online interview, he states that he would have liked to talk about the future of fiat coins and cryptocurrencies during an episode of Che tempo che fa, but that he had never been authorized to do so. It has not been confirmed whether or not it approved the trading software.

Is Bitcoin Fast a SCAM? 🥇 | Read Before You Begin - Jovanotti Bitcoin 150x150

Jovanotti has always supported bitcoin. In an interview with him, he says he is convinced that one day we will all go through cryptocurrencies and there will be many, while states will lose their currency. It appears that its name has been used extensively in relation to the trading software. These rumors about him using them are false.

Does Bitcoin Fast offer a mobile app?

Bitcoin Fast is web based software. in short, any device connected to the internet can access it.

The user interface is designed to adapt to any type of screen, so that you can follow your operations even on the move, from smartphones and tablets.

Our verdict

It doesn't seem realistic to us to have a profit of thousands of dollars a day, starting with a minimum investment of $ 250, but this can only happen over time and the reinvestment of profits.

Starting from such a low investment, you can hope to earn a few hundred dollars a week, but you have to be constant and not get knocked down by sudden changes in the direction of the market.

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How Much Should I Invest?

The ideal would be to invest as little as possible, until you feel confident in your possibilities. We recommend starting with $ 250.

Should I always leave the robot in automatic mode?

It is not recommended to do this. It would be better if it was activated only for as long as you can monitor it, in case you want to stop its operations.

What are the accepted payment methods?

Any type of credit or debit card, bank transfer, e-wallet and Bitcoin.