We know that the cryptocurrency market is very volatile and requires a certain level of experience to trade. Indeed, it is currently in constant decline due to the economic crisis. But how to exploit the decline? By trading with crypto robots such as the Bitcoin Formula.
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Sometimes inexperienced traders have a hard time learning how to trade cryptocurrencies. And even after learning the basics, it is still difficult to identify profitable trading opportunities. And to complicate matters, it also adds to the fact that a novice trader is very likely to linger even after identifying a real trading signal, which will cost him some profit, of course.

To try to solve all these problems related to the trading world, developers continually create cryptocurrency trading robots such as Bitcoin Formula, which make the trading process fully automatic and reduce the trader's burden to trade.

What is Bitcoin Formula?

This is an application developed for automatic trading of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Its operation is based on an intelligent trading algorithm which has generated considerable profits for all its users.

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The website features a video with interviews with famous people who attest to the importance of cryptocurrencies and decentralized technologies; However, the identity of the creators of Bitcoin Formula remains anonymous, just like many other robots. Either way, users can take a look at the trustworthiness of the brokers assigned for investments, as that is where their money will reside.

Is Bitcoin Formula a Scam?

Before choosing and using a robot like this, you need to run a so-called background check to find out if it's a trustworthy app or just another scam. There are many scammers out there ready to grab your hard-earned cash, and if you're not careful, you could end up losing all your investments.

Bitcoin Formula is a reliable cryptocurrency trading robot. It is safe and profitable and many operators, including ours, have made money using it. And in case you still have doubts, you can still open a demo account and take a test first.

  • Automatic trading allows traders to trade cryptocurrencies, without having to perform manual analysis of the markets
  • The robot works 24/24, so you never miss a chance to make a profit
  • The user interface is simple and effective. In addition, a demo account is offered to familiarize you with the platform

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How does it work?

Bitcoin Formula uses an innovative algorithm that takes care of the entire trading process, including decision making.

It obtains data from historical cryptocurrency charts and processes it in a split second to identify any trading opportunities. If a trading signal is generated, the robot is very quick to act.

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Something unique this robot offers is that your trades last for a very short period of time. Orders are normally closed within seconds. It's like a pro, but much faster!

How to open an account?

Opening an account on the Bitcoin Formula website is really very simple. All you need to do is follow these 3 steps.


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Registering is very simple, you will have to connect to the site and enter your name, email address, telephone number and then set a password in the registration form. Registration is completely free: just click on the link on this page to get started. Once registered, you will receive a confirmation email and you will need to verify your account.

To deposit

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Once logged into your account, tap the "deposit" button to get started. You will need to deposit a minimum amount of $ 250 to get started and we advise you not to exceed this amount right away. Start with minimal capital and then grow a little at a time. This platform offers several payment methods, the most popular being credit card payments, but there are also wire transfers and e-wallets.


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Once you have deposited the funds into your account, you will need to decide which settings you intend to use to kick off the operations. This includes managing risk, setting limits, stopping losses and taking profits. You can also decide which cryptocurrencies you want to trade and how many at the same time. Remember that you can also start using the demo mode and without risking a single penny of your capital.

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Key features

What are the main features of Bitcoin Formula that made it so popular? Discover them below!

High precision

In the world, there is no trading app like Bitcoin Formula that works with such a high level of accuracy. With the right market conditions, it can exceed 95%. That's why all those who try it never let go.

Advanced technology

Bitcoin Formula was developed using the most modern technologies in the world. The software is able to predict market movements a little in advance, which means that it can seize every profitable trading opportunity, while minimizing the risks.

Easy to use trading app

Bitcoin Formula offers an easy to use auto trading app. Precisely for this innate characteristic, it has been awarded with numerous awards from the best international control bodies.

Is Bitcoin Formula recommended by any celebrities?

Some rumors claim that the most well-known celebrities around the world have relied on Bitcoin Formula to make a profit and invest their money. Let's see what these rumors tell us.

Lorenzo JovanottiFabio FazioFlavio Briatore

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It seems that the famous Italian singer-songwriter has been involved in rumors about him investing his money earned from music in BTC and doing it via Bitcoin Formula. These rumors are false.

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We know of the well-known conductor of Che tempo che fa that he knew investments through automatic trading software since what was stated long ago, but we are not at all sure that he uses Bitcoin Formula or any trading software.

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There are claims about him stating that Bitcoin Formula is a safe and effective platform, but professional traders recommend using more advanced tools than this, developed especially for beginners. However, the claims about him cannot be confirmed.

Does Bitcoin Formula offer a mobile app?

Unfortunately or fortunately, there is no real Bitcoin Formula app. As this is a web based platform, you don't need to download anything to your device to use it, just an internet connection.

However, while also offering excellent customer service, you could try asking support agents if an app of this platform will be published sooner or later, to be downloaded directly from the official stores.

Our verdict

From our tests, it turns out that Bitcoin Formula is reliable software. It is an effective, safe and easy to use trading robot, specially developed for those with little trading experience.

Furthermore, it not only allows you to trade CFDs on BTC, but also other popular cryptocurrencies. Traders can start trading with this robot by risking very little capital, starting from $ 250.

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What Kind of Results Can I Get With Bitcoin Formula?

Anyone who starts trading with Bitcoin Formula earns a few hundred to a few thousand dollars a day, depending on the capital invested.

How many hours a day should I use Bitcoin Formula?

How much can I earn with Bitcoin Formula?

The profits are unlimited. Some members earned their first million in a few months, others took longer, but it all depends on too many factors to quantify it.