This automated cryptocurrency trading software is your ticket to financial freedom. Start earning real profits with Bitcoin Freedom. Find out in our review how to do it!Is Bitcoin Freedom a SCAM? 🥇 | Read Before You Begin - Bitcoin Freedom 1

Investments in blockchain and cryptocurrencies have seen immense growth in recent years and tremendous profitability for the wisest investors. In fact, the segment has received recognition from big names in the industry, such as Richard Branson and Bill Gates.

Perhaps this is your best time to take action, and the good news is that it's now easier than ever to profit from the cryptocurrency industry thanks to Bitcoin Freedom. Would you like to know more? Find out how it works and how to get the most out of this software? Then you're in the right place. You just have to keep reading.

What is Bitcoin Freedom?

Our team who have used Bitcoin Freedom so far believe this cryptocurrency trading software is a godsend. This is because it allows you to earn money, while having a lot of free time.

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Thanks to the automatic functionality of this platform, exclusive members of the platform only have to spend 20 minutes a day setting their preferred trading parameters, while the system handles the trading aspect for them.

The system conducts market analysis, identifies trading opportunities and even executes trades on behalf of the account owner. This means that the trader can continue to enjoy the day, earning money even while he sleeps.

Automated trading makes the software easier for everyone to use, regardless of their trading skill level. You can easily take advantage of this crypto trading software even if you don't have any experience.

Is Bitcoin Freedom a scam?

According to our investigations, Bitcoin Freedom is certainly safe and reliable, which means that in most people who choose to use this platform, they will make a sure profit. Even if we didn't realize the profits promised by the robot, evidently because we invested only the minimum amount to run the test, we made profits in a very satisfying few hours.

  • The software offers a success rate of almost 90%. This means 9 out of 10 trades, in most cases, closed with a plus sign
  • Bitcoin Freedom supports its customers, with a 24/7 support service and a personal account manager in contact directly through the broker
  • The platform offers a software environment with a modern, fast and intuitive interface. To be successful, you don't need to have any experience

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How does it work?

Bitcoin Freedom is impressive not only because it is highly accurate thanks to its automatic trading option, but also because it was developed using the best technology on the market.

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This allows him to reduce risks and other factors in the financial trading industry. Its algorithm is also based on advanced programming. The software is capable of conducting market analysis 0,01 seconds faster than real-time market movements, and this allows it to predict the direction of the market accurately and quickly.

The use of modern technology has been a factor that has contributed to the accuracy and effectiveness of Bitcoin Freedom. The platform allows you to easily make money by trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, even if you have never traded online before or have understood the markets.

How to open an account with Bitcoin Freedom?

Below you will find a guide that will help you sign up and start trading on Bitcoin Freedom, which only takes a few minutes of your time. Remember that this software is not available worldwide due to restrictions on cryptocurrencies in some countries. Then, click on the link below to find out if Bitcoin Freedom is available in your area.


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You must open a free account on Bitcoin Freedom if you really want to be part of those who benefit from the freedom offered by Bitcoin. On the homepage of the platform, you can find a registration form where you can enter your details to start the account opening process. The account opening process requires you to provide some data such as your name, email address, telephone number and country of residence. Once you have entered the required information, your account will be activated instantly.

To deposit

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To make profits by trading cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin Freedom requires the account holder to trade capital. You need to deposit money into your account so that the automated system has the funds to trade with. Although the platform trades on behalf of the user, the user gets hold of all profits. The minimum amount you need to deposit on this robot is $ 250. You can start setting your preferences as soon as the funds are reflected in your account so that the system can take on the most important aspect of trading right away.


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You can start trading with your Bitcoin Freedom account as soon as your funds are reflected in your account. You can then set the trading parameters of the software to ensure that the system operates according to your trading preferences and goals. Once everything is set up, select the automatic mode and the system will take over the trading operations. However, you can take advantage of the manual trading option if you wish and consider yourself an experienced trader. This means trading cryptocurrencies in a simple and real way!

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Key features

Bitcoin Freedom offers many interesting features, which its competitors are unable to offer. Which? Here is a short list.

Effective performance

Our tests revealed that there is no limit to the amount of profits that can be made with Bitcoin Freedom. However, profits actually depend on how much you are willing to invest. However, don't forget that the larger the investment, the greater the risks involved. That's why we recommend starting with a minimal investment.

Modern and reliable technologies

Bitcoin Freedom uses trading techniques known as "high frequency trading". This strategy uses very powerful computer algorithms that allow the robot to take advantage of every trading opportunity that presents itself on the market. In fact, we have found the robot to be as successful as other top-tier bitcoin robots like Bitcoin Revolution and Bitcoin Trader.

Easy to use trading platform

The trading platform offered by Bitcoin Freedom is sophisticated, but also easy to use for all traders, both beginners and experts. If you trade in demo mode first, you will be guided through discovering all the features of the trading platform so that you won't get any surprises once you switch to live trading.

Is Bitcoin Freedom recommended by any celebrities?

Currently, some rumors claim that celebrities around the world are talking about it. Not being able to verify these items, we limit ourselves to reporting them below.

Fabio FazioMarco BaldiniFlavio Briatore

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Complaints say he recommends using Bitcoin Freedom to trade cryptocurrencies, despite not knowing this very well. However, he would like to talk about it on TV, but has not yet been authorized by Rai. These claims are false and cannot be verified.

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There are claims about him coming out of his financial crisis by using platforms like this to trade in automatic mode. Back on the radio, it appears to have been successful. However, these claims cannot be confirmed.

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There are rumors about him claiming that trading in automatic mode with Bitcoin Freedom is for beginners and as a true financial expert, he only uses it in manual mode. These claims are false.

Does Bitcoin Freedom offer a mobile app?

Bitcoin Freedom is a web based app, which you can use on any device. So, you don't need to download anything to use it.

Those who want to access their account and the trading platform, all have to do is connect to the site, enter their credentials and manage everything, both from desktop and mobile.

Our verdict

Our tests revealed that Bitcoin Freedom is a reliable robot, which guarantees excellent returns for its members. The advanced algorithms on which this software is based, allow you to identify 88% of the best trading opportunities and automatically place the most profitable trades accordingly. Our review also showed that the robot offers over 90% profitability.

Finally, it should be remembered that this platform works with regulated brokers, who provide ample leverage, allowing traders to increase their exposure to the market, even by investing as little as $ 250.

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Is Bitcoin Freedom some kind of affiliate marketing?

Bitcoin Freedom is neither a multilevel marketing platform nor an affiliate marketing scheme. It is a cryptocurrency trading software that can be used in automatic mode to allow traders to enjoy the high success rates offered by its algorithms.

So what is Bitcoin Freedom?

Bitcoin Freedom is simply a cryptocurrency trading software, which offers the possibility of automatic or manual trading to all its members to earn money passively on the cryptocurrency market.

What makes it so effective?

Its algorithm is so effective that the system has the ability to quickly perform market analysis to identify opportunities for maximum profit.