Minare bitcoin with mobile, or as commonly known by mobile Bitcoin mining, generally implies holding a hardware or at least a fairly powerful processor that can not only withstand several hours of use, but that it can also perform rather complicated calculations.

Furthermore, spending on electricity is not indifferent, in some states of the world it is prohibitive despite having all the hardware available precisely for the cost of electricity, in others it is convenient and Farms have been opened to mine Bitcoin. (by the way, discover our guide what is Bitcoin mining)

This is why one is usually taken for granted Android or Apple smartphone may not be able to undermine bitcoins.

How to farm Bitcoin

In reality it is true: undermining bitcoin with Android is not strictly possiblehowever, knowing the right apps, it is possible instead earn bitcoins without too much effort, practically playing and having fun. You don't expect to be able to undermine a whole Bitcoin but it's still a start and we'll explain how to Farm Bitcoin

The only exception is in Crypto Miner.

How to mine Bitcoin with Android

Mining bitcoins with Android is not really possible, however an app like Crypto Miner, or the bitcoin code app seems to get close.

To try, you have to go to Google Play, download and install the app.

Once that's done, open the app: you should see a page with values โ€‹โ€‹that you will need to fill out. Naturally also in this case it will be necessary to be registered in a specific mining pool.

Where you see written Pool URL, enter: stratum + tcp: // (url pool): Port Number โ€“u (name of the miner) โ€“p (password). For example: stratum + tcp: //pool.profitcoin.org: 4456-u Mario.Mario โ€“p 895578. At this point, all you have to do is choose the algorithm to use.

Crypto Miner is also available for other cryptocurrencies, not just bitcoins, as well as multiple algorithms. It's completely free, but has at least one banner ad at a time.

How to mine Bitcoin with iPhone

Even if the time for the mining it is no longer as propitious as it used to be (especially with reference to bitcoins), it is good to remember that it is theoretically possible become miners with any device and ... even with a iPhone! But how can this be done?

How to undermine cryptocurrencies with an iPhone

In order to achieve this goal it is first of all necessary to obtain a special program such as MobileMiner, one of the best known for trying to undermine cryptocurrencies.

Of course, it is worth mentioning already at this early stage as the results you could get by trying to mining bitcoins or others cryptocurrencies with an iPhone they can only be inferior to other more powerful hardware, but in any case nothing can deprive you of the pleasure of trying this program and understanding how many cryptocurrencies you can "create".

MobileMiner IPA file

In addition to the above, remember of course that a program like MobileMiner is not available in the App Store, but must be installed by directly downloading the IPA file, at your own risk.

Once this has been clarified, once installed it will be sufficient to start the program and wait for the software to bear fruit. The program will act in the background, without interfering with the other apps, and will do everything by itself.

Iphone battery charger to undermine

The only care that will be required is to place your iPhone at a battery charger in an almost continuous manner, given that the use of this software consumes a lot of battery, and that therefore the most concrete danger is that of being with dry energy.

You will realize that the economic results will not be long in coming, even if - as we have had the opportunity to anticipate above - they will certainly not be comparable to those you can get through others more powerful hardware than the iPhone, such as a personal computer optimized for mining activities.

The best apps to mine Bitcoin

Bitcoin Miner

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Bitcoin Miner is an exchange that has now launched the own cloud mining service. The biggest difference between cloud mining and mining bitcoin is that the company really does all the work for you. This means that by working with a service like Bitcoin Miner you will not need to consume the GPU or battery life of the mobile to claim the rewards.

While Cloud Miner block production times depend on the total number of users participating in the mining pool, mining profits are generally distributed every 30-40 minutes. All you have to do is wait for the amount to exceed the required USD 250 (which is the minimum).

Mobile Bitcoin Mining ๐Ÿฅ‡ | How to mine Bitcoin with Android and iPhone - bitcoin miner 2 1024x391

Once you have that amount, you can then withdraw the profits to your Bitcoin Miner trading account. You can't withdraw it directly, but you can use that money to place trades on your Bitcoin Miner trading account and then withdraw the profits made from those trades. 

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To withdraw your profit, you just need to click on the "withdraw" button and what you have extracted will be credited to your trading account within 48 hours.

Visit Bitcoin Miner

App to earn Bitcoins

Mobile Bitcoin Mining ๐Ÿฅ‡ | How to mine Bitcoin with Android and iPhone - mine bitcoins with app

Below is a brief list of the best Bitcoin extract apps that allow you to earn bitcoins with Android, although they cannot be properly defined as mining apps.

  • Bitcoin Miner. It is a trading platform that automatically mines bitcoins on your behalf. the minimum deposit starts from 250 euros
  • Bitcoin Farm. The gain is not exactly high, the payments are a little slowed down, but all in all it is excellent, even if it has more the aspect of a game.
  • Storm gain. Punctual and rapid payments. But the flaw is that it consumes a lot of battery.
  • Moon bitcoin. This is the app version of the site.