Bitcoin Money is a trading software that helps its users to trade on the cryptocurrency market. Online testimonials claim that this robot uses computer algorithms to analyze data on crypto markets and opens trades fully automatically. But the real question is: is Bitcoin Money really as reliable as they say or is it just a scam?Is Bitcoin Money a SCAM? 🥇 | Read Before You Begin - Bitcoin Money p 500

We have looked for the answer to this question and in this Bitcoin Money review we will explain why from our point of view it is a safe and reliable software.

Our feedback is based on the analysis of reviews and testimonials found online, and on our personal experience. Read on to find out more or click on the links on this page to register immediately.

What is Bitcoin Money?

As mentioned above, Bitcoin Money is a cryptocurrency trading app, which helps traders profit from crypto currencies, regardless of the direction of their prices.

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Although the alleged profitability of this software appears to be a tad exaggerated, in our firsthand experience, it is highly likely to make steady and passive profits with this robot.

According to the platform's website, Bitcoin Money uses effective computer algorithms to analyze the cryptocurrency markets to acquire detailed information to execute trades on behalf of the user.

Is Bitcoin Money a Scam?

Bitcoin Money is therefore a perfectly reliable platform and works in total transparency. The only real information that is not on its website is who the software developers are. They evidently prefer to remain anonymous.

  • Bitcoin Money enjoys great popularity online and this is evidenced by the many positive user reviews.
  • The trading platform is reportedly equipped with advanced artificial intelligence technologies.
  • Bitcoin Money offers professional and first-rate customer support.

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How Bitcoin Money works?

Bitcoin Money is a trading app that bases its operation on sophisticated computer algorithms that analyze the cryptocurrency markets in search of profitable opportunities and then automatically trade.

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All this means that it is not necessary to have accumulated any experience in the world of online trading to use this platform successfully. The software does all the hard work, including finding and executing the trades.

When trading with this platform, the only thing you need to worry about is opening and closing trading sessions and withdrawing profits. This takes less than 20 minutes a day, which means the operator can take care of other things while Bitcoin Money continues to generate passive profits.

How to open an account?

As mentioned above, no previous experience or technical expertise is required to trade with Bitcoin Money. All you have to do is register on the website and follow the setup procedure as explained below.


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To open an account on Bitcoin Money you need to access the homepage and fill in all the fields of the registration form. The registration process is really fast and intuitive, moreover, in favor of privacy, not too much data on the citizen is collected.

To deposit

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Before making the deposit, in the name of total transparency, it is already possible to use the platform in demo mode. But to switch to Live trading, you will need to deposit at least $ 250. Attention, this is absolutely not the cost of the platform, which is still free for now, but the amount that the software will use to trade.


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Bitcoin Money offers the possibility of doing both automatic and manual trading. In the latter case, the traders will specify the trading strategy to be used and manually place the trades. In short, the app is not only suitable for beginners, but also for those who have already accumulated experience in the world of online trading.

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Key features

Bitcoin Money offers so many very useful features for its customers, but the ones that in our opinion are the most important are:

Easy withdrawals

Bitcoin Money facilitates withdrawals that can be requested at any time, processing them within 24 hours. Again, as with deposits, there are many payment methods to choose from.

Professional customer support

You probably won't need it, but it's nice to know that if you have any problems, concerns or questions, there is always someone ready to answer you in a professional and friendly manner.

Easy to use platform

One of the advantages reported by users who have already tried this software is its ease of use. Furthermore, being web based, it can be accessed from any fixed or portable device connected to the internet.

Is Bitcoin Money recommended by any celebrities?

Bitcoin Money has been around for a few years already and some popular characters in our country have also talked about it. Read on to find out who it is.

Flavio BriatoreMarco BaldiniFabio Fazio

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Sure, he's a great entrepreneur, but not many people know he's a skilled financial broker too. It is said that he recommends the use of Bitcoin Money to all those taking their first steps in the world of online trading. We cannot confirm these claims.

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He claims to have managed to pay off all the debts accumulated in the past thanks to automatic trading developed with highly reliable platforms such as Bitcoin Money. Advise those in financial difficulty to do the same. These are just rumors and cannot be confirmed though.

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Rai has never allowed him to talk about cryptocurrencies, let alone whether or not he is involved with Bitcoin Money. But an interview with him is available online where he supports its use and his willingness to talk about it one day on TV, freely.

Does Bitcoin Money offer a mobile app?

Currently Bitcoin Money does not offer the possibility to download a real application. However, as mentioned above, being a web based app, it can be accessed via any fixed or mobile device, provided you have an internet connection.

Our verdict

This trading software is safe and reliable. Online Bitcoin Money is said to be one of the best online trading platforms in the industry. And their customer support is among the best too.

Those who decide to test this robot can do so by depositing a capital of at least $ 250. Trading always involves a certain risk and therefore there is also the possibility of losing the capital invested. Therefore, we recommend that you never risk money that you cannot afford to lose.

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How much does it cost to use Bitcoin Money?

The trading app is free. You can access it once you have deposited the minimum required capital which is equal to $ 250.

How Much Can I Earn With Bitcoin Money?

With Bitcoin Money, you can earn up to $ 1300 per week, starting with a minimum deposit of $ 250.

How many hours a day should I monitor the software?

Bitcoin Money does all the work of analyzing and opening trades automatically. Which means that the user only has to worry about opening and closing trading sessions.