Cryptocurrencies have fundamentally changed the world of investments. After their arrival, new technological innovations such as social trading tools or automated trading systems such as Bitcoin Power were presented.

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The latter have become the most sought after alternative by new investors and by those who hardly know how to behave in a market as volatile and complicated as that of cryptocurrencies.

Therefore, cryptocurrency robots have taken flight to sneak into a market with over 2000 crypto assets. But are they really reliable? In this guide, we present a test, analysis and comprehensive review of Bitcoin Power, a robot that claims to use a smart algorithm to trade bitcoin and other altcoins.

What is Bitcoin Power?

Bitcoin Power is an automated trading tool, optimized for opening positions on different currency pairs in the cryptocurrency market. Thanks to what has become an immense popularity of bitcoin in recent years, many traders are starting to trade with alternatives that allow them to mitigate risks.

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The system connects to brokers who offer cryptocurrency derivatives (CFDs) which give you more versatility. For example, brokers allow the opening of Long and Short trades, as well as the classic financial leverage. This opens the door to take advantage of any movement in the price of Bitcoin and other digital currencies.

Is Bitcoin Power a scam?

During our research, we found no information about its creators. Therefore, the system has decided to use a form of absolute privacy, leaving the identity of its developers completely anonymous, as happened with bitcoin and other similar cryptocurrencies.

Despite this, the user can find more information about the assigned broker, checking if it is a safe and regulated platform. Remember that this is where your money resides and that Bitcoin Power connects to it simply to perform transactions.

  • A good part of risk management can be configured, such as stop loss and take profit
  • The user can start by using a demo account to become familiar with the tool
  • The system can generate a good rate of return depending on the configuration and available capital

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How does Bitcoin Power work?

Bitcoin Power has gained a large chunk of popularity among cryptocurrency robots. The system is easy to use for beginners, but is also interesting for some intermediate level traders who want to test their strategies.

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The software is able to connect to popular brokers who offer a good amount of digital currency. Not only will you be able to trade and take advantage of bitcoin movements, but more altcoins will also be added.

Bitcoin Power detects cryptocurrency signals that are nothing more than typical indicators of technical analysis, which serve as parameters to understand when to open a buy or sell position.

As soon as the corresponding parameter is satisfied, the robot opens the trade via the broker. The system offers some configuration elements to allow the user to manage part of their business and risk exposure.

Finally, the robot also features a very intuitive interface, in which all elements are easily identifiable. Anyone can learn how to use it in minutes. Our suggestion is to explore the different configuration options to improve risk management and robot profitability with different combinations of assets.

How to open an account with Bitcoin Power?

Opening a new account on Bitcoin Power is really very simple, but as can be seen from its website, due to the high demand for subscriptions, registrations will soon be closed and it will no longer be possible to access the platform. Then, click on the link on this page and find out if it is still possible to register by following the three steps listed below.


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Users must register on the robot website to access the platform. Click the link below and enter your name, phone number and email. Also, you will need to choose a password before clicking “Register”. In less than 2 minutes you will receive an email in your inbox with a confirmation link that you must click to verify your identity.

To deposit

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Once your account is active, you need to proceed to deposit the funds. The minimum deposit is € 250 to access the service and can be made with the most popular payment methods such as credit cards, bank transfer and electronic means. The conditions may change depending on the broker you are assigned to, we suggest checking the origin and reputation before starting. To make a deposit, click on 'Deposit' on your preferred broker and follow the instructions.


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Once you've made your deposit, you can get started. First of all, take a look at the default settings and change some parameters if necessary. Each user must manage their own risk and make changes. You can also take a look at the demo account to familiarize yourself with Bitcoin Power. As soon as you feel ready, activate auto trading and go live. We suggest that you take frequent breaks to withdraw profits or to readjust the instrument to changing market conditions.

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Key features of Bitcoin Power

There are several key features that have made Bitcoin Power so popular. Here are the ones that in our opinion are the most important.

Several cryptocurrencies available

On Bitcoin Power it is not only possible to trade BTC, but also Ripple, Litecoin and Ethereum. In addition, you can also choose between different pairs of cryptocurrencies, or you can exchange crypto with dollar and euro.

Fast withdrawals and deposits

Withdrawing your funds from Bitcoin Power is very simple and does not take more than 24 hours, which makes it a very useful software indeed.

Simple verification system

The verification process offered by the platform is based on the user's personal data and does not require you to send complicated documents. So it's quick and easy.

Is Bitcoin Power recommended by any celebrities?

Not in our country, unfortunately. The system is widespread abroad, but in Italy the subject seems taboo. However, some have talked about cryptocurrencies. Here's what we found.

Marco BaldiniLorenzo JovanottiFabio Fazio

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After losing a fortune due to his gambling addiction and being kicked off the radio, he was able to fix his financial situation by investing in btc at the right time. However, we cannot confirm if you are using trading software.

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He says he is a firm believer in cryptocurrencies and thinks they will soon replace current currencies. Bitcoin could be the new safe haven instead of the US dollar.

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He says that the topic is certainly very interesting, but in our country there is a veil of uncertainty on these platforms, due to the numerous scams that have appeared online in recent years.

Does Bitcoin Power offer a mobile app?

Being a modern platform, Bitcoin Power also offers the ability to trade on the go. However, it is not necessary to download any applications to access the software.

To use Bitcoin Power, just log into its website, log in with your credentials, and perform all the desired operations, or even start the automatic mode.

Our verdict

There are several reasons to believe that Bitcoin Power could be a great option to start taking your first steps into the world of cryptocurrency trading. Its system detects trading indicators optimized for the cryptocurrency market and the robot quickly executes profit-seeking trades via a regulated broker.

A simple to implement setup and performance monitoring can help you maximize your profits on this robot. However, remember that you are not exempt from the inherent risks associated with investing in cryptocurrencies.

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Is Bitcoin Power reliable or a scam?

Bitcoin Power is undoubtedly reliable. The software has been around for quite some time, it works and many users report making a profit with this software.

Can i withdraw my earnings in Bitcoin?

No, it's not possible. When you trade with Bitcoin Power, you are not actually buying BTC, but trading CFDs on BTC, which is different. But you can withdraw your earnings in euros.

How Much Profit Can I Make With Bitcoin Power?

Some users report earnings of over $ 1000 per week, but profits vary based on invested capital, risk appetite and market conditions.