The Bitcoin Profit robot is an automated trading platform that allows you to earn money by buying and selling Bitcoin at the right time, and with an 88% success rate. Bitcoin Profit software uses a complex algorithm to follow market trends. These “trends” are used by more experienced traders to automatically open or close sell or buy orders.

Bitcoin Profit processes all this information on "autopilot", making it suitable even for beginners. You've probably heard of Bitcoin on Facebook or other social networks, where it is claimed that people got rich overnight. Probably, you could have heard about Bitcoin Profit even from the mouth of some celebrities such as Lorenzo Jovanotti or Flavio Briatore. In our Bitcoin Profit review, we will evaluate the effectiveness of this product.

What is Bitcoin Profit

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John Mayers is the creator of the automated trading software known as Bitcoin Profit. The creator himself claims that thanks to his program it is possible to make profits through the daily trading of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. 

The operation of the software is extremely simple. All it does is detect daily trend signals and automatically execute close and open orders. A reliable auto trading platform like Bitcoin Profit and Bitcoin Era works just like this. They are designed for inexperienced users and allow them to earn money even while doing other things.

There are many auto trading robots advertised on the internet that promise to make daily profits. When the term Bitcoin emerged in the public, people began to understand the true value of investing in assets like Bitcoin. There have been many self-made millionaires overnight who have invested a lot of money in Bitcoin trading. At the end of 2017, Bitcoin was the word with the highest search volume on Google.

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So, is Bitcoin Profit serious software or not?

  • Bitcoin Profit is said to have a success rate of around 88%
  • The website and platforms are easy to use, both for experienced and non-expert users
  • There are no hidden costs to take into account other than the minimum deposit of $ / € 250
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Is Bitcoin Profit a scam?

One of the most popular search terms on Google is “Bitcoin Profit scam”. Is this really a scam, or is Bitcoin Profit a trustworthy program? It's no secret that each of us is looking for the perfect way to make money online. And auto trading bots is one of the most requested methods. While everyone promises to make thousands of dollars a day, not everyone is able to deliver on these promises.

On the official Bitcoin Profit website it is stated that their software is one of the best around and that it offers one of the highest success rates. If you have already searched for other reviews on this robot on the net, you will find that the search “Bitcoin Profit scam” is very popular. However, after examining the software in detail and reading user testimonials and reviews, there seems to be a very positive opinion of Bitcoin Profit online. We tested the software and found that it looks effective and fully functional. Read on to find out everything you need to know about this software and whether it is worth investing with.

How Bitcoin Profit works?

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How Bitcoin Profit works is extremely easy to understand. The software provides its users with free signals for trading and executes orders for the sale and purchase of Bitcoins automatically through the broker assigned in the platform. That's right, the algorithm developed by that genius Mayers is free, as mentioned in the introductory video that you can see on the official software page.

If you are wondering why the developers behind Bitcoin Profit are providing this tool for free, the reason is quite simple. The way they make money is to take a small percentage, equal to 1% of the profit of all their users. This means that the CEO of Bitcoin Profit firmly believes that his platform is big news.

How to create an account with Bitcoin Profit

Are you looking forward to starting using Bitcoin Profit and making extra income on top of your salary? Don't be in a hurry and read below how to open an account and start cashing out.

1. registration

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First, you need to access the Bitcoin Profit homepage. You will need to enter your basic information, such as name, surname, email address and telephone number, in the registration form.

As a password, remember to choose a word or combination of letters and numbers that only you can know, but is also easy to remember. Once your account is created, you will be automatically assigned a broker. This broker is the one that the software will trade with. To start trading, you need to add funds to your account.

2. Demo account

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You can use the demo account before or after making your initial deposit. After selecting the demo mode, you will be directed to a tour that will explain the various features of the platform and how to trade Bitcoins, even if you are a beginner.

On your demo account, you receive a virtual $ 1.500 balance. It's very simple and you don't need to fiddle with any of the settings. Just click “ON” for auto trading and the software will automatically start trading the currency pairs.

3. Real account

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Once you are familiar with the Bitcoin Profit platform with the demo account and are ready to start in live mode, all you have to do is click on the Push “Auto Trade” button to go to the dashboard.

In the dashboard, you can check your trade history, deposit funds, open trades, withdraw profits and change settings. Bitcoin Profit is traded with many currency pairs, including BTC / USD, XRP / USD, LTC / USD and ETH / USD. The cryptocurrencies available on the platform are Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereume and Ripple.

To start automatic trading, just choose the amount you want to invest for each trade, the number of daily trades and limits such as Stop Loss or Take profit. After choosing your settings and configuring the software, you will be ready to activate Bitcoin Profit and start trading.

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Is Bitcoin Profit the copy of another Bitcoin scam robot?

Bitcoin Profit appears to be reliable software based on reviews and many customers who have already dealt with this trading platform. The trading platform has been carefully scrutinized and determined not to be a scam, but a great investment app like Bitcoin system e Bitcoin Rush.

The bot retains a basic commission for each trade that takes place. In addition, it will look for profitable deals so that the company itself can make money in addition to the customer. If the trade does not appear to be making a profit, the bot will not enter the trade.

New traders should read and review the user guide as well as the terms and conditions. Also, they should start with the demo version before investing their money. This will allow them to get a feel for the app and how it works. They can look at the pros and then the cons and see if they like the app or not. This will allow you to make an intelligent decision. A person should never rush into an investment or trade.

The investment required is only $ 250 as already mentioned. You should only invest a larger amount after gaining more experience with the software. This investment amount is low compared to some of the other trading platforms available.

Who are the software developers?

The developers of this software have worked on Wall Street and are familiar with cryptocurrency and blockchain. They learned how to trade and developed these robots to deliver impressive results. This bot can work with different types of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Ethereum and Litecoin, but other forms of cryptocurrencies are also accepted and traded on this site.

This software is a trading robot that looks at the Bitcoin market and makes trading decisions for the investor at the right time. The bot can examine the market metrics to make a decision. The accuracy of the system is guaranteed up to 90,4%. This puts the odds in the investor's favor when it comes to making a profit.

Traders using this platform can decide to use manual or automatic trades. With an investment of $ 250, you can earn up to $ 1300 per day. The more money you invest, the more money you will earn. If you are new to the world of trading, you will need to start with a smaller amount and slowly increase your investment as your profits grow. You should wait until you are comfortable with this software and how it works before investing a larger amount of money. You shouldn't invest money that you can't afford to lose if a trade doesn't work.

This software is designed to be used by experienced traders and those unfamiliar with Bitcoin trading. If you are a new trader, this system can help you because you don't need to have a lot of basic Bitcoin information to be successful. The robots were designed to scan the market and determine whether making a trade is a smart decision.

Key features of Bitcoin Profit

Each software has its main features, here is a summary of the most interesting ones of Bitcoin Profit.

Withdrawals and deposits

You can make a withdrawal at any time of the day and you can expect it to be processed within 24 hours. If this does not happen (very rare cases), don't worry, as it may take up to three days to process your withdrawal.

Costumer Services

You can contact customer support at any time of the day or night. The staff are available 24/24 and you can contact them via email. We contacted them to conduct our test they were very professional and friendly, answering our questions within an hour.


Bitcoin Profit uses your funds to trade with online brokers like all automatic trading bots. So basically, your investments are made through the broker. Those offered are regulated and safe, so you don't have to worry about this.
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Is Bitcoin Profit also used by celebrities?

Many Bitcoin Profit opinions circulating on the net claim that the software is also used by several celebrities. It's true? Is it just smoke and mirrors to attract new users? Let's find out below.

Marco BaldiniBill GatesFlavio BriatoreGordon RamsayLorenzo Jovanotti

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It is no secret that Marco Baldini was in financial trouble and that he loved gambling. However, there are claims in a recent radio interview, in which he openly claimed that he used software like Bitcoin Profit to recover. We have never heard this interview, so this statement appears to be false.

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According to Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, "Bitcoin is better than standard currencies". Bill Gates clearly understands the value of digital currencies, but it's unclear whether you're really using Bitcoin Profit trading software or not.

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The famous Italian tycoon is a very respectable broker. There are claims that he has been interviewed multiple times about this in the past and has repeatedly repeated that he uses software like Bitcoin Profit for fun rather than interest. However, it is known that the gains made are real. Also, we've never heard of these interviews, so they seem to be fake.

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The famous English chef with a peperino character is tied to the double thread of cooking and online finance. It is said that in a recent interview with a famous British newspaper, he claimed to believe that digital currencies like Bitcoin are the future and that people can make real profits with auto trading robots. We have not seen this interview nor have we ever heard of it before. It seems they are just rumors.

Bitcoin Profit Review: The automated trading bot for Bitcoin - Jovanotti Bitcoin

For the uninitiated, Jovanotti is a big fan of finance and everything that revolves around this world. Do you use Bitcoin Profit? Probably yes, as he always said he likes bitcoin. We cannot confirm whether he uses programs like this to keep his standard of living high.

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Bitcoin Profit Opinions: the verdict

Although many people (including the most popular ones) have already started investing in Bitcoin, this is such a complex asset to invest in that not everyone understands its true value yet. That's why smart and successful people have created the best way to start investing in Bitcoin and are already making huge profits on a daily basis by investing with Bitcoin Profit.

Although Bitcoin Profit appears to be an effective automatic trading robot, new investors should always start with a moderate investment to test the software. We recommend a starting investment of no more than $ 250 to get started and familiarize yourself with the platform via a demo account.



Does Bitcoin Profit Make Money?

The answer is yes. How to do it, you can find it in our review. You need to follow all the steps as directed by our experts to earn money online with Bitcoin Profit. However, the fact that it is possible to do so is certain. Bitcoin Profit is an online trading platform so easy to use, that already many users, despite not knowing anything about financial markets, have already managed to earn huge sums that have completely changed their lives.

Is Bitcoin Profit a scam?

A few voices out of the chorus claim that Bitcoin Profit may be a scam. When a software scores such high success rates, it is normal for someone to raise some doubts. However, it must also be admitted that most of the independent sites have given this platform very high marks, which only confirm the fact that it is a safe and reliable software, as well as free.

Do celebrities use Bitcoin Profit?

If celebrities are using Bitcoin Profit to increase their financial resources even more we cannot know for sure, but for sure we know that numerous articles have appeared online over the years that link their names to that of this software. If all that glitters is not gold, after a long time, if certain news continues to leak, it means that there must be some truth.