Bitcoin Revival is an auto trading robot that works in the Bitcoin market. This robot makes money by speculating on Bitcoin volatility. But is it reliable and does it generate high profits? Our tests revealed that Bitcoin Revival is indeed great software. We did a live trading test and read testimonials stating that traders can earn up to 20% per day in profits using this robot.

This review takes a full look at Bitcoin Revival to check if this robot is really what it claims to be. First of all, we want to remind you that this software can be used by anyone, even beginners, as it is fully automated. Visit the website for more information and read on to find out more.

What is Bitcoin Revival

Bitcoin's price has been very volatile in the last period, thanks to the ongoing debate on the impact of Facebook introducing its cryptocurrency. This volatility was jumped on as a real earning opportunity by the financial experts working in state banks. Many people have written their own stories on the internet, indicating that they have been trading Bitcoin for the past few months with trading software.Bitcoin Revival Opinions | is it a SCAM? 🥇 | Read Before You Begin - 1568975824451 3988075b 7d3b 4cff 8aca 2c6db2bcb497

Bitcoin Revival is one of the most popular trading robots on the market today. This software left us a little skeptical at first, but having performed a real live test and read reports that claim it is really profitable. A number of users have reported using Bitcoin Revival to generate up to $ 1.000 per day from an initial deposit of $ 250.

Is Bitcoin Revival a Scam?

We have conducted an investigation into Bitcoin Revival and we find it very reliable. As usual, we ran a live test on this bot and also checked the information on their site.

In addition, we analyzed individual consumer feedback. Here are our discoveries about Bitcoin Revival:

  • It's real
  • Good performance
  • Easy to use
  • Excellent customer service
  • Safe platform

The above metrics make Bitcoin Revival a trustworthy software. According to the Bitcoin Revival website, the software achieves a positive close trade rate of 90%, this translates into positive contracts 9 times out of 10. This win rate is one of the highest in Bitcoin robots for 2019.


How does Bitcoin Revival work?

Bitcoin Revival Opinions | is it a SCAM? 🥇 | Read Before You Begin - bitcoin revival how it works

Bitcoin Revival is a high frequency auto trading robot. As a result, this robot uses advanced computer algorithms for searching and executing operations. These algorithms are reportedly based on AI and ML and that is why Bitcoin Revival claims to have a 99% accuracy level.

Furthermore, it can analyze trade data at supersonic speed and thus is able to capitalize on even the slightest movement in the market. Accuracy and speed are two determining factors of trading profitability.

As shown in our live test, many testimonials claim to have made a daily profit of up to $ 1.000 per day from a $ 250 deposit. Brokers partnering with Bitcoin Revival offer leverage of up to 1: 500, so traders can place trades worth up to 500 times their capital. As a result, the app claims that any profits or losses made through the robot are multiplied by 500.

Despite this high accuracy, there is a possibility of losing money with this method. We recommend that you only trade with a balance that your pockets can see disappear.

How to create an account with Bitcoin Revival

Bitcoin Revival opinions also claim that this software is very popular thanks to a quick and easy registration process. Furthermore, it takes less than ten minutes to register. Here is a step by step guide to open an account with this robot.

1. registration

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Visit the Bitcoin Revival home page and enter your name, telephone number and e-mail address in the form on the page. In addition, you will need to set a secure password before accepting the Website Terms and clicking the button to go ahead. Mark your password somewhere or between your browser's saved passwords.

2. Demo account

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Make a minimum deposit of $ 250 to proceed to the live trading platform. However, before starting, we recommend that you take a look at the demo account to get familiar with the platform. Furthermore, it should be remembered that the amount paid represents the trading capital and not the cost of the robot. Bitcoin Revival is currently a free robot. Take advantage of it!

3. Real account

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Once you have made the deposit and after trying the platform in demo with virtual money, you can start with live trading. Although Bitcoin Revival claims to be highly profitable, it still presents a level of risk. As a result, only deposit an amount that your pockets can see disappear when trading with this robot.

Key features of Bitcoin Revival

As mentioned earlier, we have performed a full Bitcoin Revival review. For a complete and real review, we ran a test with a real account, an in-depth analysis of user opinions and a check of the site information. Here are our results on Bitcoin Revival.


Our authenticity test involves checking all information on the robot's website. We can confirm that Bitcoin Revival provides accurate information on all critical areas, from customer service to trading fees.

For the record, this robot is free. However, founders are likely to introduce a commission once the beta testing phase is over.


Bitcoin Revival prides itself on its profitability and claims to have a 99% success rate.

Bitcoin Revival works on "autopilot" and can therefore anyone can use it, even inexperienced users. No financial expertise is required to operate with this robot.

Ease of use

As we mentioned earlier in our Bitcoin Revival review, this is a fully automatic robot. Consequently, no technical skills are required to use it.

After signing up and making your first deposit, all you have to do is press the button to switch to live trading. Additionally, there is a demo account which helps you familiarize yourself with the platform before real trading.

Customer service

Our investigation reveals that Bitcoin Revival offers excellent customer service. Their agents are always available via phone and live chat.

As expected, email communications may take a few more hours. Our testing of their communication channels reveals that they take less than a minute to answer calls and chats.

Is Bitcoin Revival also used by celebrities?

To answer the Bitcoin Revival scam question or not, just see how popular it is on the net and beyond. In fact, this program is also used by very popular characters, as you can read below.

Gordon RamsayElon MuskMarco BaldiniFlavio BriatoreLorenzo Jovanotti

Bitcoin Revival Opinions | is it a SCAM? 🥇 | Read Before You Begin - gordon

Claims online say the British chef claimed during some of his press interviews that he spent more time on Bitcoin Revival than on cookbooks. We believe it, also because lately on TV it is seen less and less often. We haven't seen this interview and these rumors appear to be false.

Bitcoin Revival Opinions | is it a SCAM? 🥇 | Read Before You Begin - Elon Musk unveils his favorite cryptocurrency

Does Tesla Founder Really Use Bitcoin Revival? We know that Elon Musk has expressed his love for Bitcoin many times, but we don't know for sure if you use this software. It is very unlikely that you will approve any kind of bitcoin trading robot.

Bitcoin Revival Opinions | is it a SCAM? 🥇 | Read Before You Begin - marco baldini 1024x683

The Italian radio commentator is said to have stated on the internet that he uses several automated trading programs to get out of the quicksand he had entered due to gambling in online casinos. We have never seen such statements online.

Bitcoin Revival Opinions | is it a SCAM? 🥇 | Read Before You Begin - flavio briatore bitcoin revolution

In addition to being a successful entrepreneur, Briatore is also very famous for his financial knowledge. We don't know if he used Bitcoin Revival and we haven't seen anything online on this subject.

Bitcoin Revival Opinions | is it a SCAM? 🥇 | Read Before You Begin - Jovanotti Bitcoin

The Italian singer has stated several times in his interviews that appeared online, that he is investing in Bitcoin, but it is not clear if he is doing it with software like Bitcoin Revival. You may not have used it yet as it is a novelty on the market, but given its growing popularity, it will definitely do so soon! However, we cannot confirm whether he has used it or even approves any type of trading software.


Bitcoin Revival Opinions: the verdict

Our investigation led us to a very specific conclusion: Bitcoin Revival is 100% reliable software. We ran a live test and analyzed thousands of reviews online, and found that many users made daily profits of around 1000 with an initial deposit of just $ 250 with this automated robot.

This application uses cutting edge trading technologies and incredible artificial intelligence for machine learning. Bitcoin Revival claims that these are the two technologies that make it highly profitable. However, it is not risk-free software and therefore you should only deposit with what your pockets can see disappear.



Is it possible to earn money with Bitcoin Revival?

Bitcoin Revival is an automatic trading software suitable for all cryptocurrency enthusiasts, not just Bitcoin. This platform has been on the market for some time and has already become very popular thanks to its returns. In addition, it is also highly appreciated by experienced traders, who can use it for free, independently deciding whether or not to follow the signals generated.

Is Bitcoin Revival a Scam?

Bitcoin Revival is a safe and reliable platform, as determined by our extensive testing. There is no doubt that this software actually works. Its profitability is the result of the work of long-time experts, who have been working in the field of cryptocurrencies for many years. It is for this reason that its algorithms are so accurate that they can close 9 out of 10 trades in profit. Over time, this generates passive income that can make many people feel comfortable.

Have celebrities ever suggested using Bitcoin Revival?

Both foreign and Italian famous people have talked about Bitcoin Revival. The opinion shared by all is that it is a platform that can really generate profits and take away a lot of satisfaction from those who decide to use it. Furthermore, all this is offered completely free of charge, as the profits of Bitcoin Revival are taken directly from those generated, through a small percentage.