Bitcoin Storm is a Bitcoin trading software that claims to be able to help investors profit from their Bitcoin holdings by buying and selling the asset based on traders' signals via a custom algorithm.

But is Bitcoin Storm really reliable or is it yet another scam? We have tested this software thoroughly and have come to the conclusion that it is reliable! Read on to find out everything you need to know about this brand new digital currency trading software.

What is Bitcoin Storm

Bitcoin Storm is a cryptocurrency trading robot very similar to many others available online, such as Bitcoin Era or Bitcoin Evolution. However, it is important to point out that there are a lot of different robots for online trading, and many of them are just scams that cannot be trusted. Fortunately, Bitcoin Storm doesn't seem to be that kind of trading robot.Bitcoin Storm review: reliable app or not? Here are the results! - bitcoin storm 1

With software like this, anything can be traded online, from beginner to more experienced traders. Why? It's very simple. This software works on autopilot. This means that once you set your favorite trading parameters, by activating the automatic mode, the robot will perform the trades for you. So, you can monitor the software a few minutes a day, just to know how things are going and then take care of your personal matters, while he earns money for you.

Is Bitcoin Storm a scam?

The question is always the same: "Bitcoin Storm scam or not?". Given that the internet is a place chock full of articles that serve only for disinformation, it can be difficult to find clear articles about the reliability of Bitcoin Storm. However, Bitcoin Storm claims and appears to be reliable auto-trading robots according to our investigations.

Here's what we found out during the tests:

  • The user testimonials available on the net, claim to have recorded high success rates with Bitcoin Storm.
  • Paying attention to the Bitcoin Storm website, the Bitcoin trading robot seems to be reliable, although trading is always risky and it is important to keep that in mind.
  • Read on to find out more or click on the links on this page to register now and start earning!

How Bitcoin Storm works?

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Just like other Bitcoin trading robots do, this new software uses a custom and technologically advanced algorithm that will take your investment in cryptocurrency and negotiate it in your interest to offer you a profit, based on market performance. In addition, he claims to be able to do so without user input, which means that he also swaps overnight.

Bitcoin Storm and other seemingly reliable trading robots are the best for users who don't know much about cryptocurrency trading. However, it is worth noting that users cannot simply let the robot go it alone. It's still a good idea to log in once in a while to make sure you're making a profit and see what the bot is doing.

How to create an account with Bitcoin Storm

You must create a free account before you can start trading with Bitcoin Storm. In addition, you will also need to make a minimum deposit if you want to start using the platform. The minimum that Bitcoin Storm accepts is $ 250, a low figure and also covered by many other bots available online. Here is a step by step guide on how to register for Bitcoin Storm.

1. registration

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To get started, you need to register on the Bitcoin Storm website and create an account, which thankfully is free. In the registration form, enter your name, surname, email address and password (via the browser generator) and your telephone number.

2. Deposit

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Once registered on Bitcoin Storm, you must wait for your request to be approved. Once you finish this step, it is up to you to deposit the minimum amount of $ 250 (or more, depending on your needs). At this point you can access the FAQ section to find out more about the platform, or contact its trading experts to ask questions, and access all the other areas of the site. It is also worth noting that the platform opens your account with ETFinance and will provide you with a specialist and everything you need to make sure everything runs smoothly. They will contact you by phone number and guide you through the entire registration and trading process if necessary.

3. Real account

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After the approval and opening of your account by an expert, the Bitcoin Storm trading platform will allow you to board and make more deposits, play with the robot / algorithm settings, withdraw funds and learn more about the investment process. User testimonials report that this training process has often been successful, with most of them claiming to be able to participate in the training only one day after the trial.

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Key features of Bitcoin Storm

According to the Bitcoin Storm opinions, there are several characteristics that distinguish this platform from the others. That's why we have prepared a short list of the most important ones.


According to the Bitcoin Storm website, traders claim they can earn 500 to 1100 dollars a week. Having said that, it must also be added that these traders are professionals who have been working in the trading world for a long time, having a long and successful history in the stock markets. Only by having so much experience is it possible to be successful in the cryptocurrency market, so if you want to get the same returns, you will have to be patient.

24/7 withdrawals

After creating an account, you can literally deposit and withdraw money anytime, whenever you want and wherever you want. As soon as you have made the deposit and set the trading parameters, the robot will take over by trading on your behalf.


Bitcoin Storm doesn't appear to be hiding any fees, according to its website and user testimonials. In addition, it must be remembered that the deposit is not a cost, but a balance to start trading, which you can withdraw even without investing.

Purchase and sale signals

Bitcoin Storm's advanced algorithm analyzes trading signals, both to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, and claims to use that information to make profitable transactions on your behalf.

Costumer Services

Regardless of where you live and what you are doing, the Bitcoin Storm team claims to be always close to you, whenever you need it, regardless of the problem you have, 24/7.

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Is Bitcoin Storm also used by celebrities?

While writing this Bitcoin Storm review, we also came across some articles that claimed that this software was also used by famous people. Who I am? Are these articles real? Read on and find out what's true.

Lorenzo JovanottiFlavio BriatoreMarco BaldiniGordon Ramsay

Bitcoin Storm review: reliable app or not? Here are the results! - Jovanotti Bitcoin

The popular Italian singer-songwriter has not denied supporting digital currencies, which in his opinion will have to replace traditional currencies in the future. In an article found online, we found that he also uses Bitcoin Storm among other software and seems to be very happy with his returns.

Bitcoin Storm review: reliable app or not? Here are the results! - flavio briatore bitcoin revolution

Does anyone think that the multi millionaire needs Bitcoin Storm to increase his resources? Whoever thinks, raise your hand. Well, nobody. However, not everyone knows that Flavio is a trader and a big fan of finance and during an interview with an English TV station, he supported the use of software such as Bitcoin Storm.

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A little everyone knows the story of this radio presenter. Success, decline and rebirth. How he managed to get out of the quicksand of gambling we don't know, but in one of his interviews you can read Marco's passion for Bitcoin and the world of finance in general. Will he have used Bitcoin Storm to recover some money?

Bitcoin Storm review: reliable app or not? Here are the results! - Gordon

Lately the angry English chef is seen less and less on TV. The reason? He explained it to an American radio himself: he uses his spare time to use programs like Bitcoin Storm and invest in the world of cryptocurrencies. They thought it was a hoax, so we thought it best to contact him. He didn't answer us directly, but whoever did, confirmed this indiscretion!

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Is there a Bitcoin Storm app?

There does not appear to be a Bitcoin Storm app available in the App Store. What we found out is that the browser version is compatible with mobile devices, desktops and tablets.

Bitcoin Storm: the verdict

Bitcoin Storm is an excellent platform and its only lack is due to the non-existence of a mobile app. Of course, it is still possible to use the site from a mobile phone, but it is not as comfortable as doing it from a PC or with a dedicated app.

There are tons of trading robots out there that claim to be the best value for money. However, a good part of them are simply scams and they will not earn you money from your investments. Bitcoin Storm appears to be a reliable bot, which claims to make money based on how much you invest on the platform.


Does Bitcoin Storm make money online?

Bitcoin Storm was born precisely with the aim of helping investors get a profit from the volatile movement of cryptocurrency prices. So the answer to the question is yes. In addition, Bitcoin Storm has been designed to be effective at least 9 times out of 10, which means that over time, the platform is 100% profitable. You don't have to worry about your savings, because these are managed by internationally renowned financial brokers!

Is Bitcoin Storm a scam?

Bitcoin Storm is a relatively new platform, so the air of uncertainty that hovers around it is mainly due to this factor of no small importance. And it is precisely for this reason that we decided to test it personally. Today we can confirm its real effectiveness, which is based on professional mathematical algorithms and practically immediate order execution.

Do celebrities recommend using Bitcoin Storm?

Already many independent sites have started talking about it, but even some celebrities have let themselves go to shock statements. Despite this, we always recommend using the demo version to familiarize yourself with the platform. In any case, it is always good to invest money that you can afford to lose given the high volatility of the cryptocurrency markets. In this way, you will not go against too big losses in case everything goes wrong.