Bitcoin trading is a fairly new concept and therefore there are many things we have yet to discover. Since the arrival of bitcoin in 2009, several platforms such as BitPremium have been created and new trading strategies have emerged to make a profit on cryptocurrencies.
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While it is possible to buy Bitcoin in many different ways, one of the most widespread and popular is by trading. Becoming a trader is not complicated; an internet-connected device and a browser are enough in most cases. After that, by logging into trading platforms like BitPremium, you can start your own adventure in this exciting world.

The real problem is actually detecting profitable trading signals. Which a beginner does with a lot of effort. And the beauty is just that, namely that BitPremium carries out this activity by itself, and then emits signals that the trader can follow manually or automatically (two trading modes available on this platform, which we will discover in the course of this review). Are you curious to know more? Then you just have to keep reading!

What is BitPremium?

Today bitcoin trading is really very popular and the reason is that many platforms such as BitPremium have been born that allow even beginners to do it. In general, trading has always been an interesting topic to talk about, and the fact that we can now trade cryptocurrencies automatically with BitPremium makes this even more interesting to discuss and research.

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Trading bitcoin through BitPremium involves executing buy and sell transactions at a certain time. To do this, BitPremium speculates on the price a cryptocurrency can reach in that period and then executes the operations based on that speculation. The chances of winning and losing these trades are the same most of the time, so practice is the only way to become good at trading. However, BitPremium holds surprises you can't even imagine!

Is BitPremium a scam?

BitPremium is a tool that helps novice traders to trade profitably. However, we suggest anyone approaching this topic for the first time to at least delve a little bit into the basics of CFD trading and the markets, and how they work. BitPremium is a safe and reliable app, but without a minimum of practice, anyone can risk losing the money invested.

  • The site allows you to withdraw your profits at any time, even all at once
  • The platform offers a success rate of almost 90% under certain trading conditions
  • There are no hidden fees to pay and using the software is completely free

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How does BitPremium work?

BitPremium is based on artificial intelligence. This allows the software to search for trades more intelligently; this technology continuously adapts to your trading habits, allowing it to function faster and more efficiently every day.

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What this app does is take your trading parameters and use them to monitor the market data on your behalf, and whenever it finds a good trade, it alerts you so that you can decide what to do in manual mode. This saves you the time you would normally spend monitoring the markets on your computer, which allows you to do other activities you enjoy while trading.

This tool is especially useful for beginners as they tend to feel overwhelmed by all the information available at first. On the other hand, if you get help from a trading app that also carries out transactions automatically, you can do your research without having to worry too much about what is currently happening with your trades.

While this is an efficient tool for optimizing the way you normally trade, it is not a tool that can make you rich. Some people believe that trading apps are developed to make you money easily, but that's not the case. BitPremium only helps you to trade, manual or automatic, in a better way.

How to open an account with BitPremium?

If you want to become a member of the BitPremium community, you need to follow these simple steps. This process takes just a few minutes and some simple background information.


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First, fill out the registration form which you can find on the BitPremium homepage. You only need to enter your full name, email address and telephone number. When you're done, wait a few minutes until you receive a confirmation email. Click on the confirmation link and immediately log into the BitPremium app to start your trading session as soon as you wish.

To deposit

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To start trading, you must first invest some money. The best thing about Bitcoin trading is that your investments are more flexible, so there is no "right" or "wrong" amount. Keep in mind that the larger the investment amount, the greater the gains and consequently the greater losses. If you have no trading experience, we suggest you use the minimum recommended amount of $ 250.


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Now, the most important step; make sure you read all settings and features carefully before starting the trading session. If you are a beginner, feel free to take the time to explore the app. To start your trading session, simply click on the "Trade" button. The app's algorithm will start to work by itself and if it ever finds a good trade, it will warn you so you can choose what to do.

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Key features of BitPremium

Many factors make BitPremium an excellent trading tool, for both beginners and professional traders. The team has shown that they want to be as transparent as possible with its members, so we want to provide a list of all the things you can get from BitPremium right now.

No hidden costs

BitPremium wants you to have a good and enjoyable trading experience, do not overload yourself with unnecessary costs and protocols. By becoming a member of the BitPremium community, you get full access to the app features at no additional cost; you don't have to pay to register, fund your account or make withdrawals.

Cutting edge technology

BitPremium's app would be nothing without its advanced algorithms. These algorithms are responsible for finding the right trades for you more quickly and efficiently. In short, it is a reliable software, which is why most of the development phase was spent on perfecting those algorithms.

Quick setup

It only takes a few minutes of your day to start using BitPremium. After entering all the trading parameters in the app and clicking on the "Trade" button, the app will do the rest. You can use this time to continue researching market data to learn more about trading or do something else you enjoy.

Is BitPremium recommended by any celebrities?

Online there are some articles where you can read about some celebrities who would have used this system. Whether they are true or not, we'll let you decide.

Marco BaldiniFabio FazioFlavio Briatore

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People claim that he is said to have used BitPremium to get out of a dire financial situation. The fact that he is back on the radio and today we see him smiling more makes us think that he succeeded. We can't confirm this, so it's just a rumor.

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People say they heard this in an online interview saying they met BitPremium through a friend. He also thought of talking about it during the show Che tempo che fa, but it seems that the top management of RAI prevented him. However, we cannot confirm these claims.

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We hear rumors on the internet claiming that they have used BitPremium in the past, but not for automated trading, but only to manually follow its signals, in case they think they are effective. We cannot confirm those rumors.

Does BitPremium offer a mobile app?

You don't need to download any applications on your device to use BitPremium. The app is web based, which means that you just need to connect to the site with your credentials to gain access.

In doing so, it also eliminates the need for tedious updates to the app and there are no application crashes, which could cause you to lose trading opportunities. All for the user's own benefit.

Our verdict

There are not only effective and safe trading robots like BitPremium. Scams are the order of the day, but our investigations confirm what is being said about this app.

Its easy to use platform will be a real godsend for all those beginners who wish to approach the world of trading, but want to do it on tiptoe and with a safe tool.

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How long does it take to configure BitPremium?

It takes less than an hour a day to set up everything you need on BitPremium, regardless of your experience level.

Is BitPremium free?

Yup! This app was developed to make each of us a better trader. To do this, the developers have entered into agreements with the major brokers in the world, which allow them to offer the system for free.

Is trading on BitPremium safe?

Bitcoin trading is one of the safest ways to get cryptocurrencies right now. Thanks to the Blockchain technology offered by crypto transactions, you are less exposed to fraudulent transactions.