Bitpro is a trading software that was launched on the market a few years ago. The software speculates on the bitcoin price with a 90% success rate. The robot is able to make a lot of money a day, starting with a minimum deposit of $ 250. Furthermore, it is automatic, which means that anyone can use it, including beginners who are new to cryptocurrency trading.Is Bitpro a SCAM? 🥇 | Read Before You Begin - Bitcoin Pro

But is Bitpro a reliable software? As usual we went in search of the truth. From our investigations, Bitpro appears to be reliable software. Unlike other bots like Bitql, this also presents excellent reviews from the countless users who have already used it.

Testing the Bitpro platform, it is evident that it is an easy to use software. Live trading operations start with the click of a button. In this review we will see how it works, how to sign up and make the most of this platform.

What is Bitpro?

Technology is evolving day by day and for this reason, most sectors switch to automation. The online trading industry has also switched to automation for some time thanks to techniques such as high frequency trading. Bitpro is the automation software par excellence, tested and proven.

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Bitpro conducts technical and fundamental analysis, analyzing the markets, news and trading charts. The software is able to analyze a flood of data in no time and execute the corresponding trades instantly. Bitpro is most likely superior to any human trader.

Is Bitpro a Scam?

Bitpro is a software that enjoys excellent ratings and an assumed daily profitability of 300%. In some reviews we have even read that some users have managed to earn $ 1500 in a week starting with a minimum deposit of $ 250. Its best features are:

  • A platform with a success rate of over 90%
  • Fully automatic software and therefore also suitable for beginners
  • Bitpro broker partners offer the option to start with a minimum deposit of $ 250

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How does Bitpro work?

Bitpro works with licensed and regulated brokers to trade like a true pro. However, the bot is faster than any human trader and probably much more accurate too. Of course, you don't trade on "emotions".

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In addition to executing orders as issued by Bitpro, the brokers also manage users' transactions, deposits and withdrawals. To be clearer, all deposits made on Bitpro go directly to the broker they work with.

We have analyzed all the brokers with which the platform collaborates and we can say that they are partners of the highest level. Regulated brokers must deposit according to the regulatory authorities, client deposits in a separate account, sending periodic reports on their use. This ensures users that their money is being used as it should.

How to open an account with Bitpro?

Bitpro is a software that works in automatic and manual modes. This means that everyone can use it, beginners and professionals. The robot is available worldwide and you can start trading by following these steps:


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Open a new account by logging into the official Bitpro website. There you can fill in the registration form with your details and choose a password to protect the account. Next, you will be prompted to perform an email and phone verification, via SMS.

To deposit

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After verification of the data, you will be able to log into the partner broker and make a deposit of at least $ 250. This is the trading capital and should not be confused with the cost of the platform, which is free. In fact, this robot is unlicensed.

However, traders are charged a small commission on the profits earned through the bot. Brokers accept deposits via credit cards, wire transfers, e-wallets such as Skrill and Netteller and Bitcoin.


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After the deposit you can access the demo account. With the Bitpro demo account it is possible to familiarize yourself with the features that will then be used in the live platform.

Live trading with this software involves two simple steps: configuring settings and activating the software. Risk management is very important to set correctly, this includes how much the trader is willing to "bet" for each trade. Professionals suggest never exceeding 10% of the capital.

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Key features

Bitpro uses advanced technologies to keep the robot success rate high. But that's not the only feature that makes it so popular with users:

Artificial intelligence technologies

Bitpro uses advanced AI to carry out high frequency trading operations. This technology allows the bot, among other things, to improve its performance by interacting with different data sets.

Ample financial leverage

The brokers that partner with Bitpro offer leverage up to a maximum of 1: 2000. This means that traders can open positions up to 2000 times their capital. With a deposit of $ 250, for example, you can open trades for up to $ 500.

Volatile Bitcoin Prices

Bitpro's performance also depends on the volatility of cryptocurrency prices. This means that the returns are not fixed, but variable depending on the market conditions. However, we can say that the higher the price volatility, the better the bot's performance can be.

Is Bitpro recommended by any celebrities?

Bitpro is a software born only recently and this type of platform is not yet widely used in Italy, where the most prominent characters have limited themselves to talking only about cryptocurrencies.

Lorenzo JovanottiFabio FazioFlavio Briatore

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In some interviews with some web portals, the famous Italian singer-songwriter said he strongly believes in cryptocurrencies and thinks that in the future they could replace the current currency, bringing everything into the digital world.

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He knows the world of digital currencies well and would have liked to talk about it in a full program, however, he has not yet received the pass to do so during Che tempo che fa, his most successful show.

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It is rumored that Briatore will stop due to the COVID-19 pandemic, dear Flavio Briatore has used software for years to speculate on the prices of cryptocurrencies. They don't replace it, he says, but they're great support. However, we cannot confirm these rumors.

Does Bitpro offer a mobile app?

Bitpro does not yet have an official app for mobile phones and tablets. But this isn't a big deal as it can be used on any internet connected device. Therefore, being a web based platform, you can monitor your positions even on the move, regardless of the operating system of your portable device.

Our verdict

Bitpro is a highly regarded robot with a maximum ROI of 300%. Some users claim to have managed to earn up to $ 1500 in one day, starting with a minimum deposit of $ 250.

The bot offers top-notch cyber protection measures and a very knowledgeable support team. As a result, customer data, including sensitive information, is safe with this software. If you're curious to try it out, click the link below.

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Is Bitpro reliable?

From the information gathered, Bitpro appears to be 100% reliable. The robot enjoys excellent reviews in terms of ease of use, customer service and performance.

How much can I earn with Bitpro?

It depends on how much you have invested. Some people claim to have been able to earn even $ 1000 a day with Bitpro, starting with a minimum capital of $ 250.

How Much Should I Invest in Bitpro?

The minimum deposit required by broker partners is $ 250. We recommend starting low and growing by reinvesting your earnings.