The software we would like to recommend today is BitQZ. This is one of many, to be an online Bitcoin trading platform, through the use of CFDs with simple and intuitive methods.

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Users who already use this software, associate it with a success rate of 88% and more, earning substantial revenues, day after day. Obviously all this seems to us a story set up for profit. Therefore we made a commitment and together with our experts, we decided to test this software, in a more than thorough way, so as to be clear on the subject.

What is BitQZ?

BitQZ is an online automatic trading platform, between different cryptocurrencies. Of course you can also do this in automatic mode, if you are feeling so reckless. The software works with a highly advertised algorithm on their web page. This type of algorithm is able to carry out online trading operations, relying heavily on the historical data of the software itself.Is BitQZ a SCAM? Read Before You Begin - BitQ 2 1024x640

This allows it to be faster than many other platforms during trading operations, thus giving you a better chance of success and therefore a higher percentage of profit.

The countless reviews on the site, from all over the world, give you confirmation of how this software works. These testimonials from the various users explain, not only how they got there, using this software, but also what the gains they made from it are.

Is BitQZ a scam?

The creator of this software managed the algorithms of a major international bank. Beyond that, however, we were unable to discover anything else. But nevertheless it does not affect its correct functioning. In fact, there are these two features that make it more than reliable:

  • Possibility to easily withdraw earnings, with a simple request, made through online forms, at any time of the day;
  • Success rate of over 88%, with nonexistent commissions for using the software;
  • The minimum deposit of only $ 250, gives the possibility to all types of users, to be able to earn, thanks to professional brokers.

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How does BitQZ work?

BitQZ is free, you can use it by opening a new account. We believe that the profit of the creators is based on a small percentage, automatically withdrawn on each trade, closed for the users' profit. We believe that's all, we don't seem to have found other commissions. Everything you see marked in your profile will be 100% withdrawable, at any time of the day.Is BitQZ a SCAM? Read Before You Begin - BitQ 6 1024x476

Its functioning is the same as many others. By opening your account, you just need to deposit a minimum of $ 250, to immediately start trading. The software will also support you with a broker partner, who will help you in the operations, giving you advice on how to move and how to seize the best opportunity.

All this means that there is no need to move on multiple sites at the same time, the presence of the associated broker, directly on the software, makes everything faster, so as to make you perform more immediate and therefore more profitable operations. Furthermore, by setting your parameters, you can let the software, in a completely automatic way, execute trading for you.

How to open an account with BitQZ?

Opening an account on BitQZ is very simple. By connecting to the site from any device, just fill out the simple registration form. Let's see specifically what you need to do.


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Filling out the form is very simple. Just register your name, create a password and indicate an email address, to which you will be sent a verification email, to confirm your identity. Once this is done, the account is ready. By reconnecting to the site, simply enter the email address of your choice and the password. At this point you are ready for online trading. With the registration, the registration of the credit card is not required, so you will not have to enter other types of data, unlike those mentioned above.

To deposit

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The minimum initial deposit is only $ 250, with no additional fees. If you do not deposit at least the minimum amount, you will not be able to carry out trading operations. It seems quite obvious to us, but we would like to tell you, to be careful, since the risks are there and are real, so do not invest what you do not have or that you do not want to lose in the worst cases. Start from the bottom and once you feel firm on the subject, slowly, slowly, up the ante.


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Investing is not as difficult as it sounds. The brokers associated with your account will follow you step by step, or you can let them work for you. The software is equipped with an automatic function, which gives you the opportunity to earn, without you necessarily being glued to the screen. Just take the trouble to select your risk settings preferences.

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Key features of BitQZ

The software, BitQZ, offers you a variety of really interesting features, not all software of this type can boast of this, let's find out together:


The trading you will carry out on the software is very simple. Once you have logged into your account, you will be redirected to a broker, he will carry out online trading operations for you. The simplicity of the software lies in this. Through BitQZ, you will simply tell the broker whether or not you think Bitcoins are increasing or decreasing in value. If your predictions are correct, you will earn profits, but in case the predictions are wrong, the broker will withdraw some of your money from your investment fund.

Verification process

Unlike many other trading platforms, BitQZ does not require massive identity checks. Many other software require copies of identity cards, bank statements, with the risk of finding the scammer behind it. In any case, it would be a very long procedure, especially if you don't have a scanner at home. Not all software accepts photos of documents, many want the image in clear text, sent by email or fax.

Customer service

Customer support is at your disposal 24 hours a day, seven days a week, even on holidays. We always hope you don't need it, but expect professionalism and friendliness if you do. A simple email will be enough to contact her, or the web page offers live chat, which for many is a great advantage.

Does BitQZ offer a mobile app?

Wandering around the web, we found no BitQZ apps. We look forward to seeing one soon. In any case, you can freely access the software via any mobile device, as long as you have an Internet connection and an excellent search engine.

Our verdict

Let's sum it up. In our opinion it is good software for online trading. It gave us no reason to believe it is a scam. We tried it because the many good reviews, present around the web, had intrigued us. Those who denigrate BitQZ will not have been able to fully exploit all the capabilities of the platform. Our tips will help you not to fall immediately.

There are risks, in fact we always advise you to be cautious. Establish your risk settings in advance, try the demo as hard as you can and deposit only in case you can use that certain amount, without too much trouble. As in real life, luck also plays an important role here, but if you analyze the histories of market operations well, you will be able to have a gain, even if minimal initially, without problems.

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What is BitQZ?

BitQZ is an online trading platform, which will help you, with the help of experienced brokers, in the cryptocurrency market.

Is BitQZ reliable?

Not having encountered any particular problems during our analyzes, we can say that the software is reliable.

How Much Should I Deposit on BitQZ?

The minimum deposit required is only $ 250. A sum within everyone's reach. There are no additional fees. With this minimum deposit, you can reach a monthly profit of around 10 thousand dollars.