CFD Trader is a software compatible with computers and mobile devices, which according to its website offers access to the best brokers in the world to trade CFDs automatically and profitably. In addition, it is said to offer a very high ace of success, percentages that even professional traders cannot reach. This makes it one of the most profitable programs on the market.Is CFD Trader a SCAM? 🥇 | Read Before You Begin - cfd trader 1

But is it really so? We have carried out numerous tests to verify these rumors and the results have left us speechless. Not only does this software look 100% reliable, it really offers a very high rate of return.

In our review we will discuss the results we have achieved and provide some suggestions to our readers so that they can increase their chances of getting what they want thanks to the robot. But first of all, it is worth remembering that trading is always risky and for this reason, we advise you not to invest more than you can afford to lose.

What is CFD Trader?

CFD Trader was launched on the market a few years ago and for this reason it could not be a scam. Generally the little transparent platforms disappear after a few months if not weeks or days. CFD Trader, on the other hand, enjoys excellent online reviews and has also been available to Italian customers for some time.

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The robot offers two trading functions: automatic and manual. For this reason it can be used by anyone, regardless of their level of experience.

Some online testimonials claim that CFD Trader offers a maximum profitability of 500% and that it can transform a 250 € account into a million euro profit in just over a year.

Is CFD Trader a scam?

As mentioned earlier, if CFD Trader had been a scam, it wouldn't have been around for so long. Generally, the platforms that cheat their customers don't last long and within a year they have already appeared and disappeared without leaving any trace. CFD Trader, on the other hand, is appreciated by its users for:

  • The ability to trade bitcoins through contracts for difference (CFD)
  • Its operation allows traders to earn profits both when the bitcoin price rises and when it drops
  • CFD Trader relies on FCA, ASIC, SEC and FSB regulated brokers. These brokers facilitate trading and transaction management

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How does CFD Trader work?

As usual, we have tested CFD Trader far and wide and scanned the net for evidence of its reliability. We found enough evidence and evidence to believe this robot reliable. But how does it work?

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CFD Trader combines the enormous potential of blockchain and artificial intelligence to maintain a high rate of profitability. The application of artificial intelligence subsets such as Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing is currently one of the most profitable strategies if applied to the world of online CFD trading.

Big banks like JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs have already invested billions of dollars in trading algorithms that apply these same technologies. CFD Trader is the first robot to apply these technologies exclusively for trading CFDs on bitcoin. CFD Trader has the power to turn a small deposit into a huge capital in a few months of trading.

How to open an account with CFD Trader?

It is very easy to open a new account on the CFD Trader website. The first thing to do is connect to the site through the links that you find on this page and then follow the steps set out below:


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On the official page you can register securely by entering your personal data and verifying your identity in a few minutes. Immediately afterwards you will be put in contact with the best broker available in Italy.

To deposit

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Once on the broker page, it will be possible to make a deposit of at least € 250 to start using the system. You don't know how to do it? No worries, because you will be followed by a personal account manager!


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Always supported by your faithful account manager, you can start making your first investments by learning the best strategy to be successful in online trading.

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Key features of CFD Trader

As mentioned above, there are several features that have made this platform so popular. Which? Read on to find out below!

Regulated brokers

Free and direct access to the best regulated brokers in Italy to trade CFDs on cryptocurrencies and many other assets.

Personal support

Don't have any experience with CFD trading? No problem, you will have free individual coaching available immediately after registering.

Free welcome kit

New customers will get a free welcome kit worth € 2. With this kit it will be possible to start trading quickly, even if you have no experience.

Is CFD Trader recommended by any celebrity?

CFD Trader has been on the market for so long, that it was inevitable that some famous people would have talked about it. Who are we talking about? You can find out right below!

Flavio BriatoreLorenzo JovanottiFabio Fazio

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The king of Formula 1, the one who introduced Schumacher to the whole world, is also a skilled broker. He does not use CFD Trader to trade online, because he no longer needs it, but recommends it to those who take their first steps in finance.

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He claims to have accumulated a fortune by investing in bitcoin since its launch. That's probably why you don't see him singing anymore, now he's discovered an easier and faster way to make money!

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In an interview that appeared online some time ago, he said that he wanted to talk about programs like CFD Trader during his popular broadcast, but that he was blocked "from above" because certain information remains more confidential and better.

Does CFD Trader offer a mobile app?

CFD Trader is also an app for mobile. His web trader has been designed with all those traders in mind who do not want to spend all day in front of their computer screens.

With the CFD Trader mobile app, you can also monitor your operations on the go. The beauty is that via tablet and mobile phone it is also possible to intervene live on the platform, in order to correct the shot in case of need.

Our verdict

CFD Trader is suitable for everyone, because with the right conditions, it is able to convert a minimum deposit of € 250 into a capital of over one million euros within a year.

All you have to do is register, deposit and then let your personal account manager guide you. A demo is also available that allows you to learn the basics of trading, without risking anything.

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What is CFD Trader?

CFD Trader is a web service that anyone can sign up to trade bitcoin CFDs with a very high rate of profitability.

Can I make money with CFD Trader?

Yup! Numerous testimonies affirm that this robot is able to generate profits of over 1000 euros per day, starting from a minimum investment.

Do I need to be a trading expert to be successful?

No, because CFD Trader offers the possibility of both automatic and manual trading, which means that it is suitable for professionals and beginners.