How to buy Ripples?

How to buy Ripple ?: a brief introduction to buy one of the most prominent cryptocurrencies of the moment!

I Ripple represent one of the new trend cryptocurrencies. And, probably, I am also one of the cryptocurrencies that during 2018 is expected by the most daring test benches, given the great expectations that exist on what is considered by many as the virtual currency that could steal the limelight to the king of criptovalute. But how do you buy Ripples?

How to buy Ripples

Buy Ripple online

Like the others cryptocurrencies of main international reference, also Ripple can be purchased through an exchange, or a website, an application that allows you to buy and exchange Ripples.

First we see the quotation of Ripple in real time and decide if it is time to enter (if you are a trader, if instead you are a holder, then you want to keep them for you for several years then that's fine)

Buy offline Ripple

A solution that many do not take into consideration is to buy ripple between individuals, between friends or acquaintances, there are also some websites that connect those who want to sell and buy, in this way the commissions of the exchange and you could even buy them at the counter.


Buy Ripple by bank transfer or credit card



Technically there are very few exchanges that allow you to buy Ripple directly:

  • (app only) app for apple , app for android , entering the code v8tqhz5494 you will have 20 bonus dollars and you can buy Ripple directly.
  • Coinbase: one of the best global exchanges, this one also with credit card and bank transfer (see guide on Coinbase)

On many Exchanges you will not be able to buy directly but exchange with other coins, usually you prefer to take Ethereum and then Pour the Ethereum towards the Exchanges that allow you to exchange ethereum for ripple ( Binance Kucoin)

Exchange Ripple with ethereum or other currency.

In this case you can directly go to the 3 item) or use the service below on the fly.

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Securing Offline Ripple Wallet

When you register for an exchange, an electronic wallet is automatically assigned to you, so an address to keep your cryptocurrencies.

Alternatively to the wallets available online, there are also physical, hardware wallets, considered safer to store their cryptocurrencies.

like Dwarf Ledger

CDF and Binary Options Ripple Trading

Of course, those who plan to invest in Ripples and do so with a more speculative and more short-term perspective, can do so by signing derivative financial contracts such as CFD  (Eg plus 500 ), which will not allow you to buy them directly cryptocurrency, but they will allow you to be able to "bet" (financially speaking) on ​​their market evolution, providing that their price will go up or down.


And what do you think? Have you already started shopping for Ripple, in the hope that in the 2018 you can replicate the great success of the 2017?

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