Alibaba Group is a large Chinese multinational based in Hangzhou and is made up of a group of companies operating in the field of electronic commerce, such as online marketplaces, payment platforms, search engines, online shopping and cloud computing.

This famous trading giant operates mainly in China with an estimated valuation between 55 and 120 billion dollars. Founded by Jack Ma, it aims to connect Chinese manufacturers with distributors and buyers around the world. In 2007 Alibaba joins the Hong Kong Stock Exchange listing, the following year, his personal Research Institute is founded, the company decides to create Alibaba Cloud Computing.

With this novelty, the company launches its own mobile phone operating system. Furthermore, since 2010 this large company has started to devote 0,3% of its turnover to environmental protection. Would you also like to invest in the future of this large multinational? All you have to do is continue reading our article and you will discover all the advantages of this company.

Alibaba shares today

The company was listed on the Chinese stock exchange for the first time in September 2014, immediately setting several world records in earnings up to touching the ceiling of 231 million dollars. In early 2018, it became the second largest Asian company by financial valuation and its brand value ranked ninth worldwide in the sector in which it operates.

It should also be noted that its profits have outstripped all US retailers. Recently, the company has decided to become active in the media sector, with revenues increasing by three percentage points every year, but its strength is the numerous business partnerships it has formed over the years.

On the other hand, its very aggressive discount policy could prevent the company's salespeople from realizing the profit targets required by management on the products sold, thus affecting its finances. However, it is a multinational in continuous expansion and strong growth, very essential information for anyone wishing to invest their capital in Alibaba shares.

How to buy Alibaba shares

Many users are interested in buying shares of this Chinese multinational, leader of e-commerce in the eastern country and beyond. In order to start buying Alibaba shares, investors will be able to proceed in two ways, let's see them together, also evaluating the pros and cons of both.

The first method is certainly the most classic and involves contacting banking institutions directly. Simply go to the offices of any bank, from here you will be directed to the counter of the dedicated operator who will start your financial practice and will show you the numerous share packages available. All you have to do is choose the one that best suits your requests. Said this way it would certainly seem the easier choice, but there are various aspects that should not be underestimated, including:

  1. Longer times to wait.
  2. Certainly higher commissions, in fact for this service the institute provides for an amount ranging from 15 to 35 euros, to which the commission and current account management costs must then be added.
  3. The consultant who will take charge of your practice may be too busy, if not downright elusive, to be able to clarify any doubts you may have or to answer all your questions. This is a very important aspect to take into consideration, especially for beginners.

The most advantageous choice

The second way, much less known and more recent, is to contact an online trading broker. It might be complicated at first glance, but in reality it is the most advantageous and safe choice because it is supervised and monitored directly by CySEC.

Analyzing these platforms we notice that users can invest their capital simply by purchasing contracts for difference and they all have a clear interface, easy to understand and always updated. These are essential characteristics to be able to easily orient yourself in the complex world of the financial market. Among these online platforms, the name Libertex certainly stands out, already widely used among online traders all over the world.

How to create an account with Libertex

You can also trade Alibaba shares by creating a free account on the Libertex platform. This broker is appreciated all over the world and already has millions of subscribers. Many have started using its platform because it is simple to use, despite offering many advanced trading tools.

To start using Libertex software to trade online, you can follow these 3 simple steps:

  1. Access the official broker page and sign up by filling in the registration form. Buying Alibaba Stocks - The best way to invest in the Chinese eCommerce giant - Libertex Create a 1024x530 account
  2. You can start trading after financing your account through various payment methods, such as credit cards and bank transfers.Buy Alibaba shares - The best way to invest in the Chinese eCommerce giant - Libertex Deposito 1024x490
  3. Now you just have to verify your identity to start trading with the secure and regulated platform offered by Libertex.Buy Alibaba shares - The best way to invest in the Chinese eCommerce giant - Libertex trading 1024x568

Libertex offers the ability to monitor your trades, open or close trades, even as you move. To do this, you just need to access the broker page via a mobile browser from an Android or iOS tablet or mobile phone. This means not having to accumulate space on your device and not having to update the application regularly.

Alibaba shares how to view Libertex chart

Thanks to this platform you will be able to follow the progress of your actions through a simple and easy to understand graph.

Just click on the "markets" section, identify the company of interest and select the amount of capital you decide you want to invest. In all this, I recommend that you never forget to set a leverage, your stop loss and take profit.

These tools just mentioned will allow you to be able to safeguard your invested capital. At this point, all that remains is to confirm the operation and from which you can begin to navigate the waters of the stock market.

How to view Alibaba stock chart on Libertex

Once you have finished registering on the site and deposited your capital, all you have to do is start investing in Alibaba shares. To do this, simply click on the "markets" section, identify the company of interest and select the amount of capital that you decide to invest.

From here you will access the home page of the online trading portal of the Chinese multinational, where you can buy or sell CFDs, monitor the graph showing the performance of the shares and view the statistics. Last recommendation, never forget to set your leverage, your stop loss and take profit. These tools will allow you to safeguard your capital.

Alibaba shares forecast and what is the cost of Alibaba shares

Investing in Alibaba shares? They could be a great choice! This large multinational specialized in electronic commerce, is made up of a group of active companies operating in different fields. Its website is among the 20 most visited sites in the world, has over 1 billion products for sale and as many as 65% of these are marketed and distributed in China.

Alibaba Group is one of the companies most requested by investors on the stock exchange and, in addition to being listed on the Chinese stock exchange, it has recently also landed on the American financial market. This has a constantly growing turnover, in 2015 alone it amounted to 11 billion dollars and then continue to grow in the following years to exceed 50 billion.

In order to be able to make predictions, it is certainly necessary to evaluate many elements and not to forget all the commercial activities in which the group is involved. Forecasts indicate a 48% increase, the initial price of a single share was $ 13,25 and has grown to $ 25 per share over the years.

Buy Alibaba shares opinions

A great challenge for this incredible multinational is certainly its ability to develop on markets other than the Chinese one, but this group has been able to acquire a certain notoriety and has all the credentials to be able to conquer the world.

Certainly there is no lack of competition but, in global terms and therefore internationally, Alibaba is becoming stronger and stronger. We must also not forget to consider the Chinese economic stability and the growth of the great demand for services on electronic commerce platforms.


In conclusion, Alibaba Group is a giant trading behemoth that has made its way with innovative and winning ideas.

Its multiple profitable investments make Alibaba one of the most advanced companies of recent times in the global financial market. With these premises, we cannot but expect a prosperous and continually expanding future for this multinational.

Only by relying on a secure online trading platform could we invest in Alibaba shares, managing to earn significant figures and maximize our profits safely.