In this page we will see in a detailed and exhaustive way, everything you need to know to buy Ferrari shares in a safe and reliable way. If you have come this far, it means that the topic interests you and you are looking for further study, before investing your money.

You have probably already heard of investing in stocks, online or through a friend who plays on the stock market and you want to start this journey too. In particular, you have decided to start with one of the most representative Italian companies in the world, Ferrari.Buying Ferrari shares - How to do it without being scammed - Scuderia Ferrari 1950 1964 logo

The guide that you can read below was created to help you have a more complete view of the subject. Before completing it, we analyzed the many questions that came to us in the editorial office, in order to provide most of the possible answers.

Finally, we have also decided to offer further information on how to buy real Ferrari shares, without using tricks and without running the risk of being scammed. This is why we have chosen Libertex as the best platform to find out the Ferrari share price and purchase them in complete safety.

Ferrari shares: who are the competitors and its partners

Before buying a minimum lot of Ferrari shares, it is necessary to understand which competitors and its partners are for better portfolio management. Here is a brief analysis.

Its competitors

If we talk about competitors, we need to divide the commercial ones from the sports ones. Put simply, the Ferrari race action team operating in F1 has McLaren as its main competitor. The fights between the two teams have made the history of the most important motorsport competition in the world and the epic battles between Schumacher and Hakkinen, but also the most recent races between Hamilton and Alonso are already in history. Another rather fierce competitor in the past years was Williams, even if today it is no longer what it used to be and at its port we find a surprising Red Bull.

The โ€œstreetโ€ rivals, on the other hand, are quite different. The brands that compete with Ferrari are mainly: Maserati; Lamborghini; Bentley and Rolls-Royce. The first two brands are Italian just like Ferrari, a sign that Italy is one of the world powers in this sector.

Its partners

Bridgestone is without a doubt one of its main partners. In fact, its tires have always dressed red cars and kept them glued to the road. An alliance that was first born on the racing tracks and then moved to the road. This partnership has been going on for more than 10 years now. Another brand that has linked its name to the Maranello red for many years is Shell. Finally, there is Puma, which supplies the Ferrari team with all the clothing.

Ferrari stock valuation: advantages and disadvantages

Finding out about the advantages and disadvantages offered by Ferrari titles is equally interesting. It is important to always be updated on the strengths of a company and its weaknesses for a conscious and profitable investment. In the case of Ferrari Italia shares, here are some pros and cons to keep in mind.


The main strength of Ferrari's Borsa Italiana shares is undoubtedly the popularity of the company all over the world. This brand, in fact, is often used as a term of comparison for all the others.

Another undisputed advantage of the company is represented by the widespread presence of the red in racing. Furthermore, it should also be mentioned that in terms of marketing the expenses are very low. This significant savings translates into the possibility of diverting investments to different sectors to improve the brand even more.


What are Ferrari's weaknesses? Did you think there weren't any? And instead, the redhead too has to cope, for example, with customs policies that slow down the sale of its luxury cars in some countries of the world. Furthermore, it should not be overlooked that at times, some customer requests cannot be satisfied, due to the already large amount of work that the group has to deal with.

With these data, albeit few, we can begin to sketch a first fundamental analysis. First of all, we must take into consideration the fact that the Maranello group is facing considerable challenges to carve out a place of honor among hybrid vehicles, probably the future of the automobile. Furthermore, it can never take its eyes off the future of sports cars.

How to best invest in Ferrari stocks today

When thinking of Ferrari stock value, the first thing that springs to mind is the possibility of buying the stock. No one will ever prohibit you from opting for this route, however, you must also take into account the various disadvantages offered by this strategy, such as:

  • strong economic commitment
  • high risk linked to the high volatility of the stock

Furthermore, to this must be added any commissions to be paid for the deposit of the securities.

As you should know, actions guarantee very little certainty. In the event that the security loses value, in fact, the investor also suffers a loss and this can cause problems of no small importance, especially if your investment is important. There is a lot of talk about this problem in the Ferrari shares forum and the most recommended solution is CFDs. Thanks to the Contracts for Difference, in fact, it is possible to earn with Ferrari Milano shares both in the event of a loss and gain of the stock. The operator only has the task of understanding in advance the direction that the title will take. There are two possible choices:

  • Open a buy position (Long) in the event that a growth in the stock is expected;
  • Open a selling position (Short) in the event that a loss of the security value is expected.

As you can see, managing CFDs is very simple, but this is where the danger lies. โ€œPlayingโ€ on the stock exchange does not mean trading as you bet on one team or the other. Before making a decision, there are many factors that need to be considered in order to make the most accurate forecast possible.

Ferrari Nyse shares

You probably already know this, but Ferrari is also listed on the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange), which means that its shares are extremely resistant to crises.

In 2008, for example, when we had that severe financial crisis, Ferrari shares only dropped 5%. This is due to the fact that the brand is aimed at a higher class than the middle one.

It is estimated that more than 30% of people who own a Ferrari, in fact, have at least one other in the garage. So even if in the future we should have a new financial crisis, you can be sure that the Cavallino brand will be able to overcome it effectively.

How to use leverage to buy Ferrari shares

CFDs are financial instruments that are very easy to use and can also offer great advantages, linked to financial leverage. In addition to the possibility of monitoring the Ferrari stock graph on the Libertex platform, in fact, you can also use leverage, but what is it?

  • A financial leverage is nothing more than a tool to multiply one's market exposure. This allows you to use a higher amount of money than you have in your account.
  • On the one hand, leverage allows you to multiply your gains, but on the other hand also your losses. Let's clarify one thing right away, whatever shares you want to buy, even Ferrari NV shares, if you use CFDs with leverage, the risk is not zero.

However, it is possible to manage it with effective means such as Money Management. This is a very simple technique, but equally important to know, which is based on the division of your capital.

In short, the capital is divided into small parts and you never risk more than 5% for each operation. In this case, you can minimize the risk and prevent a single trade from completely draining your account.

Even professionals use this technique when they invest in Ferrari shares on the Italian Stock Exchange and the great thing is that, with a platform like Libertex, it is possible to copy their operations automatically with copytrading.

One of the most important tools offered by the risk management platform is Stop Loss. This allows the user to determine when the platform should automatically exit a trade to avoid further losses.


Thanks to the efficiency of regulated brokers like Libertex, it is possible to buy Ferrari shares simply and safely. However, you don't have to improvise as a trader to operate safely. This means first of all taking advantage of the platform's trial mode, for example, to learn how to best manage your capital and understand the Ferrari stock chart.

As soon as you feel ready to trade live, you can do so by depositing a minimum amount of โ‚ฌ 200 into your account. At the level of raw strategy, relying on Ferrari shares to start your investment path is a choice that can give you a lot of satisfaction. It is still one of the strongest automotive companies in the world.

Since its listing, its shares have already tripled in value and thanks to easy-to-use tools such as CFDs, it is possible to exchange the stock with Libertex, without paying commissions, and earning regardless of its performance on the stock market.