Ferrero is the Italian company founded in Alba in 1946. Owned by the Ferrero family, it is dedicated to the production of sweets and baked goods, from the delicious Nutella to the delicious biscuits. Who has never eaten Ferrero products, or who hasn't heard of Ferrero's shares?

Over the years, the company has managed to expand rapidly, opening numerous offices in the United States and Great Britain. Its products are among the most popular and the high quality guarantee that distinguishes them has helped to maintain the brand's excellent reputation. In fact, the company has always invested in traditional pastry products, without forgetting innovation.

After the death of the founder Michele Ferrero in 2015, today we find his son Giovanni at the head of the company who has dedicated himself to consolidating the reputation of the brand. Thanks to the numerous foreign acquisitions obtained, Ferrero can boast a turnover that exceeds 10 billion euros, with profits exceeding 600 million euros, these data confirm it is one of the richest companies in the world and in Italy.

Ferrero stock exchange today

Would you like to invest in this very promising historical company? I'm sorry to disappoint you but Ferrero shares have not yet been listed on the stock exchange to date. Being present in the financial market can be very profitable but still has numerous constraints to respect for a company.

The sole managing director, Giovanni Ferrero, for the moment has not sided in favor of the company's stock market listing, stating that the company has no need to raise additional funds as it can afford to independently finance its growth without any kind of problem. However, that doesn't mean it never will be.

How to buy Ferrero shares

If one day Ferrero shares begin to be listed on the financial market, anyone interested in investing their capital in this company will be able to proceed with the purchase of Ferrero shares through banks or by contacting broker platforms on the web.

To purchase shares from your trusted banking institution, you will need to contact the dedicated financial investment advisor present on site. He will present you with stock packages depending on your budget and earning goals. Today there are not many investors who turn to banking institutions because now this method of purchase belongs to the past.

There are many disadvantages that can be encountered, for example: the times may be longer, the commissions and management costs applied by the bank are higher than those you would find by relying on a broker, and often the support that is provided to customers is really poor and elusive. This last detail should not be underestimated, especially if you are not an expert in the financial sector and do not want to risk losing money unnecessarily.

To date, with the development of technology and the spread of the internet, many shareholders are turning to online trading platforms to buy CFDs, Contracts for Difference. The latter are very simple financial instruments that replicate the company's performance on the stock exchange, allow you to invest minimum amounts compared to traditional methods and do not provide for any commission. All brokers and online trading platforms conduct their business under the careful supervision of CySEC, one of the leading financial supervisory authorities.

Ferrero shares trend and how much a Ferrero share costs

As with all large companies that operate on the stock exchange, to make predictions on shares, you must always keep in mind the current situation of the company, the competition, its history and the goals it sets itself. By inserting all these data in the appropriate graphs, with the help of various technical indicators, it will be possible to obtain a hypothetical picture and predict what results a company can obtain in the financial market.

As we have already specified, Ferrero, by the will of its holding company, is not yet listed on the stock exchange so it is impossible for us to assess the cost of any share. Nevertheless, there are some data that can help us to hypothesize the performance of a company on the stock market:

  • The turnover. In this case it is a company that has a solid and constantly growing turnover that currently exceeds 10 billion euros.
  • The Competition. There is no shortage of companies, particularly in the Italian food sector such as Motta or Mulino Bianco, which constantly try to replicate Ferrero's secret and super-loved recipes in every way, often with poor results.
  • The Business. The company enjoys a solid and strong business structure that keeps in mind the old traditions of the food industry. This particularity allows him to head in the right direction to continue growing steadily and allows him to satisfy all his consumers.

These three factors are the main pillars that could make the purchase of Ferrero shares on the stock exchange an excellent form of investment in the medium and long term. To do this, we would probably have to wait for a recapitalization of the company that will finally allow us to find it available on the stock market.


Ferrero shares, to date, are impossible to find on the financial market but who knows if one day with a little more attention we might not come across the possibility of investing in this historic Italian company known all over the world.

We advise you to keep your eyes wide open and fixed on the screen so as not to miss a potential investment opportunity like this. A company so solid and established despite the fact that it manages to finance itself, could still one day decide to undertake a path also in the stock market to further broaden its horizons.

In addition, with the support of online trading platforms you will be able to easily orient yourself in the sector, increase your profits and expand your equity portfolio.