Tesla Motors, a pioneer company in the automotive sector, was born in 2003 in California from the brilliant mind of the genius Elon Musk, current CEO and founder of the American giant. The name of the company derives from the sector of activity in which it operates.

The company, famous all over the world, in fact specializes both in the design, production and distribution of fully electric cars, and in the marketing of powertrains dedicated to this type of vehicle.

To date, there are so many investors who love it and who have decided to invest their money in the company since it went public on Wall Street for the first time in 2010.

Would you like to buy Tesla shares and thus become part of the stock market of one of the most innovative companies in the automotive sector? All you have to do is follow our guide and we will reveal every facet of this famous American giant.

Tesla shares today

Today Tesla is one of the most important companies in the world of the automotive market. The company can boast more than 110 factories mostly in the United States and more than 100.000 employees around the globe.

Listed on the American Wall Street stock exchange for the first time on June 29, 2010, Tesla has always had a fluctuating trend made of sudden collapses and growths, we just need to think that only in May 2019 the cost of a single action was around 200 euros while, after just one month, it had multiplied to reach the cost of 960 euros, and then after just 30 days, plummeted to 730 euros, thus recording a loss of about 20%.

Tesla's financial situation today, however, is not exactly rosy, even if the company has recorded numerous sales of different models of cars, it has gone into debt to keep alive its ambition to change the world of four wheels. 

This is a financial aspect that should not be forgotten if you want to invest in Tesla shares but which nevertheless obliges us to underline how much this is appreciated among the numerous companies in the world of the stock market and how much its investors, despite its ups and downs, nourish it. himself a feeling of full confidence in him.

How to buy Tesla shares

Buying Tesla shares is really simple and you can choose to use different solutions to do so. Anyone who decides to invest in the stock market will be able to choose whether to buy the shares through a bank or to proceed with the support of online trading brokers. Let's see the two options together in detail, analyzing their advantages and any disadvantages.

Buying shares in a trusted bank is simple, just go to the counter and rely on the dedicated trading consultant at the branch who will show us the share package that best suits our needs.

While many investors think that investing through a banking institution is safer and more reliable, we must deny this statement and point out three obvious disadvantages:

  • Higher trading fees that are around 15/35 euros and bank management fees that concern the current account, taxes and stamp duty of the banking product.
  • Attention to the non-existent customer, your practice will be entrusted to a consultant who will have little time to answer your doubts and support you in your investment. This could be a problem not to be underestimated especially if you are not an expert in the financial sector and are approaching the world of trading for the first time.
  • Longer lead times to kick off your investments.

Turning to an online broker, however, has proved to be a decidedly more advantageous, safe and innovative method in recent years. These platforms allow their users to purchase Contracts for Difference in complete safety since they are constantly monitored and regulated by CySEC and, moreover, they allow you to move in the complex world of the financial market in a simple way with the help of a clear interface, intuitive and constantly updated. The best platform to buy Tesla shares is certainly Libertex.

The Libertex platform

Libertex is the online trading broker platform founded in 2007. Over the years it has confirmed itself as one of the best platforms that investors cannot do without, to date it can boast more than 9 million satisfied users.

Moving in the difficult and complex world of the stock market has never been so simple, economical and safe. Libertexti allows you to buy and sell many different shares including those of Tesla Motors, you will be able to earn in the market you prefer, you will be constantly updated through clear and simple graphs, and you will be able to carefully monitor the performance of the shares you are interested in.

Tesla shares forecast and what is the cost of Tesla shares

So what does anyone decide to invest in the future of Tesla motors therefore?

Despite the numerous critical issues that the company had to manage in the financial market, Tesla is confirmed as a solid reality capable of withstanding even the strongest shocks, while continuing to maintain a decidedly high market value.

Looking back over his financial history, we note that on his Wall Street debut in 2010 the cost of a single Tesla share was 17 euros. The stock market entry earned the company a whopping 226 million and its shares began to take off, growing by 41%.

In recent years, his share price has continued to rise to impressive figures and despite some negative results over time, his investors have never stopped believing in his stock.

Therefore, by monitoring its trend and its fluctuations on the stock exchange, it is estimated that Tesla shares could even exceed the cost of 4000 euros each in about five years, thus dominating the automotive industry sector and the financial markets of all. the world.

Buy Tesla shares reviews

The electric car sector is constantly expanding and is destined to dominate the world scene as polluting vehicles will be eliminated gradually, thus favoring all alternative means of transport. No company other than Tesla invests similar amounts in research and development to create new models and above all, there are no competing companies that are able to match its production of 100% electric cars.

There are numerous plans and corporate strategies of Tesla, increasingly determined to expand its ecological empire. In fact, this company has in store for the future the creation of rapid charging methods for the battery of electric cars, and of course, new models of cars to be presented capable of satisfying the economic and design needs of all its customers. 

Underlining these characteristics, I do not think it is necessary to add more to understand how promising are the actions of this important American giant. Just think that the growth of the electric car market in the coming years will be enormous and Tesla is already confirmed as the absolute protagonist that no competitor can defeat.


Tesla is certainly one of the most promising companies ever on the stock market. His innovative streak, his foresight, and his investments in research and development mean that the future of Tesla Motors is decidedly brighter. Only by relying on the right online trading platform and purchasing Tesla shares will we be able to earn interesting figures and be able to maximize our profits in a simple and safe way.