Founded in 1899 with headquarters in Milan, the Calcio Milan association is an Italian football club that plays in the Serie A of the Italian football championship where it has competed in 86 leagues.

With the debut in Serie A in 1900 to date it is the third team in the world by number of titles won. Nationally, it is the second team with the most titles, second to Juventus one of its most historic rivals.

It was also the first team to win a championship without suffering defeats. Many great players have been part of this great club, who have received many important awards, including the Ballon d'Or and Fifa World Player.

To date there are many people who follow this fantastic sport also from an investment point of view. In recent times, Milan has experienced some turbulent periods from a corporate point of view due to a lack of continuity at the top, but all this does not prevent this football giant from being able to achieve the goal of being listed on the stock exchange.

Milan Ac Shares today Milan Stock Shares

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Unfortunately, those who would like to become part of this football reality from a financial point of view will have to wait, to date AC Milan Spa is not yet listed on the stock exchange, but it is not said that in the future it will not happen.

The company is considering various options for entering the stock exchange and proposing shares on the market will have to open part of its assets to the public, these securities come from minor shareholders or through a capital increase.

Quoting the team would facilitate negotiations with a hypothetical buyer, as there would no longer be the problem of enhancing the company, in so doing at the time of sale, in order to give a more tangible value to Milan, the markets offer a price for each individual action .

This aspect is not to be underestimated as it avoids resorting to standard measures to enhance the sports club. Realizing an IPO implies having to comply with very strict access conditions, which actually favor large multinationals and this could be complicated for a sports club like Milan, but it could be achievable thanks to the Job Act, which facilitates the financing of small businesses easing some requirements.

Buy Ac Milan shares

In the event that AC Milan's shares start to be listed on the stock exchange, for those wishing to start investing their capital in the company, they can purchase these shares through broker platforms on the web or through banking institutions. Let's look more specifically at these two options.

If you decide to proceed through the banks, all you have to do is go directly to the counter and speak with a consultant who will propose various stock packages according to your needs.

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  • Unfortunately, you should not underestimate various disadvantages of this choice, such as longer times to be able to give away your practice, current account management costs and higher commissions, the assistance dedicated to you may be insufficient and poor, this is not to be underestimated especially for those who are entering the world of finance for the first time as the risk of losing their capital could be high.
  • Alternatively and to date, the use of online trading platforms is widespread among investors. They are very simple and very advantageous financial instruments that allow you to be able to sell and buy shares in complete safety since they are controlled and regulated by CySE.

NOTICE: Although these stocks are not available at the moment, you can invest in many other stocks on eToro.

To date, with the technological development and advancement that the Internet has had in today's society, the latter option is much more widespread, so much so that having to go to banking institutions is becoming a vague memory. Among the most popular platforms we find eToro.

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World leader in social trading, it is the best known platform for both investments in shares and CFD trading, with millions of more than satisfied users, making entering the world of the stock market is simple, safe and within everyone's reach, in fact it also allows to the most inexperienced to be able to be part of this financial reality.

It allows you to invest in various markets by constantly monitoring the performance of the shares concerned, it also allows you to buy and sell shares in a very easy and safe way to say the least.

Over the years this great platform has secured the trust of investors, who can no longer give up using it. It has been operating in the financial sector for over 10 years and with its simple and insightful interface it is the best solution for those who want to invest.

The advantages of using eToro

Let's analyze more specifically all the advantageous aspects of investing with eToro:

  • As previously mentioned, it is the world's leading IT platform for investments, through a simple and clear connection it allows its consumers to be able to operate in multiple financial markets, thus also reaching out to more inexperienced customers or for those who interface for the first time in the investment world.
  • All this is possible as it is the first to use an innovative type of approach: social trading, through which it is possible to deal with more experienced traders who can give useful advice for a choice of effective strategies.
  • For all those who are not skilled on the subject there is a demo version with which to practice, through the copy trading function, which reproduces the most profitable investments made by those who are more experienced.
  • All this is possible with a minimum investment of 200 euros which will allow you to be able to trade in the wide range of financial markets.

It also offers commissions suitable for every type of need at a much lower price than other competitors.

How to buy Milan Ac shares on eToro

If the company decides to list its shares on the stock exchange, to be able to start investing in this football club, simply follow some simple steps:

Registration on the site

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Firstly, you will need to open a bank account directly on the platform, just access the home page and register on the site, fill in the registration form with your personal data and from here you have one month to confirm the registration of the account activation via e-mail to which a valid identity document must be attached.


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Secondly, you will need to deposit your capital to invest, for a minimum of 200 euros, on the account and decide the preferred payment method, including the most important credit cards, through a bank transfer or you can choose from the most popular and well-known electronic wallets such as PayPal.

Demo mode

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If you are still inexperienced in the sector, you can instead start with the demo mode, thanks to which you can practice, so as not to risk losing your capital.

Live mode

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If you are already an expert in the sector you can go directly to live mode to be able to start your financial adventure with a simple click from your personal area.

Actions AC Milan shares how to view chart

Thanks to the aforementioned platform you will be able to follow the trend of the actions chosen on the financial market through a very simple and easy to understand chart. To start this great adventure, simply click on the markets section and locate the company of interest and select the amount of capital you want to invest.

In all this I recommend never forget to set a financial leverage of your choice, no less important than having to set your own stop loss like setting your own take profit.

These newly named tools will allow us to safeguard the capital that we wanted to invest in these shares. At this point all that remains is to confirm the operation and from which you can start navigating in the waters of finance.

Milan Juventus shares price shares quotes Milan Spa

As previously mentioned, the football club is considering various options for entering the stock exchange. The association says it is willing to sell packages of shares of 1 or 100 shares free of charge, for those who decide to join and subscribe shares from 300 to 1000 euros.

  • For all those who have the desire to become shareholders as the only option they have is to buy AC Milan club titles from small shareholders, with an overall share of 0,07%.
  • The minority shareholder association of the AC Milan football club, Milanisti 1899, which in addition to being a shareholder also holds the editor of Radio Rossonera thus making it the main minority shareholder, decided to sell the shares at a price of 300 euros for a package total of 10 shares.
  • For some it would be the right time to join the Milan club also from an economic point of view. Despite various and interesting initiatives at the moment it is not yet possible to invest in Milanese shares, so we just have to wait for further developments on the front of a possible entry on the stock exchange.
  • Unlike Milan, one of its most renowned rivals, Juventus, another giant among sports clubs, has already been listed on the Italian stock exchange since 2001. To date, the Juventus team is having a positive and strengthening trend, already having behind it a very positive debut.
  • In the field of professional football it is necessary to mature both from a managerial and an investor point of view.

We are confident of a prosperous future for our Rossoneri club and a rosy entry into the world of financial markets.

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Unfortunately, skepticism towards this fund is not lacking, especially due to the various changes to the top, already mentioned previously, which have undermined a glorious club like Milan, but the goal of being listed on the stock exchange remains.

The top management should commit to bringing the company into the wall street atrium, remaining in line with the plans already known by those in charge. In this way the shareholders can get rid of a part of their shares, so that they can monetize what was their initial investment. After analyzing these various aspects, it could be inferred that in reality a possible listing on Milan's wall street could prove to be a success.


In conclusion, all those who fear at the thought of being able to start investing in this great football team have no choice but to wait and hope for a more rational behavior of the leaders of this company and of the investors that will give substance to all the theses reported. and analyzed in the previous paragraphs.

It should not be underestimated that a sports company like Milan should be evaluated on the basis of the financial market business in which it would like to compete. Having said all of this, open eyes because this moment may not be long in coming and you could be the first to dive into this highly anticipated adventure.