Monte dei Paschi di Siena, who doesn't know it? It is the oldest bank in Italy founded in Tuscany during the Renaissance period in 1472.

For centuries, the bank could enjoy an excellent reputation, many believed that it was managed prudently and profitably. Its financial stocks have been around for a very long time and are still traded on the stock exchange today.

Thousands of shareholders have shown considerable interest in the listing of Banca MPS shares, despite the financial scandal that occurred in 2008 and the collapse of the listing on the stock exchange in Piazza Affari.

Would you also like to buy MPS shares? Would you like to follow the example of many shareholders and invest a part of your assets in the oldest bank in Italy?

Well, today I will explain how to do it, we will see together how to move in the world of the stock market and online trading in a simple and totally safe way to buy your much-desired shares without risk.

MPS actions today and MPS actions in real time

The shares of Banca Monte Paschi di Siena are listed on the electronic stock market managed by the Italian stock exchange.

We are all aware of the difficult period MPS has gone through in these years, the bank has in fact risked bankruptcy several times and has been involved in numerous scandals. It managed to stay afloat only thanks to the multiple rescues by the Italian government.

Before the crisis in which the bank found itself involved, the MPS shares were in great demand and a single action could even reach the purchase value of around 9000 euros. With the onset of the financial crisis and the various scandals affecting it, shareholders have seen the value of their investments completely crumble.

Currently its stock has a value of 1.75 euros. To date, after several years, MPS is definitely in better and more favorable conditions that have allowed it to record the first profitable balance sheets to get back on track.

MPS shares what to doBuying MPS shares - Find out how to do it safely and quickly - MPS

It is one of the most profitable investments this year. The bank that operates in the financial services sector has started to review the growth in the value of its share after many years. Before buying MPS shares, there are some details you shouldn't forget to know what you are up against.

Of course, it is important to know the history of this banking institution and not to underestimate the problems it is trying to get out of. Before the serious financial crisis that hit MPS in the past years, the bank's shares were purchased in the traditional way, through one of the bank's various branches.

To date, given the minimum value of its shares, the number of shareholders who have decided to invest in MPS has clearly increased. Many investors, however, have turned to one of the many online trading platforms available on the web to purchase MPS shares and to avoid paying the high commissions provided by the bank for this type of transaction. The most used and known is certainly eToro.

What is eToroBuy MPS shares - Find out how to do it safely and quickly - etoro logo sq

In a world full of platforms dedicated to online trading, many MPS shareholders are defrauded. It is difficult to find your way around and choose the right broker to rely on, but in this case, eToro is the best choice.

It is a broker that carries out its activities under the careful control of CySEC, one of the main financial supervisors. The platform introduced the concept of social trading for the first time and will allow you to invest considering different aspects: equity values, stock market indices and cryptocurrencies.

As mentioned above, this is a regulated broker and therefore 100% safe. Which means that in order to trade with its platform, after registering you will also have to verify your identity within 30 days of registration. This is a fundamental step imposed by law. However, doing it is very simple as we will see in a few lines.

What are the advantages of eToro

Once registered on this online trading platform, we could go into this complex and unpredictable world.

In addition to allowing you to operate in many different markets with a minimum investment of € 200, eToro offers many other numerous advantages to its users, let's see them together:

  • Social Trading. The main feature of eToro, it allows you to face the world of online investments just as if you were in a real social network. You will be allowed to interact with the most skilled traders in the sector and get advice on improving your investments.
  • Copy trading. eToro allows you to copy all the investments made and the strategies of the most famous traders. This section is very useful especially for beginners in the sector.
  • It allows you to use the demo function for free, where you can practice the software and learn the basics of the world of online trading before you start investing your money.
  • There are three different types of commissions on eToro: spread commissions, the price difference between which you can buy and between which you can sell; overnight commissions, additional amounts for those who want to keep their position open beyond the expected market hours; weekend commissions, have the same characteristic as overnight commissions but concern the market closing days.
NOTICE: Although these stocks are not available at the moment, you can invest in many other stocks on eToro.

How to buy stocks on eToro

To start buying shares on eToro you need to follow these steps:

  1. Open an account on the platform

Buy MPS shares - Find out how to do it safely and quickly - etoro login

Registering on the site is very simple, once you enter the home page you can click on "join now" and fill in the registration form with all the personal information requested. It will be necessary and essential to verify your identity within a month of activating your account, by sending your own valid identity document.

  1. Deposit your money.

Buying MPS shares - Find out how to do it safely and quickly - deposit etoro

To trade obviously you will have to invest an amount of your capital, then select the amount to be deposited and choose one of the many accepted payment methods. eToro accepts bank transfers, credit cards from the main circuits and electronic wallets.

  1. Demo mode and live mode.

Buy MPS shares - Find out how to do it safely and quickly - etoro demo 1024x415

Once you have registered, you can choose which mode to use. If you are a beginner and do not know the world of online trading, you will be pleased to improve your skills in a trial account that does not jeopardize your capital. If instead you feel ready or you already know how to move in the sector, then you can safely switch to live mode and with a simple click of the mouse, you can start your adventure on the platform.

How to view the MPS stock chart

Once you have followed the steps to register on the site, you can finally begin to discover the world of online trading and start investing in stocks. You will simply have to access the "markets" section and find your favorite:

  • choose the capital to invest;
  • indicates the direction you want to give to the trade (purchase or sale);
  • establish leverage and set your stop loss and take profit to safeguard the capital you have invested;
  • confirms the operation.

Obviously, you can also carry out these operations in the demo mode in order to improve your skills and try your strategy, before investing your capital.

Technical analysis of MPS shares should be purchased?

To answer this question it is necessary to carry out a technical analysis of the actions of Monte dei Paschi di Siena. We must consider the so-called Beta value, useful for measuring the variability and volatility of the share price.

This tool allows you to understand how much an investment can affect your portfolio. Considering the data of the last 5 years, MPS records a beta value of 1.94. Knowing that values ​​above 1 indicate that the stock price has been subject to market volatility, we can assume that the value of MPS's shares will increase when the market rises and decrease when the market falls.

Currently the value of the MPS stock would seem to be decidedly overvalued with a value of 1.75 euros, therefore it is a rather volatile value. It is easy to make a good investment when buying the securities of a large and solid company at an economic price.

MPS is currently recording a profit which, according to forecasts, should double in the coming years and this will certainly contribute to increasing the value of its shares. In short, who knows if buying a MPS stock package at such a low value now will not allow us to earn on it in a few years, without risking too much money, when maybe his shares will return to the old dawn?


Since the financial crisis hit MSP, the bank's shares have plummeted, dropping more than 70% of their value.

Despite the difficulties faced and thanks to all the efforts made by the government, management and investors, Monte dei Paschi di Siena has managed to get back on track, with an increasingly positive trend in the market.

Anyone wishing to invest their capital in Monte Paschi di Siena, must always keep in mind its objectives and move with extreme caution. Surely with the use and support of platforms like eToro everything will be easier.

In a short time you can learn the secrets of online trading, start earning large sums and you can always keep an eye on the progress of your investments.