It was called Picaboo in its first release in July 2011 with little success and, only with its second launch in September 2011, it took the name of Snapchat and was created by 3 undergraduates of Stanford University, private university of the United States of America .

The 3 students who are friends, Bobby Murphy the programming expert, Evan Spiegel, and Reggie Brown are the creative minds of this project, they created a multimedia application different from the others already existing.

Its strength lies in allowing it to share Stories (they were the first to launch this section, subsequently they were copied from Facebook and Instagram), photos, videos or messages for the sole duration of 24 hours, once these hours have automatically ended the application will erase the message without leaving any trace. One of its main features is that it can only be used via smartphone or tablet and today let's face it who is not in possession of one of these?

Snapchat shares today

You are wondering how and who Snapchat is today and how it earns its revenue. First of all, the application earns 0,15 cents per view per day through the "discover" advertisement, the so-called pop-up in which the advertisement opens and which immediately leads you to the download section of the Snapchat application. His daily earnings estimate is around $ 120,000.

In 2015, it was further updated and geo-filters were inserted, guess what was the first company to contact Snapchat to be included in its program? Obviously the famous sandwich multinational Mc Donald's.

Subsequently, other major companies also followed in the footsteps of Mc Donald, until the day when the 20th Century Fox decided to create a range of geo-filters inspired by X-Men: Apocalipse, in which Snapchat paid daily.

These days Snapchat is riding the wave in this stock market, precisely because smartphones are increasingly present in our daily lives and consequently being a fun and accessible application for all, more and more users are downloading exceeding over 180 million users.

How to buy Snapchat shares

How can we buy Snapchat shares? Will be difficult? Above all, will it be safe to buy them? These are the classic questions, among other things legitimate, that are asked by all the people who want to start investing in the financial world.

There are two ways to buy and invest in financial stocks, the classic and old method by going to a bank or a completely innovative way that will give you the freedom to manage your capital directly from your home or in the place where you are in full freedom and security, this new method is called brokers online let's analyze them in detail:

  • The banks: talking to a financial advisor in person will always give you extra security but will it be reliable? Can we believe what he advises us or will he simply do the interests of another? Not to mention the interest rates, which apply at our expense, without doing anything other than to manage the practice can be unfavorable for our final earnings.
  • Online Broker: they are nothing more than simple multimedia platforms, which can be managed comfortably from your home in complete freedom, which give you the opportunity to invest in listed companies. The name of one of these online trading platforms is eToro.

What is eToro

Founded in 2007 in the city of Tel Aviv in Israel eToro is a multinational brokerage, multi asset and social trading company. It is a huge success in the field of financial investments, until it has become the leading company in this sector, in fact to date it has almost 10 million active accounts scattered in 140 countries across the globe.

One of its strengths lies in making easy what may seem complicated, often following the trend of the world stock market is not a breeze, especially for those who are beginners, but with the eToro application you can invest in Snapchat shares in complete safety as it is regulated by companies such as the FCA and CySec worldwide giants for privacy and security.

Since 2010 eToro has been updated and in addition to being able to download the app directly to your smartphone, in order to manage and control your investments from the comfort of your home, it gives you the possibility with the function copy trading to ask for help, advice and even follow the best traders step-by-step by copying their share movements, and Social trading is essentially the possibility of being able to interact with them, asking for advice on the progress of the shares or simply an exchange of opinions to understand if you are on the right path or not.

The advantages of using eToro

Now let's move on to why choose this online trading platform rather than others, with this short description you will surely be encouraged to explore it and get to know it better.

  • Safety, as it has been equipped with world-renowned security protocols, precisely to safeguard all users who are part of it;
  • Copy trading, a function that allows those who are not experts to copy the most experienced traders into the real word, to give you an example you have noticed a trader with experience in this sector as you see that his profits increase, just one click to be able to perform the its own movements without any effort;
  • economic, as it allows you to start your experience with a small contribution of 200 €;
  • Easy platform, that is, a simple platform with an intuitive interface and takes advantage of the primacy as it uses simple and clear graphics;
  • Social trading, i.e. a platform that also allows you to interact with other traders, you have a doubt you are not convinced about the company you have chosen or you do not know which to choose just write it in the social part and you will immediately receive many responses, so it can be used as any social platform.

Purchase Snapchat shares on eToro

Now let's see how to buy Snapchat shares on eToro:

Open an Account

Buying Snapchat Shares - What is the best platform to do this? - etoro login

It is very simple, you have to enter the eToro web page and click on the "Register now" item, then a page will load where you will have to enter your personal data, now you will wonder how they can be sure that the person is real or not? Well simple, eToro for a month to send a valid document to prove the veracity of the account.

Payment of capital

Buying Snapchat Shares - What is the best platform to do this? - deposit etoro

To start this online trading path you will need a liquidity in your account, and here too eToro tries to simplify our life, just enter your personal area and choose how much to pay into it and through a credit card, bank transfer or PayPal you can quietly perform this payment, which then remember eToro is one of the very few platforms that will make you start with a small deposit of 200 € and without commissions.

The demo version

Buying Snapchat Shares - What is the best platform to do this? - etoro demo 1024x415

Not an expert? You don't know how to move? Here is the right solution for you, this demo is free and you can start practicing in the world of online trading without the risk of losing real money, this can be very useful to start understanding the strategies and how to move within the platform, or even just to ask advice from more experienced traders.

Live version

Buying Snapchat Shares - What is the best platform to do this? - etoro general 1024x484

We have come to the real world of online trading, this is the version where we will go to the real estate market. This is the section where with a simple click you will start buying real financial shares.

How to view Snapchat stock chart and invest on eToro

Now let's learn more about how to view the performance of a particular company through the eToro platform. Now that you have created your account on eToro you can start your adventure in the world of online trading, log in to your personal area and look for Snapchat or even using its acronym for SNAP.

You will directly access the official page through the online trading portal, in this screen you will see the graphs that show you the progress of the company both in real time and its historical financial trend, making you do the complete picture of the station and make you decide or less whether to invest in this company or not.

How to create an account with Libertex

To exchange Snapchat shares you can also use the Libertex broker platform. This company has been online for many years and can count on millions of members worldwide. Its main feature lies in a platform that is simple to use and suitable for both beginners and professional traders.

If you want to start using this platform, all you have to do is follow the steps below:

  1. Register on the broker page and open a free account in minutes. After registration, verify your identity by sending a copy of an identification document.Buying Snapchat Shares - What is the best platform to do this? - Libertex Create a 1024x530 account
  2. Finance your account by making a deposit with one of the many payment methods accepted by Libertex such as credit cards or bank transfers.Buying Snapchat Shares - What is the best platform to do this? - Libertex Deposito 1024x490
  3. At this point you just have to start trading with Libertex's easy-to-use platform.Buying Snapchat Shares - What is the best platform to do this? - Libertex trading 1024x568

If you want to monitor your positions even while on the move, you can do so by accessing the broker's web page via a mobile browser. The page is perfectly optimized for portable devices such as tablets and smartphones and you will not have to download any application to open and close exchanges.

Snapchat stock forecast and what is the cost of the shares

In March 2017 Snapchat made a striking entry into the Wall Street stock exchange, its shares on that day were sold at $ 27 each. Snapchat's shares are now worth $ 19,25 each, slightly down on the previous days, but this is the beauty of the stock market, which in a matter of hours can change the situation by distorting the results.

Of course we are talking about an application that registers 300 million monthly active users, this makes us understand that it is an application that is making its way among the largest social network companies.

Talking about a forecast for the future remains difficult precisely because it has not entered this market for many years, however one thing is certain as long as smartphones will be part of our lives, Snapchat states will always be updated.

Buy Snapchat shares reviews

Most of the users who use Snapchat are mostly teenagers or in any case young people under the age of 20, for this reason the application interface has cheerful themes which makes it fun and creates links between users.

As a social network suitable for all ages, Snapchat is committed to making sure that users who use it at that precise moment will also be inclined to use it in the near future.

In fact, a 35% increase in users is expected in a couple of years. With this preamble it is understood that Snapchat has many surprises in store for us, for this reason it is one of the most appreciated and requested companies by investors who continue to believe in her and promote her as the investment of the future.


The conclusion of this description that I made of Snapchat surely makes you understand that it is a company in full development, its shares rise and fall according to the day like all listed companies, but one thing is certain who invests in Snapchat will invest in an ambitious company that aims to double its users and grow more and more.

Snapchat is a source of income and many investors have decided to combine it with more solid investments in case something does not go according to plan however, the world of online trading is constantly moving and if we wanted to try it we could always rely on eToro using the its functions to probe the ground and start investing in this company by growing our profits.