Founded in 1983 by Nerio Alessandri, Technogym is the Italian company that best represents every entrepreneur's dream.

At the beginning of the 80s the technological machinery that we have available today in all gyms did not yet exist, athletes could barely use a simple bench and some dumbbells.

The founder of Technogym, sensed that the sport practiced in the gym would spread more and more to become one of the most practiced hobbies. So he decided to create this company that, over the years, has completely transformed the concept of the gym.

Technogym is in fact specialized in the design and production of fitness equipment for individuals, companies, hotels, fitness centers and medical offices. Among the most famous tools we certainly cannot forget the treadmill and the exercise bike.

Technogym shares today

Technogym, is the company that has completely revolutionized the world of made-in-Italy fitness and was listed on the stock exchange in Piazza Affari for the first time only in 2016.

Today Technogym has more than 2000 employees all over the world and can boast a truly enormous turnover that mainly involves Europe, but also North America, Africa and the Middle East.

Over the years it has worked hard to keep its turnover high and has managed to win the title of industry leader by beating even the most fierce competitors. Today it collaborates with the most prestigious Italian (Juventus, Inter, Milan and the Italian National Football Team) and foreign football clubs (Chelsea and Paris Saint Germain), and is also the official supplier of the World Olympics.

If you too are thinking of including this made in Italy company in your equity portfolio, continue reading our article and we will analyze together all the results obtained and the information relating to the stock market in which it operates.

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How to buy Technogym shares

Anyone who chooses to buy Technogym shares can use several methods to start investing in this company. The most common method is undoubtedly to rely on your trusted banking institution, but this solution also has numerous advantages that could affect your investment.

The bank has limited stocks and this could affect your investment choices, the account management fees you will have to open and the required commission costs are very high and also, it does not allow you to buy or sell the stocks in quickly making you miss out on numerous opportunities.

Thanks to the development of the internet and new technologies, investors can now take advantage of an alternative solution to buy Technogym shares.

Online trading platforms allow you to move in the world of the financial market easily and make your investments in complete safety. There are many sponsored platforms online but, without a doubt, the most appreciated by investors remains Libertex.

The advantages of using Libertex to buy Technogym shares

Libertex is the most popular online trading broker platform in recent years. Born in 2007, it quickly spread among investors and today boasts around 10 million users. Libertex offers its investors many tools that allow them to easily navigate the complex world of the stock market and constantly monitor their stock portfolio. Let's see together what the advantages offered by this portal are:

  • Simple and clear interface that will help even less experienced users to enter this unpredictable financial world.
  • It does not include any type of commission to trade Technogym shares in real time.
  • A minimum investment of only 200 euros is required.
  • It allows direct access to the market which will allow you to directly buy the shares that interest you most without having to go through complex stock contracts.
  • Thanks to the Social Trading and Copy trading functions you will be able to interact with the most experienced traders in the sector to receive advice, imitate their stock portfolio and identify the financial strategy that best suits you.

All these features are highly appreciated by the numerous investors who rely on Libertex for trading every day. The platform is highly recommended both for those who wish to trade on a short basis and for those who prefer to hold their shares for a longer period of time.


Technogym shares chart and buy shares on Libertex

After following our little Libertex guide, you are ready to make your first investment. Once logged in you will have to write the word Technogym in the search bar and press enter.

This will open the home page of the company where you can consult the statistics, the graphs and you can monitor the progress of your investment.

From here you will only have to decide the amount to invest in Technogym shares and set the financial leverage you wish to use. To protect the money you decide to invest, we remind you that it is essential but not mandatory to set the stop loss and take profit values.

Technogym shares trend and Technogym shares technical analysis

If we take into consideration all the data and details that monitor the trend of Technogym shares in recent years, with the support of expert consultants we can carry out a small technical analysis. This will allow us to understand if it is a good or a bad investment.

Initially, the company was not very successful among Italian stock exchange investors. The price of a single Technogym share remained around 4 euros until the spring of 2017. From here began a sudden growth for the shares of the company which saw the value of every single share rise.

In fact, the value of the shares exceeded 8 euros in 2018, 10 euros in 2019 and then stabilized around 11 euros during this year. Furthermore, 2018 proved to be an important year for Technogym's increase in revenues and operating margins.

Its turnover increased from 587 to 650 million euros, revenues increased by 15% in Italy, by 10% in the rest of Europe, by 17% in North America and by 16% in Asia and the Middle Orient.

It pays to invest in Technogym shares

When choosing to invest in a company, you must try to know it deeply, analyze its financial path and take into consideration the sector in which it operates. To answer this question therefore, we must examine what are the strengths of Technogym. Let's see them together:

  • Important partnerships. Fundamental since they allow the company to ensure visibility and lay the foundations for solid alliances also in the future.
  • Consumer satisfaction. It is the main objective of the company, with its foresight it has always tried to identify and satisfy the requests and needs of its customers.
  • Latest generation software and tools. These are the main features that distinguish the machines supplied by this made in Italy company. These tools allow you to develop completely innovative equipment to provide excellent service to its users.

Technogym, over the years, has worked hard to become a leader in the fitness and leisure sector. Nevertheless, it still faces numerous competing companies.

The main ones include Life Fitness and Precor, US companies both specialized in the production and distribution of sports equipment.

Taking into consideration these details and the data on the performance of its shares on the stock exchange, we can say that the company will still see a period of calm and stable growth for a long time, which therefore make the risk of the share rather low.


We have seen who Technogym is, in which sector it operates and what position it occupies in the world leisure market. After careful analysis we can say that it is currently a solid company in constant growth.

Its future will completely depend on the acquisitions it will conclude over the years and on the partnerships it will be able to enter into on the world market. When it comes to investing your capital, you must always be very careful and move with caution.

Using reliable online trading platforms will be very useful to you. You will be able in a short time to understand how to orient yourself in the world of the financial market and thanks to the tools available you will be able to increase your profits.