Tencent is the largest social media and gaming company in the world. Most likely it may not be so well known in the West, but in China and in other parts of the world it is among the most popular telecommunications companies that are currently on the market and it is therefore normal that there is a considerable interest in Tencent shares.

The company has been listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange since 2004 and in case you want to be interested in the trend of Tencent shares and are seriously thinking about buying them, we would like to do everything possible to help you in this operation that could make you earn a lot of money too, making good investments.

We will help you understand how to buy Tencent shares, evaluate over time what their actual value is, consult all the most authoritative sources so as not to risk seeing the capital you have decided to invest quickly disappear and, indeed, make sure that you can enjoy all the profits that a prudent investment in Tencent shares should bring. We recommend once again not to improvise and to maintain a rather detached profile and capable of being able to analyze in depth all the situations of the case.

What strategy to follow to buy Tencent shares

Now that your interest in Tencent stocks has grown stronger, you will of course need to know what are the most effective ways to buy Tencent shares in the most convenient way possible.

Trading, in fact, means knowing how to move within a market in order to buy or sell a certain security independently and therefore enjoy, in the event that there are actually profits, completely, without having to share anything with other people .

However, if you are a beginner, you may of course encounter difficulties with regards to the actual market approach. If in order to buy Tencent shares you feel more comfortable contacting a professional in the sector, it would still be good that you know that a percentage, regardless of whether you earn or not, will be given to the aforementioned professional.

In case you feel quite confident and want to take the first steps in total autonomy within the stock market, you can safely rely on an online trading platform, reliable and serious and that will still be able to give you valuable advice regarding the various movements that you may intend to make, including of course, buying Tencent shares. The platform that we want to advise you at all costs is eToro.

The technical analysis of Tencent actions

If you want to know a little more about Tencent shares you will need reliable, serious tools capable of keeping you updated in real time on all the variations of the share in question.

The technical analysis of the Tencent shares is fundamental, to move correctly within the Italian stock exchange and understand when the most appropriate time to buy the security has come, or if instead it is appropriate to try to sell the Tencent shares. The more detailed the technical analysis of Tencent shares will be, the better your chances of making a profit through targeted and successful trading.

How can we be able to evaluate the performance of Tencent shares

For all people who intend to evaluate the trend of Tencent shares and therefore try to obtain the greatest possible profit in a given period of time, it should be possible to observe the trend of Tencent shares, calculating and trying to predict when the the right time to buy the stock and when it will be the case to decide to sell the Tencent shares.

The factors that determine the trend of Tencent shares are manifold and can concern market trends, that is when the shareholders for fear of possible changes or collapses in the stock all decide to sell together, or when instead there is an air of dividends and therefore being in possession of a certain number of Tencent shares may actually be somewhat palatable.

Even the news from the different countries of the world must be taken seriously, since, then internal there could be a certain event that, willingly or unwillingly, would end up affecting the value of Tencent shares.

Here's how to buy Tencent shares with eToro

For those who at this point are really willing to buy Tencent shares, they could easily turn to a reliable online trading platform and choose the one that has stood out particularly in recent years: eToro.

This trading platform is one of the most chosen because it ensures its users an easy functionality but that protects from all the dangers that can lurk on the net. If you are going to buy Tencent shares, this is certainly one of the best ways and it will allow you to approach the stock market in a more than satisfactory way.

The registration phase to the platform is really very simple and we want to give you an additional hand, suggesting which steps you will have to perform, in order to take full advantage of all the features that eToro will make available to you.

1. Opening a new account

Buying Tencent shares - Information to acquire before buying Tencent shares - etoro login

To be able to register in all respects on the eToro trading platform you will have to use your real and updated data. After you open the account, there will be absolutely no need to confirm this data, within 30 days at the latest.

Of course, documents that you provide to verify your identity will need to be updated.

2. Deposit of own capital

Buying Tencent shares - Information to be acquired before purchasing Tencent shares - deposit etoro

If you want to use eToro to its full potential, or with real money, you will also need to make a minimum deposit of 200 euros. Afterwards it will also of course be possible to add, through the various payment methods appreciated by most users, such as credit cards, bank transfers or other possible alternatives, the amount you like most.

3. Demo mode

Buying Tencent shares - Information to be acquired before buying Tencent shares - etoro demo 1024x415

The demo mode is certainly very appreciated, especially for the fact that it will make you used to eToro without the actual need to use real money. You can then try to buy Tencent shares without spending your money. Once you have made your assessments and taken all the risks of the trade, you can easily switch to the version that uses real money and start earning real money.

4. Live mode

Buying Tencent shares - Information to acquire before buying Tencent shares - etoro tencent

When you are sure that you understand all the features that the eToro online trading platform offers you and you are ready to buy Tencent shares, do it safely, wherever you are.

Alternatively, you can also use the platform for social trading, which through the copytrading functionality, allows you to copy the actions of a trader of your choice, also replicating his results as a professional. An excellent way to take your first steps, risking as little as possible.

For example, you can decide to buy Tencent shares from the hotel room of a foreign city, from the meeting room of your company and of course also from the comfortable sofa of your home.

How to create an account with Libertex

Libertex is an equally popular online broker, which helps beginners to approach the world of online trading with a safe and easy-to-use platform. Despite this, the many features and tools offered, make it ideal for even the most experienced traders.

You can start using the trading platform offered by Libertex by simply following these 3 simple steps:

  1. Log in to the Libertex website and create a new account by completing the registration form which you can access from the homepage.Buying Tencent shares - Information to be acquired before buying Tencent shares - Libertex Create an account 1024x530
  2. Through your preferred payment method, you can start depositing your trading capital. You can use credit cards and bank transfers.Buying Tencent shares - Information to be acquired before buying Tencent - Libertex Deposito 1024x490 shares
  3. After verifying your identity by sending a copy of an identification document, you can start trading like a real Pro.Buying Tencent shares - Information to be acquired before buying Tencent shares - Libertex trading 1024x568

If you want to monitor your operations even while on the move, then you can do it on iOS and Android mobile devices. You will not have to download any application, but simply access the website via a mobile browser.

The importance of the Tencent action forum

Following the progress of Tencent actions on the forum is vital. A safe place to exchange more than interesting opinions, make assessments regarding the various market days, venture forecasts together with more competent colleagues and many other things.

Always remember that the exchange of information is the basis of knowledge. Without valuable advice, from a more experienced and capable colleague, even in this field you risk not going anywhere.

The Tencent action forum is therefore a temple of information, in which you can safely take the first steps towards what could really be a very bright future, from an economic point of view.

The wait to see the value of your Tencent shares grow

Patience is the virtue of the strong and if you also want to become part of this category, you will have to have a lot. There will be moments during which you will not be able to do much and you will seem helpless in the face of the great movement that the market is capable of generating.

However, you will have to be ready at crucial moments and it is only through observation, commitment and study that you will be able to understand what the cost of Tencent shares is more advantageous in a given period of time. If Tencent shares seem out of your reach today, tomorrow may be exactly the right day to attempt your very own climb to success!


Finally, we want to remind you that the stock market is a very complex organism, capable of swallowing even the most skilled sellers. Precisely for this reason you will have to try to always find yourself in the right place at the right time, be prepared to face any challenge regarding Tencent shares and other securities that arouse a certain interest in you.

Make sure you can always perform analyzes of Tencent actions that are reliable and recognized by the most expert. Don't try your luck, when knowledge can really do much more. Take advantage of all the IT tools at your disposal, consult the Tencent stock forums and, proceed step-by-step towards the best online trading platform out there.

eToro will really help you a lot, especially if you are a novice. The experience that you can, even using only virtual money, will help you grow and prepare you in the best way for when you decide to take the big step and use real money.