Uber, created in March 2009 by Garett Camp, is a company that operates in 77 countries of the world and in more than 616 cities appeared for the globe. Based in San Francisco, it provides an automotive transport service through a mobile application, able to directly connect drivers and passengers, who use the service and can track the position of the booked car in real time.

In 2010 the company was finally launched in San Francisco and from there began continuous growth exponential growth. In a short time the company reaches the major cities of the United States up to Europe.

In 2011 the company is valued at 60 million dollars and only the following year the company launches UberX on the market, starting to offer less luxury machines with a 35% lower cost. Numerous lenders like Google Ventures who choose to invest their capital in the company.

In a very short time, the company managed to extend its market to Asia where it is still confirmed as one of the most used applications by consumers. Are you interested in buying Uber shares and thus entering the world of the stock market? Follow our guide and we'll reveal every aspect of this great company.

Uber shares today

In May 2019 the Uber group was partially introduced on the stock exchange with a total capitalization of 82 billion dollars, thus proving to be one of the ten largest and most appreciated companies on the Wall Street stock exchange in the United States; With an initial investment of $ 250, it earns $ 000 million in a single year and places 1,25 million shares on the market for $ 180 each.

These investments allow the company to raise $ 8,1 billion. Over the years, Uber has made excellent profits for all investors who have believed in this brand from the beginning but, over the past few months, has failed to close positively, also recording losses of up to 9 billion dollars, despite its records see a 42% increase in revenue.

To date, the company is keen to reassure investors by specifying that it will take care of diversifying its activities into multiple sectors, such as the self-driving car or the much-loved home delivery of food. Despite the ups and downs of the financial market, Uber is one of the companies that could certainly redefine the future of transport, has the capitals and the technological skills necessary to achieve this goal, also it would seem to be highly appreciated by investors around the world.

How to buy Uber shares

Buying Uber shares is very simple, you can choose to proceed with the purchase both through the numerous banks in the area and by contacting an online trading broker. We evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of the two options together.

Buying through banks is very easy, just go to the counter and rely on the dedicated trading consultant, who will show you the stock package that suits you best. Although it is thought to be the safest and most effective way, there are three important disadvantages:

  • Higher commissions, between 15-35 euros plus bank account management fees, taxes and stamp duty on the banking product
  • Longer times to give away your investments
  • The practice could be entrusted to a consultant who will have little time to support you in case of doubts and this is an aspect not to be underestimated, especially if you approach the world of trading for the first time.

In the second option, choosing the right broker is crucial for the success of trading activities, but it has proved to be the most advantageous and innovative method.

These platforms allow its customers to purchase contracts in complete safety because they are monitored and regulated by CySEC. The best platform that we absolutely recommend to anyone who wants to invest their savings is definitely eToro.


eToro is the leading broker platform in the world of social trading and enjoys the trust of millions of users. It offers a wide range of financial assets for investment. Founded in 2007, over the years it has been confirmed as one of the best platforms that investors can no longer enjoy.

It allows you to sell and buy shares, including those of Uber, stay constantly updated through simple and intuitive graphs, and carefully monitor the progress of the shares purchased. Moving in the complex world of the stock market has never been easier, cheaper and safer.

The advantages of using eToro

The platform offers numerous advantages to its users and with its simple and intuitive interface it is suitable for both expert investors and beginners in the sector. This online broker allows you to operate in numerous financial markets around the world with a minimum investment of only 200 euros. Furthermore, it is the first online trading platform to use a new type of approach: social trading.

Through this method, users will be able to interact with the most experienced traders in the sector, receive useful advice to implement and identify the financial strategy that best suits their needs. For all inexperienced users who approach this world for the first time, a free demo version is available to practice on the portal and, using the copy trading function, they will be able to reproduce the most profitable investments already made by more experienced traders .

How to buy Uber shares on eToro

Buying Uber shares on eToro is really very simple, just follow a few steps to become one of the many investors:


Buying Uber shares - With which platform to invest in the San Francisco giant - etoro login

First you need to open an account on the platform. Simply register on the site by accessing the homepage. You must fill in the registration form with your personal data. Once finished, you will have one month to confirm your identity by sending an e-mail sent to the indicated address and attaching a valid identity document.

To deposit

Buying Uber shares - With which platform to invest in the San Francisco giant - deposit etoro

The capital must be deposited on the platform account, choosing the amount to be invested (with a minimum of 200 euros provided) and selecting the payment method you prefer. You can choose to use the main credit cards, make a bank transfer or an electronic wallet such as Pay Pal.


Buying Uber shares - With which platform to invest in the San Francisco giant - etoro demo 1024x415

Once these steps are complete, you can start investing in eToro. Less experienced users will be able to take advantage of the use of a demo version that will allow them to learn how to manage their investments and to use the platform. As for the more experienced and reckless users, they will be able to launch themselves into the stock world with a simple click and access live mode.

How to view Uber stock chart and invest on eToro

Once registration is complete, you can start your adventure in the world of the financial market by choosing to invest in Uber shares. To start investing your capital, all you have to do is access the "markets" section, click on "shares" and then locate Uber in the portal.

By clicking on the company name, you can access its dedicated eToro homepage on the online trading portal, you can view the numerous statistics that are published daily, sell or buy CFDs, and you can control and monitor through a simple graph, the constant trend of the company shares. Fundamental when investing, it is always to fix your stop loss and your take profit so as to safeguard the funds you decide to use.

How to create an account with Libertex

Libertex is a popular broker just like eToro and at the same time, it presents a platform for trading that is easy to use and therefore also suitable for beginners. Despite this, it is also highly appreciated by professionals who can exchange assets with many different features.

To start using Libertex's secure and regulated platform, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Register on the Libertex website and verify your identity within 30 days of registering to withdraw your profits.Buying Uber shares - With which platform to invest in the San Francisco giant - Libertex Create a 1024x530 account
  2. Deposit your trading capital using credit cards, bank transfers or other payment methods accepted by the broker.Buying Uber shares - With which platform to invest in the San Francisco giant - Libertex Deposito 1024x490
  3. Now you just have to start trading like a real Pro on the user friendly platform of Libertex.Buying Uber shares - With which platform to invest in the San Francisco giant - Libertex trading 1024x568

The broker's website is also perfectly optimized for mobile devices. So you will be able to monitor your operations even while on the move, on smartphones and on iOS and Android tablets.

Uber shares forecast and what is the cost of Uber shares

With constant and extraordinary growth, Uber is confirmed as one of the most promising companies in the sector, however, the one that most impresses the company's investors and competitors is undoubtedly its innovation.

It is interesting to note that although it is still in the early stages of conquest, the company has already come a long way in the sector and to date, it can estimate 12 trillion in freight forwarding, private mobility and food deliveries in the world of delivery. The company has already been able to obtain important financing, despite not having yet recorded significant profits.

This is therefore classified as one of the most overwhelming companies in the world today in particular if we stop to look at the big picture, we can envision a great future in the financial world for this technology giant.

Presented with an IPO of 8,1 billion dollars, a valuation of 82 billion and 1,7 billion shares, the quote was able to reach its maximum peak exceeding the 46 euro threshold. In recent months, like several companies, it has been characterized by a period of negative value, in fact the security has been exchanged for only 26,79 euros.

Despite a fluctuating trend, it remains a solid and well-managed company that engages large capitals in the research and development of new technological services, maintaining a varied clientele.

Buy Uber shares reviews

To date, the company is making itself wait with regard to the promises made to the world of the international market. Certainly the various disputes concerning the license to operate in the sector, some unclear behaviors of the drivers and an increase in competition have negatively affected its performance and helping to bring down Uber's actions.

Despite this, analysts, monitoring the company's performance, estimate that it is still one of the best financial investments this year. In fact, as previously described, with the diversification of its activities, Uber is determined to achieve the goal of becoming the undisputed leader in the world of transport.

Even if he still recorded a level of low profits, his turnover remains very interesting and it is precisely this trump card that would allow him to completely redefine the sector in which he operates. This goal that the company has set itself from the beginning, means that its future can be flourishing and promising.


We can certainly say that Uber is one of the most thriving companies on the stock market. Its technology, the choice to diversify its work into several activities and the investments it makes in research and development, are the winning recipe that makes its future extremely encouraging.

Given the presence of so much potential, we all look forward to the stabilization of your stock at the levels it really deserves. Therefore, if you trust this new investment on the global financial market and you rely on one of the best online trading platforms such as eToro, you can surely earn significant amounts by safely managing to maximize your profits.