Buying Cryptocurrency earns you 50 dollars

This morning's news, the popular app has launched a new affiliate program called BG50. He therefore decided to discontinue all existing programs and for new affiliates a $ 50 bonus for both those who share and those who use the promotional code.

Buying Cryptocurrency earns you 50 dollars - bg50

How to get 50 dollars by buying cryptocurrencies

50 dollars are granted in MCO both for those who share their promotional code and for those who use it to register for the app accessible from Android and Apple.


Updated procedure

  1. Download app:   app for apple app for android 
  2. enter the code v8tqhz5494
  3. Pass the KYC
  4. Buy 50 MCO (see listing on MCO) and block them with stakes
  5. You will have 50 dollars in MCO  

Who is MCO and

We are very much waiting to not advertise scams or similar things, has been on the market for several years presenting aapp for cryptocurrencies increasingly evolved, first with MCO, BNB, ETH, BTC, LTC, and then listing more and more coins, becoming now a portal with over 20 coins.

It is possible to buy both by Sepa bank transfer and by credit card, very intuitive, fast and with constantly updated prices.

But not only that, it has implemented a service of earning and staking to allow investors to earn annual percentages on their frozen cryptocurrency assets for 3-6 months.

Very interesting is the credit card which not only offers interesting cashback but also free subscriptions to Netflix and Spotify based on the type of card you have.


So far it has never disappointed us, indeed, in 6 months the MCO value has doubled and in the meantime they have also released CRO as a reward for the MCOs held, it is presented as one of the 3 solutions to obtain a credit card together with Wirex e Coinbase card