Cristián Sánchez is a very popular Chilean TV host in his homeland. Son of art, since mum and dad were also journalists. He was born in Concepción, since at that time his father, Jaime Sánchez Arriagada, was the editor of the Crónica newspaper. He studied at the Colegio del Verbo Divino de Santiago. Then he studied journalism at Gabriela Mistral University.

He started his career as a Mega Journalist in 1997. While as a presenter he started with Open Screen. Between 2004 and 2005 he conducted Viva la Mañana in the morning with Karla Constant.

In 2016 he landed on Televisión Nacional de Chile, where he currently leads Muy buenos dias together with María Luisa Godoy. In December 2019, he submitted his resignation on national television.

Lately, there is nothing but talk about the fact that he gave up his contract, because he discovered the possibility of earning a lot more money with automated trading systems such as Bitcoin Revolution, Bitcoin Lifestyle and Bitcoin Code. But will it be true? Here's what we found out!

Cristián Sánchez and Bitcoin - Trend on the rise

Cristián Sánchez is one of the most beloved Chilean hosts of recent times and his resignation on national TV has caused a sensation at home. Nobody expected this to happen like this at any moment and therefore many have wondered what happened.

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Some rumors link it to automated cryptocurrency trading systems, but in reality during our investigation, we found no evidence to support this correlation.

What are these automatic trading systems and how are they connected to Cristián Sánchez? First of all, let's try to understand what it is. Cryptocurrency automated trading software is used to make a profit by speculating on the price of bitcoin and other digital currencies. Some guarantee excellent performance with success rates of over 90%.

These software are safe and reliable, and also very profitable, but they do not completely exclude the risks associated with online trading. We recommend that you take the right precautions when thinking about trading with these robots. Are you curious to know more? Here's what it is.

Bitcoin Revolution

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Bitcoin Revolution is an automatic trading software born in 2012. This software is able to transform a minimum deposit of $ 250 into a daily profit of $ 100. The ROI therefore corresponds to about 25%, a very high figure! But is Bitcoin Revolution reliable?

We have personally tested the platform and read a lot of feedback online. At least 95% of the people who have tried it say they are satisfied with the results they have managed to obtain. If you'd like to know more, you can read our Bitcoin Revolution review here.

Does Cristián Sánchez use Bitcoin Revolution?

No. Cristián Sánchez does not use this software, nor has he ever said he intends to do so, at least not publicly. These rumors are being promoted by gossip sites, which cannot be trusted.

We have not found authoritative sources to support this news, which we therefore believe to be false. This is not the first time that such sites have created clickbait titles to attract some traffic to their platforms.

Cristián Sánchez and Bitcoin Revolution are two keywords that are very popular in South America. Gossip sites are taking advantage of this opportunity to improve their rankings in search engines like Google.

How to start trading with Bitcoin Revolution

It only takes a few minutes and a few clicks to start earning with Bitcoin Revolution. From the registration phase to the actual trading phase, no more than 30 minutes pass. Here's how to proceed:

  • Create a free account via the Bitcoin Revolution website
  • Make a deposit of at least $ 250 by choosing a regulated broker
  • Start the auto trading mode by clicking on the Live button

Attention, although Bitcoin Revolution is a safe and reliable platform, nothing and nobody can eliminate the risk of losing everything in online trading. So, invest only money that you can lose.

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Bitcoin Lifestyle

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Bitcoin Lifestyle is just like Bitcoin Revolution. This is yet another automated trading platform that trades with high-risk strategies. By analyzing the feedback of users who have already tested it, we find that it is reliable and profitable.

Nine out of ten users say they have been able to make a daily net gain of $ 150 starting with a minimum investment of $ 250. Bitcoin Lifestyle uses effective trading strategies, such as short selling to make money when markets are rising and falling. You can learn more about this popular robot and how it works by reading our Bitcoin Lifestyle review.

Does Cristián Sánchez recommend using Bitcoin Lifestyle?

Due to the rumors spread by online gossip sites, the words “Cristián Sánchez Bitcoin Lifestyle” have been highly sought after on Google in recent months. But these are just rumors spread by fake news sites that want nothing more than a few more clicks. These sites fake celebrity names and viral keywords to create click-catching headlines and improve their search engine rankings.

Cristián Sánchez and Bitcoin Lifestyle are two different but very popular keywords currently in South America. However, they do not have any correlation and therefore anyone who associates the two terms, does so in a fraudulent way and what is said in these articles should not be taken seriously.

How to trade with Bitcoin Lifestyle

To start trading with Bitcoin Lifestyle, you need to go through the complete procedure. If you have never registered on a trading platform, please follow this step-by-step guide:

  • Open an account on the Bitcoin Lifestyle homepage for free
  • Deposit a minimum trading capital of $ 250 with a regulated broker
  • Click the Live button to start trading online and earn passive income

Warning: Bitcoin Lifestyle is not infallible and for this reason, we recommend never risking more than 10% of your capital on each operation. With this advice, you will never find yourself with the account zeroed.

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Bitcoin Code

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Bitcoin Code it is one of the oldest trading robots in the category, but it is still very good and appreciated by many traders. The robot claims to be able to generate a daily profit of around $ 1000, although this depends on how much deposits and market conditions, among other things.

Bitcoin Code It is a scam? If he had, he wouldn't still be here today. It has been years since it was launched on the market and today it enjoys an excellent reputation online. The feedback from users who have already tried it is very positive and we have also reviewed it Bitcoin Code in depth some time ago. Read our review to find out more about Bitcoin Code and how to earn passive income without risking your capital.

Cristián Sánchez recommends the use of Bitcoin Code?

Cristián Sánchez probably doesn't even know what an automated trading platform is. During our investigations we have not found any evidence to support this theory and therefore, we can say that Cristián Sánchez has never recommended the use of Bitcoin Code.

As mentioned earlier however, that doesn't mean that Bitcoin Code is not reliable, indeed. It's just that these highly sought-after keywords are put together by fake news sites to attract traffic to their web address. This means that everything you have read in this fake news is false. Don't invest by following non-authoritative advice, but stick to true reviews only.

How to start trading with Bitcoin Code

It only takes a few minutes to start trading with Bitcoin Code. The software is still free for the moment, but rumors of a change to a monthly subscription are becoming more and more insistent. Take advantage of this offer while you still have time.

  • Access the web page of Bitcoin Code and fill out the free registration form
  • Deposit a minimum capital of $ 250 using a regulated broker
  • Click on the Live button and let the robot perform operations for at least eight hours a day

Even in this case, massive losses are not excluded and therefore we recommend going there with lead feet. Invest only what you can afford to lose!

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Cristián Sánchez and Bitcoin: our conclusions

The sites that combine the name of Cristián Sánchez with keywords such as Bitcoin Code and others, they are mainly famous for generating fake news. This means that you must stay away from it and rely only on authoritative sources. Gossip sites want nothing more than to grab a few clicks to improve their search engine rankings.

It is not the first time that this type of news has gone viral and platforms like Bitcoin Revolution and Bitcoin Lifestyle are being used for fraudulent marketing.

Any information written on these trading systems is likely to be distorted. The trading software mentioned in this article, are reliable and safe, but have no relationship with the Chilean conductor.

Cristián Sánchez has no connection with these sites and he himself has never mentioned any trading system. To find out more, you can read our reviews and find out which platform best suits your needs!