Crypto Revolution is a trading software developed to trade cryptocurrencies based on the trends emitted by the digital coin market signals.Is Crypto Revolution a SCAM? 🥇 | Read Before You Begin - crypto revolution 1

As there is a lot of volatility in the popular cryptocurrency market, people claim that Crypto Revolution offers a high success rate of 89% and can help its users generate thousands of dollars a day. But will all these claims be true?

Read our Crypto Revolution review below to find out if this auto trading software is a scam or not.

What is Crypto Revolution?

Crypto Revolution is an exclusive trading software, which helps its users to execute trades based on the signals issued by the cryptocurrency market. It offers its traders a competitive advantage over other traders by predicting market trends before they occur.

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Cryptocurrency robots are now a trend among beginners and even more experienced traders, as they can help predict market trends thanks to their algorithms.

As there is a lot of volatility in the cryptocurrency market, trading tools like Crypto Revolution have become essential for day traders. As the software is easy to use and set up, more and more people are starting to take advantage of it.

Is Crypto Revolution a Scam?

Many users have left their online testimony claiming to make money with Crypto Revolution. You will likely find a lot of online reviews about these trading robots and some of them are even recommended by celebrities who have approved or invested with them. The truth is, most of these claims are only published with the intention of advertising or promoting these robots, and that's not always true.

  • Crypto Revolution offers a high success rate and trades by reading the signals issued by the market.
  • Cryptocurrencies are very volatile, which means that investing in them always carries some risk.
  • Crypto Revolution allows its users to start with a minimum investment of $ 250.

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How does it work?

Crypto Revolution is free software that integrates with some of the best brokerage firms in the world and emits signals via a technology shared with brokers. These signals are read and deciphered by the trading platforms and can predict the market trend and increase the success rate of the trades executed and increase the profit of its users.

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This means that Crypto Revolution is offered by select brokers as an additional trading tool, which helps their users execute trades with a higher success rate.

It's easy to set up and shouldn't take more than 20 minutes to get started. Once you have created an account, one of the brokers will help you in selecting the recommended settings and assist you in starting the robot.

How to open an account?

To start trading with the Crypto Revolution platform, all you need to do is follow this step-by-step guide.


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The first thing to do to start using Crypto Revolution is to create an account on the official website by clicking on the links you find on this page. In the registration form enter your personal information and create your account so that you can access the trading dashboard.

To deposit

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To start trading you need to make an initial deposit. Most of the brokers listed on the platform usually require a minimum deposit of $ 250. This is not the cost of using the app, as it is not meant for a subscription model, but rather the cost of executing trades with the broker.


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After making the deposit, you are ready to start live trading. All you have to do is configure the settings that have been recommended to you by the broker, or configure the robot with the settings you think are best suited for the trading day.

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Key features of Crypto Revolution

There are several features offered by Crypto Revolution to its users, including:

zero commissions

One of the best features of Crypto Revolution is that there are no trading, deposit or withdrawal fees. Most brokers usually charge a fee when making trades, but this is not the case with Crypto Revolution and the brokers available with this platform.

Customer service

You can contact Crypto Revolution customer support in live chat at any time of the day. If no agents are available to answer, or if you need to queue while you wait, you can rest assured that someone will contact you in minutes. Certainly this is one of the best customer support services available on the market.

Regulated brokers

You will find that most of the brokers listed and available in the Crypto Revolution platform are brokers regulated or licensed by the financial entity of the country in which they are registered. This is a very positive aspect, because it shows the reliability of the brokers and the platform.

Is Crypto Revolution recommended by any celebrities?

Crypto Revolution has been recommended several times by international and local celebrities. Here is a list of the most famous ones.

Fabio FazioFlavio BriatoreLorenzo Jovanotti

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He says he wanted to speak several times during Che tempo che fa about software for automatic trading, but he was never authorized by the top management of Rai. These are just rumors, though, and we can't confirm them.

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It is said that during the show The Boss which aired a few years ago, he claimed that auto trading software is not what a professional trader uses, but only a beginner. We can't confirm if he used it or not though.

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It is claimed that in the course of an interview he claimed to use automated trading software to trade mostly bitcoin, which he believes is the revolution of the next millennium. We can't confirm this, though, and it seems to be just a rumor.

Does Crypto Revolution offer a mobile app?

Currently, it appears that this software offers no platform to download on desktop or even portable devices. However, from mobile phones and tablets, you just need to access the platform via a web browser to view your dashboard.

Our verdict

There is no doubt that robots like Crypto Revolution are the new trend among various types of traders. As technology is used to improve the accuracy and success rate of operations, it is also safe to say that the technology continues to update and evolve every year. Crypto Revolution is one of the new technologies made specifically for trading cryptocurrencies and other assets and promises to continue improving results.

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Is Crypto Revolution reliable?

According to our survey, Crypto Revolution is reliable, both because it works with regulated brokers and because it enjoys an excellent online reputation.

How much can I earn with Crypto Revolution?

There are no limits. The only limit is dictated by market conditions and how much money the user is willing to invest.

Can i withdraw money on Crypto Revolution?

Crypto Revolution processes transactions within 24 hours and places no limit on the amount of money you can withdraw from your account at one time.