If we want to talk about popular trading robots, we cannot fail to mention CryptoHopper, which was launched on the market exactly in 2017. Its popularity has grown day by day, thanks to the fact that it is highly profitable, thanks to an automatic operation that allows anyone to get closer to this world.Is CryptoHopper a SCAM? 🥇 | Read Before You Begin - Cryptohopper 1

CryptoHopper, in fact, allows traders to start trading online by investing a minimum capital of $ 250, well below the expectations offered by many other brokers, which allow you to start with no less than a thousand, if not ten thousand dollars. this platform is similar to other bitcoin trading robots like the Bitcoin system, but is CryptoHopper really that effective?

In our review you will find the answer to this question and also find some tips to get the most out of CryptoHopper. But before continuing, we would also like to add that trading is risky, always, regardless of the platform used. For this reason, we recommend that you only trade with money that you can afford to lose.

What is CryptoHopper?

Before taking a closer look at CryptoHopper, it is important to remember that all beginners, before using software like this, should at least learn basic trading jargon to get the most out of it. So, the first thing to do is read the guides that the site offers.

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CryptoHopper is a trading software that allows traders to make profits on the cryptocurrency markets. The software can be used in two different ways, automatic and semi-automatic.

In the first case, CryptoHopper will limit itself to capitalizing on all the market opportunities that will arise based on its analysis, opening the trades automatically. In the second case, however, it will only provide signals to users, to open or close positions, which the user himself will decide to follow or not.

Is CryptoHopper a scam?

To consider a software like CryptoHopper to be reliable, it is necessary to demonstrate a proven experience in the sector and guarantee constant results over time, regardless of the market conditions. Here are the advantages offered by CryptoHopper:

  • CryptoHopper enjoys an excellent online reputation. Both independent review platforms and testimonials from verified users are in favor of its use
  • It offers excellent customer service, which supports the trader from the very first moment, i.e. from the registration process, to the opening of trades
  • The information provided by the website is correct and transparent. Additionally, the platform uses a high level of encryption and is GDPR compliant

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How does CryptoHopper work?

As mentioned above, both automatic and semi-automatic trading is possible with this software. Having already said the functioning of these two modes, let's try to understand how Cryptohopper manages to obtain certain results.

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First, our live tests have shown that Cryptohopper offers its users precise and accurate signals. These signals are used by top cryptocurrency traders to apply their strategies. A strategy this very similar to copy trading, in vogue in recent years.

The results that Cryptohopper is able to offer are also the result of its strategy known as trading on margin (risky, but profitable), which also uses a large leverage of up to 1: 500 offered by partner brokers. Using such a large leverage, in simple terms, it is possible to open positions worth 500 times higher than the invested capital. The same is therefore true with the multiplication of gains and sometimes losses.

How to open an account with CryptoHopper?

Signing up for CryptoHopper is quick and easy. It took us about 10 minutes to do it. Below you can read the complete procedure, which will guide you step by step when opening a new account.


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The first thing to do is to log into the Cryptohopper website and enter your basic information in the registration form - name, surname, then choose a username and secure password. As mentioned above, Cryptohopper is GDPR compliant in addition, partner brokers are all licensed and regulated by professional supervisory authorities such as CySEC, FCA and ASIC.

To deposit

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After registering, you will be able to start making your first investments, but not before having deposited a capital. The minimum allowed is $ 250, but we recommend that advanced traders pay more (to improve their performance immediately). The deposit can be done with popular payment methods such as Visa, MasterCard, wire transfer and over seventy cryptocurrencies.


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At this point it will be possible to trade live or in demo mode. In the latter case, you are only asked to choose a trading strategy and set up a few simple functions such as take profit and stop loss. In live mode, however, you have to choose between automatic and semi-automatic as explained above. To clarify once and for all, the former is aimed at beginners, while the latter is aimed at experienced traders.

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Key features of CryptoHopper

There are several characteristics that have allowed CryptoHopper to achieve a certain fame all over the world. Here are the ones that we believe have most favored its rise.


CryptoHopper only works with licensed and regulated brokers. In other words, the user will only have to worry about making profits, since his money will always be managed in maximum safety and in compliance with international standards.

Customer service

Undoubtedly, there are many beginners who decide to experiment with online trading through this platform. Their goal is that traders are successful and thus offer excellent customer service, to guide users to take their first steps in this world.

Trading guides

CryptoHopper also offers an excellent training section, which its users can consult to better understand the jargon of this industry and the basic rules that govern it. A more informed user is also a user who will better manage their finances and online trading.

Is CryptoHopper recommended by any celebrities?

Currently the software is very popular abroad and less known in Italy, however, many famous people in the past have expressed themselves in favor of these platforms.

Flavio BriatoreLorenzo JovanottiFabio Fazio

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There are rumors about him who claim to be in favor of using automatic trading software, especially for those taking their first steps in this sector. But he never admitted to using it personally, also because in our opinion he is too proud to do so. However, we cannot confirm these rumors.

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He often boasts that he was one of the first to believe in cryptocurrencies and especially in bitcoin. Probably, even if he doesn't say it, he must have bought some digital currency in the beginning and today his luck is also this.

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He says that any tool that can help people have a better life should be advertised out loud, which is why he can't understand why auto trading isn't treated properly. However, he never claimed to support trading software.

Does CryptoHopper offer a mobile app?

Yes, CryptoHopper offers a mobile app and to access it just enter the software website and enter your username and password. However, this is still a bit "raw" mode and some users find it difficult to use some features in mobile mode. For example, unless desktop mode is enabled, you will not be able to perform certain actions in the browser.

Our verdict

To conclude, CryptoHopper is truly a reliable software. Our investigations revealed that it is a safe, easy to use and transparent platform. Furthermore, all brokers it works with are regulated and licensed.

Also good in terms of deposits and withdrawals. The latter, for example, are authorized at any time and processed within 48 hours. This adds up to truly attentive and professional customer service.

We remember that trading with software like this always involves some risk and for this reason, we always suggest investing a figure that you can afford to lose. The minimum deposit allowed here is $ 250 and you can start trading by signing up for free via the link below.

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How Much Can I Earn With Cryptohopper?

There is no exact figure, potentially the more you invest the more you earn. According to the website, the ROI is 20% of the invested capital, which is much more than any traditional bank can do.

How Much Should I Deposit to Cryptohopper?

Cryptohopper broker partners accept a minimum deposit of $ 250. We recommend that you only start with amounts that you can afford to lose.

Can i withdraw my profits without problems?

Yup! Cryptohopper allows you to withdraw your profits at any time. To do this, simply fill in the application form and your request will be processed within 48 hours.