It is rumored that Dick Smith, the Australian multimillionaire, has invested in robots to automatically trade bitcoins. But are these rumors real?

According to our investigations, it appears that Dick Smith has never invested in bitcoin or any automated trading tool. However, all Bitcoin trading systems associated with Dick Smith seem to be reliable and are very popular.

These robots are Bitcoin Evolution, Bitcoin Pro, and Bitcoin Loophole. Read this guide to learn more about Dick Smith's associated bitcoin trading systems and rumors spread online.

Who is Dick Smith?

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Dick Smith is an Australian multimillionaire and founder of Dick Smith Electronics. Its business interests are diverse and are worth around $ 60 million.

Some of its biggest investments are in the technology sector. This explains why gossip blogs speculate that he has invested in bitcoin through cutting-edge technologies. However, there is no evidence that Dick Smith invested in Bitcoin or an auto trading robot.

The aforementioned robots associated with the Dick Smith Bitcoin name appear to be very popular and therefore a prime target for fake news sites.

Bitcoin Dick Smith - A viral trend!

You've probably come across these rumors floating around on social media. Gossip blogs are spreading them via Pinterest and Twitter posts with links to their websites.

The association of popular keywords with celebrity names is nothing new in the world of black hat marketing. Gossip blogs with fake celebrity headlines have targeted nearly every popular cryptocurrency product, including the highly anticipated Libra Coin.

These platforms aim to get people to click the link in the headlines and visit gossip blogs. They do this to trick search engines into believing their blogs are popular with users.

We have conducted extensive checks on the Bitcoin robots associated with Dick Smith. Check out the Dick Smith related platforms below or read our reviews for more in-depth information on auto trading robots.

Bitcoin Evolution

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Bitcoin Evolution is a well-known robot that is able to make up to $ 5000 a day from a deposit of just $ 500. But only a minimum deposit of $ 250 is required to trade with this robot.

Bitcoin Evolution is suitable for beginners and is safe for everyone. In addition to partnering with regulated brokers, this robot has invested in 128-bit key encryption to ensure greater cyber security. Consequently, you don't have to worry about losing your personal data when trading with this robot.

Cyber ​​security and broker regulation are some of the critical aspects of a trustworthy robot. A robot that observes strict data security measures is unlikely to engage in fraudulent activity. Furthermore, partnering with a regulated broker is a sufficient sign that the robot is willing to trade transparently.

Regulated brokers are regularly audited by regulatory authorities such as the UK FCA and the Australian ASIC. They must also adhere to data security measures, including the strict EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Bitcoin Evolution trades CFDs on BTC. A contract for difference (CFD) is a form of financial derivative that allows trading without owning the underlying asset. CFDs tend to have a high potential for profitability, but they are also risky. Bitcoin Evolution applies Artificial Intelligence technologies to increase potential and minimize risks.

Did Dick Smith Invest in Bitcoin Evolution?

Dick Smith never said anything about investing in Bitcoin Evolution. Furthermore, there is no evidence that he is interested in trading cryptocurrencies.

The rumors about Dick Smith are therefore blatant lies spread by gossip blogs. As mentioned above, these blogs use entries as a black hat SEO technique aimed at driving traffic to their sites.

Celebrity gossip should inform an investment decision. It is always crucial to do a sufficient check before signing up with any robot. We make it easy to search by providing comprehensive and unbiased reviews.

We have studied Bitcoin Evolution and it looks reliable. However, we suggest you read our full Bitcoin Evolution review before signing up with this robot.

How to trade with Bitcoin Evolution

Trading with Bitcoin Evolution is easy if you carefully read the instructions provided below. There is also a demo account that can help you master the platform before going live.

Bitcoin Evolution also connects new users with a dedicated account manager to assist them with setup and live trading. Follow the steps below to start trading BTC CFDs via Bitcoin Evolution.

  • Go to the Bitcoin Evolution home page and create a free account using the form provided. Check the information with the robot and the broker below.
  • Deposit a trading capital of at least $ 250. Keep in mind that this is the amount you will use to buy BTC CFDs. Bitcoin Evolution is a free app and therefore you will not have to pay any license. However, a 0,5% commission is charged on any earnings generated through the robot.
  • Read the trading guide and trade with the demo account to practice. You should also involve the dedicated account manager during this phase.
  • Adjust the trading settings to your preferences and click the Trade Now button.

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Bitcoin Pro

Dick Smith and Bitcoin - Have you ever invested? - Bitcoin Pro

Bitcoin Pro is another bitcoin trading robot that also applies AI technologies to conduct trading on behalf of users. Trade CFDs on BTC with an assumed daily ROI of 200%.

Popular CFD pairs you can bet on using this robot include BTC / USD, BTC / EUR, BTC / AUD and BTC / GBP. You can also trade cryptocurrencies with cryptocurrency pairs, including BTC / ETH, BTC / BCH and many more. In total, Bitcoin Pro offers over 45 pairs of CFDs on BTC.

This supposedly makes it the best system for traders looking for a variety of options. Bitcoin Pro is also an AI robot that relies on Machine Learning technologies to ensure greater returns. Machine learning allows robots to improve themselves as they interact with different data.

Bitcoin Pro also applies high frequency trading and scalping techniques. High-frequency trading techniques involve computer programs that execute a large number of orders in a split second. Scalping is a trading style that involves placing bets on small price changes.

Bitcoin Pro can presumably place up to 50 trades per day. Furthermore, its brokers offer leverage of up to 1: 3000, thereby amplifying trades and alleged profits. It is important to note that this technique also increases the possibility of opening a trading account. As a general rule, it is always important to trade what you can afford to lose.

Has Dick Smith invested in Bitcoin Pro?

We have not found a reliable news source confirming these rumors. You should, therefore, treat them as a mere gossip that is not worth paying attention to.

However, Bitcoin Pro is reputable and probably trustworthy. It is popular on the internet and therefore clear that it attracts a lot of gossip. As explained earlier, gossip platforms combine celebrity names with trending keywords to create click-catching links.

This form of marketing is becoming more and more popular and is fueled by mass investments in cryptocurrency exchanges. Bitcoin Pro seems reliable and popular, and therefore represents a prime target for marketing techniques like these. Find out more about this robot in our Bitcoin Pro review.

How to trade with Bitcoin Pro

Live trading with Bitcoin Pro is easy and suitable for everyone, including those who have no experience in the world of trading. All you need to do to get this bot to work is to follow the guide provided below and practice through the demo account:

  • Register on the Bitcoin Pro website here and verify your details with the underlying robot and broker.
  • Fund your trading account with at least $ 250 using credit card, wire transfer, e-wallet or bitcoin wallet.
  • Watch the trading tutorials offered by Bitcoin Pro and test the web-trader's functions through the demo account.
  • Open a live session once you are comfortable with all the features of the platform.

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Bitcoin loophole

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This robot is also powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. It is easy to use and has a maximum profitability of around 300% per day.

Bitcoin Loophole trades CFDs on BTC through what is known as news trading. The robot applies Machine Learning technologies to analyze the Internet in search of “negotiable” news and take a position with a 0,0001 second advantage on the markets.

This presumably allows him to maintain an assumed daily win rate of 95%. You can read more in our Bitcoin Loophole review.

Did Dick Smith Recommend Bitcoin Loophole?

We scoured the internet for evidence of Dick Smith's investment in Bitcoin Loophole and found no reliable association. You should keep celebrity rumors away by reading our unbiased reviews on bitcoin robots. We have analyzed Bitcoin Loophole and it appears to be reliable.

How to trade with Bitcoin Loophole

Registering and trading with Bitcoin Loophole should be quick and easy if you read and follow the instructions provided below.

  • Create a trading account on the Bitcoin Loophole website and verify personal data as indicated.
  • Deposit a minimum of $ 250 as trading capital. You can deposit more money to get higher returns, but you should be careful about how much you invest, as there is also a risk of losing money with these robots.
  • Practice trading via a demo and read the Bitcoin Loophole trading guide carefully.
  • Click the live trading button to start running the Bitcoin Loophole web-trader.

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Although Dick Smith has never invested or recommended any of the aforementioned robots, they all look like software that investors around the world use on a daily basis to trade cryptocurrencies. You can try any robot via the links provided on this page. Let us know your experience in the comments section below.