It is virtually impossible that if you are of Spanish descent you do not know the famous El Hormiguero TV show, presented by the Spanish celebrity Pablo Motos. This program is extremely popular in Spain and what we discuss in this article is the fact that many of the celebrities who were interviewed on this TV show are rumored to have invested in Bitcoin. El Hormiguero Bitcoin was one of the most searched terms in Google this year.

From David Guetta to West Craven, a little bit of all the celebrities have been on this TV show, and some of them are people who have invested in Bitcoin robots like Bitcoin Trader, Bitcoin Era and Bitcoin Compass to auto trade and generate attractive profits. But will it be true or is it just fake news? Let's find out together what it is.

El Hormiguero and celebrities who invest in Bitcoin trading

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The number of celebrities who have been hosted in the El Hormiguero program is very high. Many of these celebrities are not only dedicated to the entertainment world in the territory in which they are known, as we know very well that most celebrities have also become a company, which is why they keep and multiply their fortune.

It would not be surprising if there were so many celebrities around the world who confessed to their investments in Bitcoin, that then many of these artists, and well-known personalities who have performed at El Hormiguero, have invested not only in cryptocurrencies as such, but also in robots to trade automatically.

We are convinced of this because there are many celebrities around the world who have openly confessed it. But also because we know that the Bitcoin trading robots that we present below are software that offer a very high success rate, and therefore it is very likely that a person who makes a high investment in automatic Bitcoin trading, or cryptocurrencies, he can become a millionaire or generate an incredible fortune.

Bitcoin Trader

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There are several robots for automatic trading of Bitcoin, but practically none are like Bitcoin Trader. Bitcoin Trader is a completely free software that automatically detects signals in the movements of the cryptocurrency market and that can perform Bitcoin and altcoin trades without the user having to invest more than 20 minutes a day of his time.

This robot has a large number of key features that set it apart from others, and one of them is that it has a very fast response capability in terms of operations. This is very valuable because let's not forget that the cryptocurrency market is very volatile and the investment that can generate profit at the moment can turn into a loss in a few minutes. That's why this feature makes Bitcoin Trader a very valuable piece of software. If you want to know more, read our Bitcoin Trader review.

Which celebrities recommend Bitcoin Trader to El Hormiguero?

As far as possible, we have thoroughly reviewed all the material we have had at hand from various chapters of the El Hormiguero program, and have not found a time when any celebrity specifically recommends this robot for auto trading. However, this is not a guarantee that these celebrities are not using it, as many of them have also done so through their social networks or in other web spaces.

On the other hand, it wouldn't be strange to us either, because as we already know, Bitcoin Trader is a great option to generate high dividends, and the more money you invest in automatic trading, the greater the profits you will get.

How to create an account on Bitcoin Trader

Doing so is really very simple. To get started, follow these 3 simple steps:

  • The first step is really quick and easy; all you have to do is enter the platform and complete the form that you will find on the Bitcoin Trader home page. It will be enough to create the account.
  • After creating the account, you just need to verify your details and make a deposit of at least $ 250, so that with this money the robot can start trading with the cryptocurrency of your choice.
  • Finally, you just have to configure your account within this platform, establishing profit and loss parameters and selecting the markets in which you want the robot to perform automatic trading on your behalf.

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Bitcoin Era

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Bitcoin Era is an application that allows automatic trading of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general. Today this application presents what we can most likely define as the record for the fastest response speed, with a time of 0,01 seconds.

In addition to that, it offers a 94,4% success rate, which means that the chances of making a profit with the automatic operations carried out by the robot of this application, made with advanced technology and with cutting-edge algorithms, are quite high. , and you can probably make a lot of money in a short time with this robot. If you want to learn more and find out how to get the most out of this platform, read our review.

Does El Hormiguero Promote Bitcoin Era?

The El Hormiguero television program is known for always hosting celebrities from all over the world and not just Spain. Of the several celebrities who have appeared on this TV show, we know that many have invested in Bitcoin, and some of them have invested in robots to auto-trade cryptocurrency.

In any case, so far we have no evidence that this TV show specifically promotes this interesting application, such as Bitcoin Era.

How to create an account with Bitcoin Era

To start trading with Bitcoin Era just follow the next 3 steps:

  • When you log in to the Bitcoin Era platform, you will likely find a warning that there are few free accounts left, so if you make your moves quickly, you can create one by simply filling out the form you will see on the home page.
  • The second step is to verify and activate your account. Here you will only have to provide your phone number for the support team to make a call to confirm your details, and then finally activate your account and you will be able to perform the last step, after which you can start earning by auto trading with Bitcoin Era.
  • The last step is to simply make a deposit of at least $ 250. Remember that this application is completely free; The deposit you are making is the amount you will invest in auto trading. Once you have made the deposit, you just need to set up your account and within minutes you will be generating money.

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Bitcoin Compass

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Bitcoin Compass is completely free automated trading software. This software is designed with advanced algorithms, which automatically detect signals in the cryptocurrency trading market and, once configured, can execute trades for you, virtually without lifting a finger.

Users of this platform claim that the usage time they devote to this software is around 20 minutes per day and the profits for every $ 250 invested can reach $ 1000 in less than a week.

Are El Hormiguero Executives Investing in Bitcoin Compass?

There is no evidence to confirm that El Hormiguero TV show executives specifically invested in this Bitcoin trading robot. On the internet we have found several sites where it is stated that, on the other hand, they have done it in Bitcoin in general, but there is no specific rumor that speaks of Bitcoin Compass.

However, we will always say that we would not be surprised if some executives decide to invest a large sum in this robot, because it is proven that the returns are practically guaranteed, and the more you invest the greater your profit. Find out how in our Bitcoin Compass review.

How to create an account in Bitcoin Compass

Just follow these 3 simple steps to start multiplying your deposit:

  • When you enter the Bitcoin Compass platform you will find all the information you need to start using this robot, and you will also have a form at hand where you can sign up to start the process of creating your account.
  • After registering, technically, you will already have the account created. Now it is just a matter of verifying your details and making the first deposit that you will proceed to trade with. This deposit must be at least $ 250 and you can do it through the different payment methods available on the Bitcoin Compass platform, including credit cards, e-wallets, bank transfers, and more.
  • Finally, once the funds are available in your account, you can start trading and, ideally, you should place the option on Automatic trading, with which you will only have to determine which cryptocurrencies you are interested in trading with, and which is your desired profit and maximum loss limit. With these functions the robot will carry out the trading automatically, trying to reach the goals you have in mind.

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There is no way to verify if the El Hormiguero TV show is connected or has invested large sums of money in Bitcoin or robots to trade Bitcoin. On the other hand, we cannot guarantee that they have not done so; There are even online portals where it is said that the executives of El Hormiguero, as well as those of other Spanish businesses, have invested in this type of cryptocurrency.

What we want to clarify is that, whether they have or not, these robots are undoubtedly worth investing in, because not only do they guarantee high returns, but you can do it without investing more than 20 minutes a day, which is a wonder in the world. of today, where we are always engaged in different daily activities.