Fabio Fazio, host of important TV shows such as Sanremo and Che Tempo che Fa, has recently been involved in rumors circulating on the Internet, according to which he would have started investing in Bitcoin systems and that he is suggesting to fans to do the same. Fazio is not the only one to be involved in these rumors: even Jovanotti, Briatore and other Italian celebrities have seen part of these gossip. We decided to investigate these rumors to understand if the conductor actually took the crypto route. If you are interested in learning more, we suggest you read this article.

Is Fabio Fazio involved or not?

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After careful research, we have reached the conclusion that Fabio Fazio has never started investing in Bitcoin systems and even less has never recommended his fans to start doing so. As in the cases of other celebrities involved in similar events, rumors may have been put around by some gossip blogs to try and get more clicks on their sites. In fact, creating a title that brings together a celebrity and a word often sought after on Google, such as the name of a famous investment platform, can certainly contribute to the boom in views that blogs so aspire to.

The names of the platforms to which the TV host has been associated are Bitcoin Rush, Bitcoin Circuit, Bitcoin Future and Bitcoin Billionaire. All four systems seem to have great potential in terms of profitability, so even if we are convinced that Fabio Fazio has never tried to use them, we think it may be a good possibility of gain. You can continue reading here to learn more about the rumors Fazio has been involved in, if not you can also visit our individual reviews of Bitcoin systems to better understand what it is.

Bitcoin Rush

Fabio Fazio - Have you invested in Bitcoin systems? 🥇 The truth - Bitcoin Rush 1024x181Recently, Bitcoin Rush would have been recommended by the television host Fabio Fazio, but it is only the umpteenth hoax on Bitcoins. Although the news is not true, we believe that the robot has real potential in terms of profitability. Indeed Bitcoin Rush seems to have a high success rate. In fact, according to our test, the robot makes profitable investments in 90% of cases, which means that out of 10 investments, 9 will bring you profits.

We also investigated to understand what people think of the robot and we read all the user reviews that we managed to find online. Most of the reviews are positive. Many say they have managed to make significant gains from minimal deposits. Few reviews are negative but we believe they are reviews from investors who have lost money. Remember that even if you invest in a platform that has potential, crypto trading is risky, and losing funds is always a possibility, so you need to proceed with caution. Try to invest no more than $ 250 in the beginning. If you see that you can earn, slowly you can start increasing your investment sums.

Did Fabio Fazio ever recommend Bitcoin Rush?

The answer is no. Fabio Fazio has never used or even recommended to use Bitcoin Rush. According to what we found in fact, Fabio Fazio has never even shown interest in the world of online trading, much less in the world of crypto in particular. It would therefore be strange if he suddenly decided to recommend the use of such platforms. If you happened to visit sites that claim that Fazio actually recommended the Bitcoin system, we suggest you don't trust it, it's a hoax.

How to invest in Bitcoin Rush

There are four steps to follow to start investing in Bitcoin Rush. Below you will find a short guide on how to invest. For a more detailed guide we suggest you take a look at ours Bitcoin Rush review.

  1. Go to the Bitcoin Rush website
  2. Make a deposit of at least $ 250
  3. Invest in demo mode
  4. Start live trading

Visit Bitcoin Rush

Bitcoin circuit

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Bitcoin Circuit is a Bitcoin system based on complex algorithms capable of making investment decisions in place of users. Put simply, the algorithms allow the system to analyze market changes and financial news within seconds. The robot is then able to identify which are the most profitable investments it can place. Then automatically place the investment and generate profits. Even if Fabio Fazio doesn't seem to have recommended it, it could be a good earning opportunity.

According to many of the online reviews that we have found, the robot would seem to allow investors to earn up to $ 1,500 per day from minimum deposits of $ 250. Based on our tests and opinions circulating online, the robot actually appears to be reliable. Keep in mind though, that how much you manage to earn depends on how much you invest, but the more you invest the more risks of losing funds there are, so we suggest you go slowly if you decide to try investing in Bitcoin Circuit.

Has Fabio Fazio ever recommended Bitcoin Circuit?

No, Fabio Fazio has never publicly suggested to use Bitcoin circuit, or at least we have not found evidence that claims otherwise. His social accounts do not have any posts suggesting his involvement in the world of crypto and no reliable news site has opened investigations in this regard. We therefore believe that it is simply the umpteenth hoax created by someone who has nothing better to do. However, what seems to be true is that Bitcoin Circuit really has the potential to bring profits to its users. At least it might be worth trying to use it and see what happens.

How to invest on Bitcoin Circuit

Using Bitcoin Circuit is very easy. Once you register you will need up to 10 minutes before you can start investing through the Bitcoin system. If you get stuck, try to contact customer support, they respond within a couple of hours normally.

  1. Visit the Bitcoin Circuit website and register
  2. Pay at least $ 250 to go to the next step
  3. Try to invest in demo mode
  4. Start investing

Visit Bitcoin Circuit

Bitcoin Future

Fabio Fazio - Have you invested in Bitcoin systems? 🥇 The truth - downloadAs we have more or less already explained, Bitcoin systems like Bitcoin Future are automated trading platforms that offer users to invest in crypto currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and many others. There is always a lot of indecision about the effectiveness of these robots. In some cases they work, and in others they are real scams. We believe Bitcoin Future is one of the Bitcoin systems that really work.

The robot was created by a group of computer engineers and professional investors. Like Bitcoin Circuit, Bitcoin Future is based on complex high-tech algorithms that allow the robot to conduct an accurate market analysis and then place the most profitable investments in an automated way. According to our tests, the robot has a success rate of almost 90%, which means that almost 9 out of 10 investments will be profitable. It is clear however, that as with any online investment platform, trading is risky and can result in the loss of funds. This is why we recommend paying minimum deposits and increasing your investment amounts once you start earning. Don't take too many risks.

Has Fabio Fazio ever recommended Bitcoin Future?

Here too, we firmly believe that Fabio Fazio has never suggested to his fans to try investing in Bitcoin Future. True, the Bitcoin system appears to be reliable and has the potential to generate significant profits for anyone who uses it, but the TV host never seems to have had anything to do with the robot. We believe it was some gossip site that spread the word in order to increase its number of views. If you come across such sites, be sure to switch sites as soon as possible.

How to invest on Bitcoin Future

Starting to invest in Bitcoin Future is extremely easy, after the registration phase you will have to do another couple of things and you will be ready to go. If you need a more specific guide, we advise you to take a look at ours Bitcoin Future review.

  1. Register via the appropriate form on the Bitcoin Future website
  2. Deposit at least $ 250 into the brokerage site that Bitcoin Future is associated with
  3. Try to invest in demo mode
  4. Start investing live.

Visit Bitcoin Future

Bitcoin Billionaire

Fabio Fazio - Have you invested in Bitcoin systems? 🥇 The truth - Bitcoin Billionaire 1 1024x346According to the Bitcoin Billionaire website, the robot was created to help investors maximize their profits with minimal effort. In fact, like the other Bitcoin systems that we talked about in this article, Bitcoin Billionaire is also an automated trading robot, capable of generating profits both if the prices of the cryptocurrencies rise and fall. In addition to this, the robot appears to be much faster than any human investor. Indeed, flesh and blood investors are forced to spend hours conducting market analyzes to find out which investments to place, while the robot is capable of placing up to 150 investments in one day.

We analyzed all the user reviews that we managed to find online. Apparently, many are satisfied with the services offered by the robot and seem to have managed to obtain significant gains starting from minimal initial investments. All that is required is to spend about twenty minutes a day monitoring the results of the investments to be sure that the trading results are the ones hoped for. Again, remember that this kind of business is risky in the sense that losing money is always a possibility. Make sure to proceed with the right caution.

Did Fabio Fazio ever recommend Bitcoin Billionaire?

As in the other cases we have told you about, Fabio Fazio has never recommended the use of Bitcoin Billionaire, or at least there is no evidence of his involvement with the Bitcoin system. We also tried to contact Bitcoin Billionaire customer support to ask for confirmation and they told us that the Italian conductor never recommended investing in Bitcoin Billionaire. Despite this though, we believe Bitcoin Billionaire really has the potential to generate the profits you hope for, so trying it out may not be a bad idea.

How to invest in Bitcoin Billionaire

Here is a short list of steps to follow to start investing in Bitcoin Billionaire. To do everything it will take you about 10 minutes. If you get stuck in one of the stages, we suggest you contact customer support or visit ours Bitcoin Billionaire review for a more detailed guide.

  1. Create an account on the Bitcoin Billionaire website
  2. Deposit at least $ 250
  3. Invest in demo mode
  4. Activate auto trading and start investing

Visit Bitcoin Billionaire


It is not true that Fabio Fazio has suggested the use of Bitcoin Rush, Bitcoin Circuit, Bitcoin Future and Bitcoin Billionaire systems. It is very likely that it was the work of some gossip sites in desperate search for views to be able to appear in the foreground in Google searches. However, the tenant has never expressed approval for this type of investment. However, it is true, according to our tests, that the platforms in question have potential. In fact, most have a high success rate and most reviews written by online users seem to agree on the profitability of these investment platforms. It is obvious that as with any system of this kind, we must proceed with caution because of the risks involved in this type of activity, but in general, we believe it can be a good way to try to make extra money. However, we suggest you start by investing small amounts of money and gradually increase them if you start earning.