Bonus Bitcoin is a Faucet, or a tap that allows you to earn free BTC. With four years of life this Faucet Bitcoin compared to others it rewards your record with an extra extra 5% earnings.

Basically, thanks to Bitcoin Bonus you have the opportunity to get Satoshi through offers, surveys and invitation system.

Bonus Bitcoin and Faucet: complete guide - bitcoin bonus

Bitcoin Bonus: registration at the Bitcoin Faucet

From the year 2017, the Bitcoin Bonus pays via the CoinPot CoinPot, a brand new one Micro Wallet where you can store all your BTCs and other cryptocurrencies.

If you have an account created in CoinPot, you can use the same email to sign up for Bitcoin Bonus. This way, you can receive Satoshi instantly in your CoinPot balance.

Once you have completed the registration on the Bitcoin Bonus you have the possibility to access the page and to press the red button "Claim from faucet”To access the main menu.

To start cashing Satoshi on the Bitcoin Faucet, click on the "Request now!"And you can repeat this process every 15 minute as many times as you want, with no daily limit.

Bitcoin Bonus: how to earn the extra 5%

A peculiarity of this faucet is the recognition of a 5% more offered to users: this is a percentage extra which will be applied to the sum of all Satoshi claimed in the tap in the last 3 days.

To ensure that the amounts are kept high, the Bitcoin Faucet automatically adjusts the rate based on a number of factors including the BTC / USD exchange rate and advertising revenue.

Currently you can request up to 5.000 satoshi every 15 minutes. After registering and logging in, you will be able to see the current average fee per complaint.

You have the opportunity to increase your earnings thanks to the recognition of a lifetime commission of the 50%.

Bitcoin Bonus: Bonuses, promotions and contests

Thanks to this Bitcoin Faucet you have the possibility to increase your earnings thanks to the offer of interesting bonuses, special promotions e competitions.

The best way is put a Like to the Facebook page . or follow Twitter where all the news are announced.

The current bonus system pays a 5% daily bonus on the total of all claims and commissions earned in previous 72 hours, provided you make at least one claim for compensation the previous day.

From time to time, the Bitcoin Faucet Bonus will change the bonus schemes to maintain high user attention and to introduce new ways to increase your tap revenue.

Bitcoin Faucet Bonus: Why can't you file a complaint on the tap?

You may have trouble submitting a tap complaint about Bitcoin Bonus for one of the following reasons.

Advertising block

If advertisements are not displayed in your web browser, Bitcoin Bonus prevents you from making a complaint.

If some ads are not displayed, it is possible that something will block them on your browser: it could be a plug-in or abrowser extension for ad blocking.

In this case, you need to disable the browser ad-blocker plug-in / software.