Holly Willoughby is an English model, author and TV presenter. His popularity grew worldwide when he participated in popular TV shows such as Dancing on Ice, This Morning and Celebrity Juice.

Today we read online through some articles, that the beautiful blonde presenter, would have invested in cryptocurrencies through automatic exchange systems. Among the systems mentioned alongside it are known names such as Bitcoin Revolution, Bitcoin Loophole, Bitcoin Code and Bitcoin Rush.

Knowing these software well, we asked ourselves: are these rumors true or completely unfounded? Surely gossip sites are known for their tendency to create fake news to attract clicks. Did this happen the same again? We will find out in this in-depth article.

However, it must be said, true or unfounded that these rumors are, that the software alongside the name of the beautiful TV presenter, are reliable and safe and for this reason, if you want to know more, we recommend you read our reviews.

Holly Willoughby and Bitcoin - What's true in this whole story?

Holly Willoughby and Bitcon - Does the TV presenter invest in cryptocurrencies? - Holly Willoughby

Holly Willoughby is very popular and not only for its beauty. However, precisely because of its popularity, gossip sites are using his name to create ad hoc fake news and attract a greater flow of surfers to their web pages.

The systems to exchange Bitcoin automatically and which are flanked by her name in the titles of these fake news, are very popular, just like the TV presenter and this is the main reason why the two keywords are associated.

Probably, Holly Willoughby knows about cryptocurrencies, just because sometimes she found herself arguing with her work partner, Phillip Schofield. However, she never said (at least officially) that she was interested in crypto investments.

The beautiful model is certainly not famous for being an investment guru and therefore, it doesn't matter at all whether she has ever invested in Bitcoin or not. Here is a brief overview of all the systems associated with its name.

Bitcoin Revolution

Holly Willoughby and Bitcon - Does the TV presenter invest in cryptocurrencies? - Bitcoin Revolution 1

Bitcoin Revolution is simply one of the oldest automated trading platforms on the market. This robot manages to make profits by speculating on the price of cryptocurrencies. In addition, it marks a success rate of over 90%!

The software works 100% on autopilot, which means that even those who have never traded in their life can use it to make a profit. The feedback that many users leave online, never question its reliability.

In addition, many people claim to have managed to earn immediately, in the first 24 hours of the first investment, starting from a minimum payment of $ 250. If you want to learn more and find out how, we recommend you read our review.

Does Holly Willoughby recommend using Bitcoin Revolution?

Unfortunately, we have not found any evidence to support these rumors. So, it looks like Holly Willoughby has never dealt with Bitcoin Revolution. These rumors were generated by gossip sites, just to catch a few more clicks.

These sites create fake news using click-grabbing headlines, which contain popular keywords. Since Bitcoin Revolution and Holly Willoughby are highly sought after terms online, this offers them a better ranking on search engines like Google. However, this remains false news and we recommend that you only read authoritative blogs to learn more about these trading systems.

How to trade cryptocurrencies with Bitcoin Revolution

It is very simple to create a new account on the Bitcoin Revolution website. Just follow these steps:

  • Access the homepage of the site and fill out the form in the foreground
  • Make a minimum deposit of at least $ 250 using one of the proposed regulated brokers
  • Practice in demo mode and then start trading for real money by clicking on the Live button

It is worth mentioning, that all beginners should start using the platform through a demo account, which is the only way to be successful in the long run. In case you need support, Bitcoin Revolution also offers you a personal account manager.

Bitcoin Loophole

Holly Willoughby and Bitcon - Does the TV presenter invest in cryptocurrencies? - Screenshot 2019 07 22 at 3.36.43 PM 293x90

Some rumors place the name of Holly Willoughby alongside that of the Bitcoin Loophole automatic trading system. This software, just like the one mentioned above, is always used to exchange cryptocurrencies.

The robot uses effective trading techniques to predict market movements and hits the target 9 times out of 10. These techniques are also used by professional traders, and not everyone is aware of it, especially beginners.

Again, many positive reviews about Bitcoin Loophole are read online. We can say that at least 90% of the reviews we found online on Bitcoin Loophole are positive. The remainder includes a slice of users who have not fully understood how it works.

For this reason, before starting to use this platform, we recommend that all beginners take a look at our full review.

Has Holly Willoughby ever used Bitcoin Loophole?

Even in this case there is no evidence to support this thesis. Therefore, it is once again evident that it is a simple fake news. As mentioned earlier in the course of this study, the gossip sites disseminate this news only to make trends. Bitcoin Loophole and Holly Willoughby are two keywords that offer very high search volumes and this is why the two names are often associated together in the same titles.

On the other hand, the operation of Google Trends is known to everyone. Bitcoin Loophole currently enjoys a very high popularity and conveys high web traffic to all those pages that talk about it. As well as for Holly Willoughby.

How does Bitcoin Loophole work?

It's as simple as drinking a glass of water to start trading with Bitcoin Loophole. Follow these steps:

  • Access the software page and create a new account
  • You will be assigned a regulated broker to deposit your trading capital with
  • Start trading by activating the Live button and letting the platform take care of the rest

Bitcoin Loophole is a fully automated robot. However, more experienced traders can also decide to use it in manual mode to check their trading strategies, for example.

Bitcoin Code

Holly Willoughby and Bitcon - Does the TV presenter invest in cryptocurrencies? - bitcoin code logo 300x120

Bitcoin Code is no different from the two robots mentioned above, at least in basic operation. Also in this case users have the possibility to trade completely automatically or by activating the manual mode.

Using the software in manual mode, it will be possible to define your own risk level and apply your trading strategies. Obviously this is a practice that we recommend to use only for more experienced traders.

If you haven't gained a lot of trading experience in previous years, then our advice is to go automatic. It will make you less money, but at least it won't make you lose your investment.

Bitcoin Code is a safe and reliable platform, and online feedback is super positive. An advice? If you have $ 250 to invest, use this platform, but not before reading our review!

Does Holly Willoughby recommend the use of Bitcoin Code?

Again some gossip sites spread the rumor that Holly Willoughby was investing in cryptocurrencies via Bitcoin Code. However, even in this case it is fake news.

We conducted some research and although we were unable to contact the TV presenter directly, nothing suggests that she has ever used Bitcoin Code.

As mentioned several times, as Bitcoin Code generates a lot of web traffic, as well as searches on Holly Willoughby, gossip sites use these two keywords to attract web traffic.

How does Bitcoin Code work?

The trading experience offered by Bitcoin Code is absolutely exceptional. Follow these steps or read our review to get started:

  • Open a free account on the official website
  • Deposit at least $ 250 (trading capital)
  • Start using the platform in trial mode
  • When you are ready, click on Live and start trading really

Bitcoin Code is a platform that really works, however it is recommended to keep it turned on at least 8 hours a day. We also recommend trading especially during the opening hours of the US market.

Bitcoin Rush

Holly Willoughby and Bitcon - Does the TV presenter invest in cryptocurrencies? - Bitcoin Rush 1

Bitcoin Rush is yet another platform that speculates on cryptocurrency market movements, with an efficiency level of 90%. The platform is free, but you need to invest your capital to start trading.

The platform redirects users to reliable brokers, which allow you to open an account with just $ 250. By connecting to these brokers, Bitcoin Rush automatically trades on behalf of the user.

All the reviews we have read about this platform speak enthusiastically about it. Many people say that this is a very easy to use platform that offers truly excellent support.

Has Holly Willoughby ever recommended the use of Bitcoin Rush?

Nothing, not even in this case we have found a single proof one, which proves the veracity of these rumors, obviously unfounded. Unfortunately, even in this case, we must report a series of false news created ad hoc by gossip sites to improve their positioning in search engines.

How does the trading software work?

Automated trading with Bitcoin Rush is very simple, but to get started you need to follow these steps:

  • Open a new account on the official website, it's free
  • Through the broker that will be assigned to you, deposit your trading capital
  • Practice the demo account before moving on to live trading


We have found no evidence to support the rumors that juxtapose Holly Willoughby's name with that of the Bitcoin systems mentioned in this article. For this we must say that it is fake news.

In the financial field, however, even the less experienced trader knows well that he must keep away from gossip sites and instead rely only on sites that really know more like ours and other independent sources.