In China, the blockchain companies are more than 700

In China, more than 700 companies are dedicated to blockchain - Xi Jinping

La blockchain the technology of the future is now considered. If the prophecy expressed by Anthony Grater, according to which it is destined to represent the next Internet, to make its presence in everyday life more palpable are the many applications it has made possible in the most varied areas.
A reality which has recently pushed the Chinese government, so far quite reluctant in the face of everything that has a relationship with virtual uniforms, and therefore also to the technology that supports them, to declare itself favorable to it.

The declaration of the Chinese government

It was the agency Reuters to highlight a recent article in the local newspaper People's Daily, under which the Beijing government declared itself favorable blockchain development, as long as it is not a digital asset application.
A statement that should also be interpreted in the light of a recent news, the one according to which the China Electronic Information Industry Development (CCID) would have registered the presence of over 700 Chinese companies operating in the blockchain sector, while the significant investments would amount to over 500. The CCID is a government agency which directly depends on the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and which is entrusted with the task of coordinating the development of the industries that deal with information within of the eastern country.

The study of the Chinese Communist Party

The rapid development of the blockchain in China has also been the subject of a report prepared by the Chinese Communist Party, commissioned by the Central Committee of the Political Bureau, which was published on 24 October.
According to the data reported in the study, of the over 700 companies in the sector, 83 would be research institutes, while 34 would provide banking services.
Precisely with the specific aim of regulating the sector, 2019 political acts of various kinds have been issued by the various state ministries and commissions since the first half of 12, starting with the issue of rules aimed at countering anonymity by the Cyberspace Administration of China and a series of municipal laws that have affected cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.
The flourishing of the blockchain is also testified by the number of registered patents, which amounts to 3.547 in the first half of the 2019. A significant step forward compared to the 2.435 that had instead been recorded over the previous twelve months.

Xi Jinping's words

The favor of Chinese political institutions can also be inferred from the words that have recently been released by the President, Xi Jinping. In fact, in a public speech, he himself urged the country to devote an increasing effort in order to accelerate the adoption of blockchain technologies so that it can take the lead in innovation processes and give life to an increasingly pronounced industrial transformation in this sense. An exhortation that has had significant results not only of the blockchain related research on WeChat, but also a leap of 10% as regards the listing of the vast majority of blockchain companies operating in the Chinese market A-share.