Sometimes thinking outside the box can be interesting. For example, when people are looking to make a profit in the financial markets, this can be particularly helpful. A great example of this are cryptocurrencies and trading software like Investing Report.
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When bitcoin, the first ever cryptocurrency, was launched in 2009, hardly anyone noticed. However, those who believed it from the start are now millionaires.

As more and more people began to understand the value of this market, bitcoin had a real boom, until it hit record highs in 2017. But how is it possible to enter this financial market if you don't own No knowledge? We explain how to do it using a software like Investing Report.

What is Investing Report?

Investing Report is a 100% automatic software; therefore, no human intervention is required to trade Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

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While the default settings have proven profitable, some investors who prefer to change certain trading parameters can do so by monitoring the platform for less than 20 minutes a day.

However, if you prefer to be in control of your trading activities, you can simply select the manual trading mode. Trading is easy with this platform.

Is Investing Report a Scam?

As Investing Report believes that the security and protection of investor data is extremely important, the site employs excellent encryption methods to protect its users' private and confidential information. Furthermore, the brokers who collaborate with this platform have also applied the most sophisticated security technologies to protect your information and, most importantly, your funds. You have absolutely nothing to worry about when trading with Investing Report other than making profits.

  • Free account and quick and easy trade execution
  • Automatic and manual trading modes, intuitive software interface
  • Excellent customer support, insured profits 24/7

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How does it work?

Investing Report was originally developed to allow novice traders to make large profits by trading various cryptocurrencies. Members who signed up to this platform today report earning around $ 1000 a day, although they started out with an investment of just $ 250 and monitor the software for just 20 minutes a day.

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This is because the software can be used in automatic mode and the amount of input required by investors is very minimal. Investing Report can guarantee profits by using sophisticated trading strategies, such as those used by professional traders, and by leveraging its cutting-edge technology when trading cryptocurrencies in the market.

Our team who analyzed this platform says that the software is perfect for both novice traders and experts. Beginner investors have the ability to earn money in a highly volatile market, while more experienced investors can make larger profits, while also having more control over their trading activities, by using the software in manual mode. This software is therefore suitable for any type of investor!

How to open an account?

To start trading with Investing Report, you need to follow the steps below step by step. To access the official site, however, just click on one of the links found on this page.


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Complete the registration form found at the top of the platform's official page. You will then be sent a confirmation email which will activate your subscription once confirmed by clicking on the welcome link. Afterwards, an email will be sent containing instructions on how to proceed. There is no cost to open a new account.

To deposit

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Upon approval of your application, you will be prompted to select your preferred broker from the recommended options selected by your region of origin. Register with your favorite broker and deposit the funds into your account as trading capital. $ 250 is the minimum deposit amount. No fees will be charged for making a deposit.


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After depositing the funds into your trading account, you will be ready to trade Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies using the Investing Report. After activating the software, sit back and find out how the best trading signals are executed in your account and will make you money. It really is that simple!

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Key features

There are many features that have made this platform popular, but not being able to list them all in this review, we have selected the best 3!

No cost

Investing Report is 100% free. There are no costs to pay to join the Investing Report elite community. There are no hidden fees, no taxes charged on profits, and no upsells.

Multiple assets

With Investing Report you can trade a wide range of financial assets. Partner brokers he works with offer Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, NEO, IOTA and BAT. There are also Forex pairs like USD / JPY, stocks like Microsoft, and commodities like gold and oil.

High success rate

Investing Report produces high quality trading signals that boast a success rate of around 99,4%. The signals are sent in real time to the market and this ensures that investors are securing maximum profits.

Is Investing Report recommended by any celebrities?

No, at the moment this topic seems to be a real taboo in our country and it is not talked about on TV or on the media.

Flavio BriatoreMarco BaldiniLorenzo Jovanotti

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Although there is no talk of software like this, many entrepreneurs and expert investors such as Flavio Briatore, have said they are in favor of the introduction of cryptocurrencies to replace the current fiat currencies.

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He confessed in an interview some time ago that he managed to raise his financial situation by making targeted investments in the world of Forex and cryptocurrencies.

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He is one of the biggest supporters of bitcoin in our country. He is so excited about it, that he claims to have invested in the first cryptocurrency since its launch.

Does Investing Report offer a mobile app?

Investing Report has a web-based interface; therefore, no download, no installation, no maintenance and no update is required. Its web-based interface and easy accessibility on desktop and mobile browsers make trading with this platform simple and convenient.

Our verdict

Investing Report has been designed to trade fully automatically, however, if you wish to have full control of your trading activities, you also have the ability to adjust customizable trading variables such as; trade amount, tradable assets, trading times and risk management. This will only take 20 minutes a day to get started. The platform is secure and reliable, so we recommend clicking below to start registration.

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How much does it cost to trade with Investing Report?

Nothing! There is no cost to become an Investing Report member, nor does it cost anything to use the software to trade on the cryptocurrency market. There are no hidden costs, no commissions and no upsells.

How much money can i earn with Investing Report?

Currently, Investing Report members earn at least $ 1.000 per day. The average profits earned obviously vary depending on several factors, such as starting capital and applied trading parameters.

Is Investing Report a Scam?

No. Investing Report is reliable trading software that uses cutting-edge technologies and sophisticated strategies to trade cryptocurrencies. It was also recognized and received an award from the US Trading Association for the high profits it guarantees to investors.