Sooner or later everyone has to deal with the world of finance in their own lives. Today things like online payments, ATMs and salary credits force us to have a bank account and possibly smart.

When dealing with the world of finance, the step towards investment is short. Some believe that in order to invest money, you need to have a large capital, but this is not the case. Even small investors can successfully invest their capital, albeit from lower sums.

What is an investment?
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In the financial sphere, an investment is an activity intended to produce an income or a capital gain.

In finance it is possible to invest in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, interest bearing accounts, land, derivatives, real estate, works of art, old comics, jewelry - anything an investor believes can produce an income (usually in the form of interest or rent) or increase in value over time.

In this article we will examine the possibility of making investments online, trying to understand immediately what an investment is and what are the best options available on the net to safely invest your savings.

Why is it important to invest money?

The security of one's capital is what worries the investor most. Although some investors are more risk tolerant than others (they are therefore more willing to lose some of their capital in exchange for the possibility of generating a higher profit), not everyone thinks the same way.

The investor's ability to tolerate risk and the incremental return associated with increasing amounts of risk are two key factors that distinguish the types of investments from each other and help to determine appropriate investments for a given investor.

Before we get started, we wrote in the sections about the different ways you can invest so you can jump to a specific topic or keep reading below.

How to invest money

Maybe you are thinking that this is not the best time to talk about investments. You are worried about your job, you just quarreled with a friend, your cat has started to behave strangely or your love life is not going well.Investing Money Online - The Best Options for Investing Your Money 2020 - money1

Trust me, there is never a good time to talk about investments. So every moment is good! In the end, it's about being disciplined enough to keep the money you earn and then take the next step, invest and grow your capital. And the best way to do this is to learn to invest. It may seem complicated at first, but believe me, it's really very simple.

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When you become an investor, you will start using your money for assets that offer a potential return, either immediately or over time, in one of the following fields:

  • Interest and dividends from savings shares or dividends and bonds
  • Cash flow from businesses or real estate
  • Appreciation of value from an equity, real estate or other assets portfolio

As time goes by, you will learn to invest your resources in the things that have the greatest return potential. This can also be paying off debts, going back to school or investing in a two family house.

Obviously, it can also be the purchase of shares or bonds, mutual funds, funds traded on the stock exchange, Bitcoin, refuge assets such as gold and silver, or trading Forex.

Thanks to technological advances, today it is possible to start investing with a very low amount (even € 5 per month) and from your smartphone. you can also start at invest 100 euros per month to make profits. The task of this article is to help you filter all the possibilities of online investment, to choose the one that best suits your needs.

How to invest your money

Investing allows you to significantly increase your money over time thanks to the power of capitalization.

Capitalization can be defined as the eighth wonder of the world. Thanks to its power, a penny can be transformed into thousands of euros, with sufficient time. However, you may not live 2000 years and therefore, you need to consider these examples:

Suppose he starts investing at 16 ... Although it may seem unrealistic to start investing money from such young people, let's say that you have received a small inheritance. If you invest 5 thousand euros in a savings account that makes you an interest of 7%, you can earn 200 € per month and after 30 years you will find yourself in the bank 284 thousand euros.

Now that you know why you should start investing right away, the next question you will have to answer is: when to start? The answer is very simple: Immediately!

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Investment is a word that sounds somewhat intimidating in some people's ears. It is true, when investing money there is always the possibility of losing it, but with a good investment, there are much more chances to earn. Investing for the first time can be terrifying, especially when the savings earned from hard work are involved, but let me give you some suggestions.

Investing is like a religion: some people have very strong opinions about it and may even belong to very specific schools of thought.

Here are some that come to my mind

Investing Money Online - The Best Options for Investing Your Money 2020 - real estateThe Catastrophists - These investors think every day that the financial system should collapse and therefore invest all their money in gold and real estate.

Investing Money Online - The Best Options for Investing Your Money 2020 - traderDaily Trading Operators - These are the people most represented in Hollywood films, with walls and desks covered with monitors and TVs containing schemes and graphics incomprehensible to most people.

Investing Money Online - The Best Options for Investing Your Money 2020 - negative parenting 005 512Unrestrained Investors - They have a mad desire to invest and earn, as fast as possible. Thus, they invest in all that the market offers, also hoping to obtain minimum daily earnings, but constant over time.

If you are already part of one of the schools of thought above, then the advice you will find in this article cannot help you. However, if you are only getting closer to the world of finance, read on to find out more.

How to invest money without risk

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It's true: investing means taking risks. We have all heard of people who lost half of their luck during the Great Depression or the more recent Great Recession. We have heard of Bernie Madoff, a former banker and swindler, who has sent thousands of people to bed. Although it is not possible to completely eliminate the risk, it is possible to reduce it significantly if you invest carefully.

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We talked about interests and capitalization, where the key rule is: the earlier you start, the more money you will earn over time. Take a look at all the investment possibilities offered by the online world and find out how to invest money tailored for you.

The great thing about starting as early as possible is that by investing as a young person, we are most likely talking about long-term investments, such as that for a pension account. These investments can be less risky than forex trading or Bitcoin trading, as these modern investment solutions are not for everyone (although they have the potential to earn more).

Although investing can be risky, it is better to learn how to manage this risk, as not investing can cost much more money than you risk losing by making a bad investment.

The best way to invest money in the short term

Short-term investors make money by trading stocks in a short period of time, rather making long-term purchases.

Surely it is possible to make money as the forums say investing in this sense today, the problem is that, no matter how good a person is in the world of trading, luck will always play a central role.

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It must be considered that:

Short-term trading performed by novice investors is always almost an unfortunate practice, which leads them to lose everything.

More than thinking about a way to invest money and get short-term earnings, it's better to focus on one way to get long-term earnings.

Keep in mind that both ways make money, but one is less risky than the other.

With long-term investments, in fact, it is possible to minimize the risk and cancel the unpredictable effects of short-term volatility and price reductions.

How to invest the money to earn?

Several people create a real income thanks to investments and some are so successful that they can earn a living simply by exchanging shares (i.e. by trading).

This is the most fascinating form of investment, however, it is not the type of investment that most people benefit from. Many people benefit from long-term investments. This means that money accumulates a profit in the stock market in 10 or 20 years.

A good long-term investment allows people to retire better and with more money.

Where to Invest Money?

When deciding to invest money, you can choose from various options. Including:

Investing Money Online - The Best Options for Investing Your Money 2020 - 09. forex trading money dollar finance candlestick investment investing business stocks 5121. The stock market

The most common and probably the most profitable place where an investor can put their money is the stock market.

Investing in the stock market today means owning a small part of a company.

When the company earns, it pays part of the profits in small dividends based on the number of shares purchased.

When the value of the company grows over time, the price of the shares you own also increases, which means that you can subsequently resell them at a higher price than you paid for their purchase, to obtain a profit.

Investing Money Online - The Best Options for Investing Your Money 2020 - trading icon2. Invest in bonds

Investing bonds today, in a nutshell, means lending your money to a government or a company.

The company or the government pays an interest on the "loan" to the investor who purchased its security, which varies according to the maturity of the security.

Compared to equities, bonds are considered to be a less risky form of investment, however, lower risk also translates into lower profit.

Investing Money Online - The Best Options for Investing Your Money 2020 - crowdfunding 512 2 3. Mutual funds

Mutual funds allow investors to buy multiple securities simultaneously, rather than one. These securities are generally chosen and managed by an independent manager contacted by the investor.

In this case the problem is the commission that the manager will apply to the investment, based on the percentage of money invested. Because of the commission, it is often difficult to get a good return on your investment.

Investing Money Online - The Best Options for Investing Your Money 2020 - coins24. Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrency is undoubtedly the riskiest way to invest your money. But as mentioned earlier, less risk also means less profit. The risk when investing money in investments such as a savings account is negligible, however the profits are almost zero.

There are many advantages to investing in cryptocurrencies and the best is definitely making money quickly thanks to the high volatility. Remember though, you should only invest what you can afford to lose.

Investing Money Online - The Best Options for Investing Your Money 2020 - gold bars 7 586897 5. Raw materials

These are a real, tangible investment that can be touched in most cases. Commodities can be gold and silver, for example.

They are defined as safe havens, because during the periods of economic crisis, their value does not drop, indeed it could even rise.

How to invest in the stock market

Investors, even novice ones, have several ways to invest on the stock exchange. You will find that many websites usually advise you to invest a large amount like 40000 euros, but you don't need much to get started.

The greatest risk in the field of investments on the stock exchange derives from the investor's emotions. When the market is doing well, most stock buyers become greedy, which unfortunately makes them buy stocks when they cost more. Today you can even use them app to invest on the stock exchange without problems.

On the contrary, a bearish market triggers the feeling of fear, which leads investors to sell when prices are lower.

Choosing how to invest is a personal matter and depends on your risk appetite and ability (willingness) to spend time learning about the stock market.

Each has advantages and disadvantages

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  • If you want to pay low commissions, you need to spend more time managing investments.
  • If you want to beat the competition and earn a lot, you will probably have to pay higher commissions.
  • If you want to receive good investment advice, you will probably have to pay even more.
  • If you don't have much time or interest in delving into the topic on your own, you may have to settle for lower earnings.

How to invest in stocks

Buying securities online is cheaper, but it gives the investor less guidance; for each transaction, you are charged a commission or a predetermined percentage. However, it asks you to learn how to invest money and therefore more time (study).

Before starting, it might be a good idea to take a look at the most reliable online trading sites such as that of the eToro broker, one of the most popular on the web.

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A broker who offers you a 360 ° service can cost more, but you also get more information and advice on investment, which can help you protect yourself from feelings like greed and fear. It is necessary to shop around to choose a good financial intermediary you can trust, for this we recommend eToro, an expert online broker with an excellent reputation. With a broker like etoro, you can invest up to 200 euros in stocks like Amazon, Apple and Tesla.

Stocks will ensure you profits when the market goes up, while bonds and commodities will protect you from a bearish market.Investing Money Online - The Best Options for Investing Your Money 2020 - 1 actions

However, it is good practice to rebalance your portfolio once or twice a year. In this way, you will make sure to buy when prices are lower and to sell when they are higher. Below you can find the trending stocks to invest on the stock market:

The mix mainly depends on your financial goals
  • If you need to invest long term, a mix with a higher percentage of stocks will guarantee you a higher return in the long run.
  • If you need to make quick money, you will need to enter multiple bonds.

Another tip we can give you, if you don't have much time to manage your investments, is to consider a diversified portfolio, which means having a balanced mix of stocks, bonds and commodities.

A good broker like eToro has all these options available and you can make the most of its features like social trading.

How to Invest in Bitcoin

Bitcoin. It is one of the most sought after words in the financial technology sector right now, but also one of the least known. Now that cryptocurrencies are also becoming part of the news world, the time has come to clarify and understand how to invest money in Bitcoin.

Buying Bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies can be a fun and profitable way to explore the world of online investment. However, the purchase of these assets should always be accompanied by a label, such as the one affixed to cigarette packs: Buy Bitcoins it can be harmful to the health of your finances. Never buy Bitcoins with money that you can't lose.

In recent months, the value of Bitcoin (the first cryptocurrency to be launched on the market and the most popular in the world) has increased after reaching historic lows, but is still trading at lower levels than those reached in 2017. As for the others cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin is an experimental digital currency and therefore subject to greater volatility than many other already tested investments, such as mutual funds, bonds and stocks.

To start investing in Bitcoin, you need:

Investing Money Online - The Best Options for Investing Your Money 2020 - 10 Best Cryptocurrencies to Invest in 2018

  • Decide where to proceed with the purchase of Bitcoin
  • Create an electronic wallet
  • Make the purchase
  • Manage the investment
The best and easiest way to get started with Bitcoin is to buy or trade on the eToro platform. eToro is regulated by FCA, CySEC and has over 10 million accounts worldwide. Its social trading functionality makes it one of the most used platforms in the world to manage Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

Trading Robots and Famous People

If you've just gotten closer to this world, you've probably never heard of trading robots. These software are a very useful tool in the hands of small investors, who can invest their savings through Bitcoin, using an easy-to-use and secure platform.

These robots, through the use of advanced algorithms, are able to analyze the markets at a supersonic speed, in order to generate hundreds of trading signals per minute. The signals must then be executed instantly by the software to open and close market positions on behalf of the user. The latter, has to do is choose his level of personal risk and start operations.

There are many trading robots like the Bitcoin Era which in recent years have entered the market. Obviously, as always happens in these cases, there are also some who want to take advantage of the naivety of novice investors, by cheating with very unprofitable software, which have the sole purpose of stealing money. However, many are the legitimate software that can be found on the internet today and many are even recommended by famous people such as:

Lorenzo JovanottiSalvatore AranzullaFlavio Briatore

Investing Money Online - The Best Options for Investing Your Money 2020 - jovanotti

It may seem incredible, but it was the Italian singer-songwriter himself who confirmed during his recent interview that he had left the public scene because he was more interested in the world of finance at the moment. In particular, Jovanotti said to have been one of the first to believe in Bitcoin and to invest significant sums from the beginning. Today, thanks to the sprint of the world's number one digital currency, Jovanotti can sleep peace of mind.

Investing Money Online - The Best Options for Investing Your Money 2020 - Salvatore Aranzulla 1

This popular Italian blogger has written many articles on the topic of cryptocurrencies, how to invest and what software to use. He also recommends use reliable and secure platforms to make your investments online. However, he never mentions any particular brand. If a person famous all over the web like him says that automatic trading robots can be trusted, then it must be so.

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In addition to being a successful entrepreneur, we also know Briatore for being a skilled investor. His investments and his TV show made school and the Italian millionaire never hid from use automatic trading tools to manage its capital. On the other hand, a man like him certainly cannot have the time to sit for hours and hours in front of a computer screen.

How to Invest in Gold

Compared to other commodities, the average investor has simplified access to gold, since anyone can decide to buy a gold bar (the yellow metal in the shape of a bar or coin) from a precious metal dealer or a bank. These gold bars are available in different cuts.

Although it is better to own a gold bar than a barrel of oil or a soybean case, owning gold physically involves some problems such as: transaction fees, insurance and storage costs.

Those who wish to invest in gold, however, can do so more comfortably by considering mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) that replicate commodity movements.

On the other hand, more experienced investors who wish to risk a bigger capital can also invest in gold futures.

These options represent the right - but not the obligation - to buy or sell an asset (in this case gold) at a specific price for a certain period of time; they can be used for example, if you think gold is going up or down and if you guess right, otherwise all you have lost is the small amount you paid for the option.

In general, those who wish to invest in gold have three options:

Investing Money Online - The Best Options for Investing Your Money 2020 - gold

  • They can buy the physical good
  • They can buy an ETF
  • They can trade commodity futures

All these options and others are available on the eToro platform.

How to invest in Forex

Investing Money Online - The Best Options for Investing Your Money 2020 - forexAlthough Forex trading may seem complicated, the truth is that most people can start doing so by opening a new account in one afternoon.

To start, however, we recommend that you study and deepen your knowledge of the most commonly used Forex jargon, which will make your entry on the market easier. Some words and phrases you may most commonly hear are: base currency, listed currency, bid price, ask price, spread and pip. Once you know the jargon, you can read some Forex books, take some online courses or join an online forex trading community.

Investing Money Online - The Best Options for Investing Your Money 2020 - forex candlesticks

Now that you are ready to start, you will need to make your first choice: a brokerage company. The broker will help you trade and many also offer additional financial services. Collaborating with a reliable broker can make the difference between a successful trader and a poor trader. Don't be afraid to search online to choose the broker that best suits your needs.

Earning money by exchanging a currency pair means accurately predicting the trend of the global economy. To be a profitable trader, you need to know the GDP and political climates of the countries in which you are interested in buying the currency to take an excellent "advantage" on which currency your investment is worth and in which countries there are growing economies.

Once you've decided which currency pair to buy, it's time to place an order for your first trade. Your brokerage firm probably provides online trading software that allows you to place a buy or sell order.

Using your trading platform, place a market order with your broker. Your platform specifications may vary. After placing your order, relax and let your broker handle the rest.

What is the best way to invest money today?

Considering all the investment options available today, investing in the stock market seems to be the option that offers the greatest (potential) return. However, you cannot invest your money in randomly chosen stocks and hope to make big profits.

Investing in the stock market today means, above all, dealing with an expert financial advisor, able to give good advice, even after paying a commission.

Investing Money Online - The Best Options for Investing Your Money 2020 - Different Investments


To invest in the stock market and make a profit, you need to use an effective system and strategy.

Other, less risky investment options are also available, but it all depends on your goals and on whether you want to achieve them in a shorter or longer time.


How to invest 100 Euros?

If you are a small investor and want to start entering the world of online investment, we recommend you do it with a reliable broker. For example, you can create an account and make an initial deposit of 100 euros on a reliable financial brokerage site like Plus500. This broker offers its operators, many assets to invest in, including Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and Forex.

How to invest 1000 Euros?

If you want to invest three-zero digits, then you can no longer consider yourself a small investor, but a medium one. If you want to start entering the world of investment with a sum of one thousand euros, you can do it mainly in two ways: by purchasing a real safe haven asset (an ingot / gold coin, for example) or by betting on shares that will make the investment congruous over time. Again you may need a reliable financial adviser / broker.

How to invest 40000 Euros?

Forty thousand euros is an important figure. We are no longer talking about small investments, but rather high capital. If you want serious advice, such capital could be invested in real estate. The house (generally a second home) is a highly sought after refuge for investors. The properties sooner or later over time acquire value if well maintained and purchased in an area destined to grow over the years.