If you arrived on this page, it is because most likely you are also wondering how to start investing in stocks. Well, if you are a beginner, know that the most important things to keep in mind are training, ease of use of the platform with which to invest in online stocks and market research.

In addition to testing training centers in depth, it is also important to monitor which brokers offer services such as webinars, live seminars, videos, progress monitoring and even interactive education, such as quizzes.

How to earn money by investing in stocks

In the end, all the best trading platforms in the world aimed at beginners should offer all of this, but unfortunately this is not always the case.

If you want to find out how to invest in shares with the best platforms in the sector, you are in the right place. Where is it best to invest in shares?

Elite Stocks

Elite Stocks is a regulated broker that works very similarly to Libertex, although it does not offer social trading functionality. The control panel of this software seems to give itself areas of a professional platform, but in reality it is still very simple to use. Here's how to sign up and trade Investing shares.

Open a new account

To open a new account, simply access the Elite Stocks main page and fill in the registration form. Inside you must enter information such as name, surname, email, telephone number and choose an effective password to protect your account.

Again an automatic welcome email will be sent, with a link inside to verify your identity. Once logged into the site, all that remains is to proceed to the next step.

Account financing

Elite Stocks offers all its users the opportunity to finance their trading account through numerous popular payment methods, such as debit / credit cards, eWallets and wire transfers.

You don't have to pay any commission to use the platform and transactions are also free. How does the platform make money then? They simply apply a small spread when opening each position.

Live trading

Once your account is financed, you will only have to proceed with the actual trading. Before doing so, however, we recommend that you take a look at the training area of ​​the site and learn more about the topic. If you still don't know which stocks to invest in, a short market survey may be needed.

Unfortunately, trading even with the best platform in the world does not guarantee you financial success. Whoever thinks he can earn without effort lies to himself. To earn in this world it takes study, passion and perseverance.

Investing in stocks or bonds?

In general, the former are said to yield more, but also the latter are less risky and it is true. This is because investing in stocks is more risky than investing in bonds and therefore, the first option must be paid more.

However, in the world of finance there are no easy recipes. Bonds, for example, can also involve risks, and in some cases they may even be more risky than bonds.

What is certain is that for both investments, you will have to wait for the plus sign to earn something. However, investing in stocks using the CFDs made available by the brokers listed in this post also means earning when their value goes down. Of course, CFDs also involve risks, especially if leverage is used.

In which stocks should you invest today?

Compared to Forex and Commodities, stocks represent a still very popular financial instrument. Investing in equities means using a very interesting instrument, because it is subject to high volatility and therefore, through CFDs, there are numerous earning opportunities.

On which stocks to invest today? There are many companies worth keeping your eyes on, such as:

  • Roma Investing shares
  • NVIDIA stock
  • NETFLIX actions
  • UNICREDIT actions

These are 4 giants that are part of different market areas. These therefore also offer the possibility to diversify your portfolio, which is one of the most important rules for earning shares.

Of course, the shares to invest in also depend on your personal interests. For example, if you are a movie buff, you may start investing in stocks listed on the film industry. Or, if you are a video game enthusiast, you can invest in stocks related to this branch of industry.

Starting to invest in stocks is not difficult at all and if you don't want to be tied to the traditional method of the thing, that is to go to the bank and pay an official to trade for you, the best way is to do it at home with your favorite broker.

Traditional investment or stock trading - which is the best choice?

There are essentially two ways in which you can invest in stocks today:

Invest in stocks in the traditional way

In this case, we mean the direct purchase of shares, by signing an equity contract or with a home banking platform. If you choose this option, it means betting on the performance of the medium-long term shares. A high target profit could be 5/10%. In this case, normally, one does not worry about the daily fluctuations of the shares. However, investing in stocks in a traditional way also means:

  • Having to pay high commissions
  • Cover the possible cost of the platform
  • Give up on Short Selling
  • Give up the use of leverage

Invest in stocks with online trading

When we talk about online trading and investing in stocks, it means that we are referring to buying and selling operations that are performed through an online software, but not of shares directly, but of CFDs. In this case, there are many differences from the traditional direct stock purchase:

  • It is possible to open both Purchase and Sale positions and therefore earn both with a positive and negative sign
  • You can use leverage, or a tool that allows you to open positions larger than your capital
  • Possibility of intraday trading, i.e. opening and closing transactions taking advantage of daily market fluctuations
  • You can use trial accounts (demos) to practice with, without risking your capital


Investing in times of crisis is not something many investors do because of market uncertainty and volatility. However, as explained in this post, even in times of crisis there can be interesting profit opportunities.

The brokers listed here offer access to trial and live trading accounts, completely free of charge, with the possibility of investing in stocks, as well as in Forex, cryptocurrencies and more.