Italian Formula is one of the best automated trading platforms in the industry. This software is capable of generating profitable trading signals, with great accuracy.

Its popularity has grown dramatically last year and so we wondered if we should not analyze it further. Our team has conducted extensive research, analyzing every aspect of the software and found that it is an incredibly reliable robot.

If you want to know more, keep reading our Italian Formula review. You will find out how this software works, what its main features are and how to jump on this winning train before it's too late.

What is Italian Formula

As mentioned above, Italian Formula is one of the best automated trading platforms in the industry. This software uses a powerful algorithm to analyze the markets at an impressive speed.

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Once the best trading opportunities have been identified, the software sends a signal to the trading platform of an associated broker, to execute the trades for the user, in a fully automatic way. Human intervention is practically nil!

It doesn't matter how much experience you have in the field of cryptocurrencies, because with Italian Formula even beginners can earn considerable amounts. Since the robot is fully automatic, it is the algorithm that performs technical and fundamental analysis of the markets, which would normally take many hours.

All the user has to do is set his own risk parameters and the goals he wants to achieve.

Is Italian Formula a scam?

Is the software reliable or a scam? Well, if he wasn't reliable he wouldn't have been given so many awards and accolades for his work! Here are the awards he has received and which have made him so popular:

  • Italia Formula is an automatic software that really makes money
  • Partner with some of the leading brokers in the industry, unreliable software couldn't do it
  • It offers a 99,4% success rate - which means that almost all trades are closed with a positive sign

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How does Italian Formula work?

Italian Formula exploits the trading signals issued by the most sophisticated mathematical algorithms in circulation, to make accurate decisions. These algorithms are able to analyze the cryptocurrency markets and derive profitable trading signals.

These algorithms are far more accurate than any human being, as they can take millions of factors into consideration before making any decisions. At the same time, they do it at an impressive speed.

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The Italian Formula algorithms are able to read cryptocurrency news as it is published and trade accordingly (fundamental analysis). This is combined with historical (technical) data analysis to trade with very high accuracy.

The role that the user has in all of this is simply to open and close trading sessions. We recommend that you pay close attention to market news to know when is the best time to open and close trades. Furthermore, we recommend never leaving the robot running overnight, without any monitoring.

How to register - Step by step guide

To subscribe to Italian Formula 3 steps are enough. Here is the complete guide to do it in less than 10 minutes!

Account opening

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Start on your way to financial freedom by logging into the official Italian Formula website.

On the homepage you will find the registration form. Inside, your personal information must be entered. Upon successful identity verification, the user will have access to an active trading account to trade with.


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Before you can start trading, however, you will need to deposit your capital. Although Italian Formula is a completely free platform, it still needs capital to trade.

The minimum that you can deposit through the regulated brokers you work with is $ 250. Furthermore, profits can be withdrawn at any time.

Start trading

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After depositing your trading capital, you can start profiting in the cryptocurrency markets.

The first thing you need to do is set your preferred trading parameters based on your preferences and goals. The software will take care of all the text. The robot is fully automatic and so while you go about your normal daily activities, it will work for you.

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The main features of Italian Formula

Italian Formula is a software that is respected throughout the world of global finance. This award-winning platform is considered one of the best trading apps in the world today, due to these features:

Background operations

This app provides users with powerful backstage functionality, allowing them to try out the trading parameters that best suit their needs.

Test mode

To allow users to have a 100% understanding of how the software works, a demo trading feature has been included.

Automatic software

Italian Formula is also suitable for beginners, because it is a fully automated all-in-one solution. The software is able to analyze the markets 24/7 in order to allow the user to make money at any time, even if away from their workstation.

Is Italian Formula recommended by celebrities?

Some rumors speak of interviews made with some famous people of the Italian scene, who would have spoken directly or indirectly about this software. Curious to find out who it is? Then read on below!

Flavio BriatoreMarco BaldiniFabio Fazio

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The well-known entrepreneur is also famous in the world as a skilled trader. However, he says he doesn't need any help from Italian Formula, because an expert can also trade manually.

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He claims to have tried Italian Formula on the advice of a close friend of his. He even borrowed the $ 250 to get started, which he was happy to pay back in full after a few days. We do not know how much money he managed to accumulate, but it is likely to be quite a lot.

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Some rumors claim that he talked about the automatic trading platform during What time ago, however someone must have turned up their nose and the broadcast is no longer available online.

Can it be used on mobile devices?

There is no real application available to download on their mobile devices and this can be seen as an advantage.

To access the app, just type the address in your mobile browser. Without the need to download any software, or update old software, it will be possible to follow the movements at any time, simply by having a device connected to the internet.

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Our conclusions on Italian Formula

Ultimately, Italian Formula appears to be a reliable auto trading robot, as demonstrated by the technology behind its operation and the positive reviews it has been receiving for some time. However, determining the veracity of its results is not easy, because it depends above all on the movements of the markets.

We believe that the process of creating a new account is simple and safe, and that the accepted payment methods are extremely convenient and economical to use. Just like other software of the genre, it offers the possibility to operate both automatically and manually.


How much can I earn with Italian Formula?

The money you can make with this software depends on many factors. Some understand how much money is invested as capital and their risk appetite. However, it is not uncommon for users to earn a lot of money per day.

How much time do I have to invest to earn with Italian Formula?

To earn with Italian Formula it is not necessary to invest a lot of time. It only takes a few minutes a day to set your preference parameters and monitor the app. Everything else will be done by the automatic algorithm.

How much does it cost to use Italian Formula?

Accessing Italian Formula is completely free. This means that the provider does not charge any fees for using the platform on profits and there are no subscription fees either. For this reason, we recommend that you sign up while everything is still free!