More and more celebrities around the world decide to invest in bitcoin. 50 Cent is a pretty striking example, since the singer himself officially admitted that at the worst moment of his career, he decided to sell his records for BTC. A curious anecdote about all this is that when it did, bitcoin was not worth as much as it is today, after which its value skyrocketed and this revived the North American rapper's economy in a truly incredible way.

Today investing in bitcoin goes far beyond the simple acquisition of this cryptocurrency; There are many markets where you can make a profit and one of them is CFD trading. Trading doesn't just happen between bitcoins, but also between different assets, and one of them, of course, are all cryptocurrencies in general.

Among all the information that is generated every day about the most popular celebrities in the world and who have decided to invest in bitcoins, it is also said that many of them do so specifically in automated trading robots such as Bitcoin Rush, Bitcoin Era and Bitcoin Storm, and one of the celebrities referred to in these articles is Juan Roig.

Does Juan Roig trade Bitcoin with auto trading platforms?

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We certainly know many things about Juan Roig. One of them is that he is the director and founder of the Mercadona empire. Another is that he is among the 5 richest men in Spain. And in turn, we also know that there are a large number of social networks and internet sites that claim that much of his fortune is due to bitcoin trading.

We found no real evidence to claim that the € 2.700 million capital Juan Roig owns according to Forbes is entirely due to bitcoin trading. However, in this article we will give you all the details we have discovered about the link between this tall Spanish businessman and what bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading is all about.

Bitcoin Rush

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Bitcoin Rush is a robot for automatic trading of bitcoins and cryptocurrencies in general. It has the particularity of being able to perform these operations in a completely autonomous way. It's software that does all the work for you;

You just have to deposit the money you want to invest and the robot will be in charge of executing the operations in the markets you have chosen, with the amounts you have determined during its configuration. Want to learn more about Bitcoin Rush and how to get the best out of this robot? Read our full Bitcoin Rush review.

Has Juan Roig invested in Bitcoin Rush?

As we said at the beginning of this article, we cannot claim that all of Juan Roig's fortune is due to bitcoin trading. However, in this same article we also told you that there are many celebrities who have decided in one way or another to invest in bitcoin and some of the altcoins.

We do not have accurate and truthful information on the investment that Juan Roig may have made in Bitcoin Rush, although we have no way of stating the opposite either, and we would not be surprised if we were to learn that at least part of the fortune of this important Spanish entrepreneur was linked to some software to trade cryptocurrencies.

How to create an account on Bitcoin Rush

Creating an account on Bitcoin Rush is really very simple. Here's how to do it in 3 simple steps:

  • The first step to create an account on Bitcoin Rush is to access the platform of this software via the link you find on this page and register using the free form on the home page.
  • After registering, what you need to do is verify your details. At this point Bitcoin Rush will ask you to verify via email the information you have provided to verify the account and finally activate it to trade in demo or for real money.
  • Finally, you will only have to fund your account in order to finally be able to do automatic trading with Bitcoin Rush. For this, you will need to make a minimum deposit of $ 250, after which you are completely free to start making money with this interesting cryptocurrency robot.

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Bitcoin Era

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Bitcoin Era is one of the most reliable bitcoin automated trading robots, so much so that it has been recommended by various influential personalities, both in the trading market in general and in other areas as well.

Bitcoin Era also offers a platform with a very user friendly interface that allows virtually anyone, without the need to be a trading expert, to execute trades successfully. Do you want to know more about Bitcoin Era? Then you just have to read our software review.

Does Juan Roig owe his fortune to Bitcoin Era?

There is no way to confirm these rumors and the truth is that we are almost completely certain that his luck is not entirely due to trading bitcoin or investing in Bitcoin Era.

What we can say is that it would not be strange to learn that Juan Roig has invested in this robot, because without a doubt it is a software that allows you to generate very high profits if you invest the right amount.

How to create an account in Bitcoin Era

Creating an account in Bitcoin Era is quick and easy. To get started, follow these simple steps:

  • By logging in to the Bitcoin Era platform you will find a form to fill in on the home page, where you will have to provide your name, surname and email address; in this way you will be registered in a few seconds.
  • After registering, the next step will be to verify the information you have provided, where you will also need to provide your phone number, among other information that the platform will request via email.
  • Finally, simply by investing $ 250 through the different payment methods that Bitcoin Era offers you, you can set up the robot and start making attractive profits, which can exceed hundreds of dollars in just one week after making the minimum investment that this company has. requires.

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Bitcoin storm

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If you want to do automatic trading of bitcoins and cryptocurrencies in general, without having to invest too much time and without having to be a financial expert, then we can tell you that Bitcoin Storm is for you.

Bitcoin Storm is a platform that offers free software through which you can make very interesting profits by trading Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general. You don't have to be an expert to do this and you don't even have to invest more than 20 minutes a day; Just create an account on this platform and make the minimum deposit to set up your robot completely free to start earning money. Do you want to know how it does it? Then read our Bitcoin Storm review.

Juan Roig makes money thanks to Bitcoin Storm

Although it is no mystery that Juan Roig is the majority shareholder of Mercadona and although Forbes tells us that the capital of this important businessman is close to 3.000 million euros, there is no reliable source that can tell us with certainty how Juan Roig gets his profits.

At the same time, we cannot say how or what dividends Juan Roig gets through Bitcoin Storm. In fact, we can't even claim that he invested in this robot specifically and not in others.

How to create an account in Bitcoin Storm

To create a free account on the Bitcoin Storm website you need to access it via the link below and follow these simple steps:

  • Creating an account on Bitcoin Storm is really simple. The first thing you need to do is enter the platform and register using the form you will find on the home page.
  • The next step is to verify your account, then activate it. You can do this through the information that the platform itself will ask you to provide by email. And to activate it, you just have to deposit funds using one of the different payment methods offered on this software's page, with a minimum deposit of $ 250.
  • Finally, to start making interesting profits with Bitcoin Storm you just have to configure your account and start trading in a completely automatic way, without investing more than 20 minutes a day and getting really high profits.

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Our conclusion is that it is quite difficult to connect Juan Roig with the different robots presented on this page and that they are useful for carrying out bitcoin trading. However, what we can say is that all of these bitcoin trading robots generate really interesting profits and are worth using.

Finally, we want to tell you that, depending on the different features that each of these robots offers, and the different interests that each user may have, investing in what is most convenient for you is a great option to generate truly amazing profits and finally change. your life by gaining greater financial freedom.