Sheikh Hamdan Bin Ahmed Al Maktoum announces the future launch of their cryptocurrency - Hamdan Token.

- Ahmad Aljariri, CEO of His Highness's private office the sheikh Hamdan Bin Ahmed Al Maktoum, a member of the royal family of Dubai (United Arab Emirates), announced the launch of the cryptocurrency of the new era - Hamdan Token.

Sheikh Hamdan Bin Ahmed Al Maktoum announces the future launch of their cryptocurrency - Hamdan Token. - Hamdan Token

Sheikh Hamdan Bin Ahmed Al Maktoum announces the future launch of their cryptocurrency - Hamdan Token. - Sheikh DubaiIt will be an innovative and revolutionary step towards investment in robotics and artificial intelligence based on technology ERC 20, thus paving the way for the citizens of the United Arab Emirates and the GCC to profit from the effort. The Hamdan token will consist of unique qualities and will be used as a payment method, artificial intelligence and investment.

Cryptocurrency has become the thing today with the most multinational giants that join the fray to invest in this market. The first example is that of Facebook which will launch its cryptographic token, the Libra very early in the cryptocurrency market. This move means that the cryptocurrency market is the emerging trend today.

The United Arab Emirates have always taken the initiative to invest in innovative products on their way to creating numerous records in this field. There blockchain technology and cryptocurrency are not new in the United Arab Emirates as the oil-rich conglomerate has launched the strategy Dubai blockchain in the 2016, thus becoming the first country in the world to introduce this technology for all government documents within the 2020.

Hamdan token

Keeping this trend, Office of His Highness planned to launch the Hamdan token very soon. The main objective of the launch of this cryptocurrency - Hamdan Token is to invest in artificial intelligence and robotics and to stimulate investments massively, as it will strengthen the cryptocurrency market and encourage people to profit from their investments.

Office of His Highness The Sheikh Hamdan Bin Ahmed Al Maktoum Inc has already been registered in the state of Delaware, in the United States and has also obtained the virtual currency license from the United States under the domain name The Hamdan token can be booked via or www. It will hold a PRE-ICO sale to 1,00 AED in which token holders will receive a bonus of 125%, after which the ICO will take place in five stages. Upon completion of the ICO, the token will be listed in multiple public exchanges. The price of Hamdan Token will change based on demand and supply on the market.

The following are the ICO details:
• Round 1 - 100%
• Round 2 - 80%
• Round 3 - 60%
• Round 4 - 40%
• Round 5 - 20%
We will introduce the scheme of distributors and sub brokers for the ICO which will support the system to easily reach individuals / end users. As an incentive, Office of His Highness has stated that Hamdan tokens will be given as intelligent Airdrop to all GCC citizens (Gulf Cooperation Council) at the time of registration they invest in this attempt according to the following table.

• Token Hamdan 50 NATIONAL OF THE UAE
• GCC NATIONALS 25 Hamdan tokens
• RESIDENTS OF THE UAE (others) 5 token Hamdan


As it stands, the United Arab Emirates are on track to overcome the United States in the race to sell digital tokens. Dubai is already the world leader in terms of digital skills transformation. This Office of His Highness offer will confirm the position of the United Arab Emirates as the main investor in the cryptocurrency.

The citizens of GCC will have a golden opportunity to invest in the cryptocurrency market and consolidate the position of the United Arab Emirates as the main nation of investors in cryptocurrency.


cryptocurrency will be the future of the financial market. The whole world is recognizing this fact with more multinationals joining the fray. Artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotics are the three main areas of investment today. First, this token will be used as a means of payment and to be used online, retail stores, shopping center.

Tokens based on artificial intelligence will help us to discover banking, financial, agricultural, health, autonomous vehicles, etc. The Hamdan token will achieve sustainability thanks to the support of the Dubai royal family. The proceeds from the sale of Hamdan token will invest in these technological areas, thus ensuring a better life for people around the world. AI and robotics have enormous possibilities for development in almost all fields today.

From managing space vehicles to the financial market and from the gaming industry to the health sector, the AI ​​has swallowed everything on its way. D-day is not far away when AI will match or exceed human intelligence.

It explains the substantial investment in these fields from almost every corner of the world. The ideal way to invest in AI and robotics today is through the cryptocurrency market. This Hamdan token can set the trend for other cryptocurrencies to follow suit. Thus, Hamdan token owners have a fantastic chance of making huge profits from their investment by taking the lead.

While observing current trends, the Hamdan token has a chance to protect an ICO bumper. In such circumstances, offering five free tokens each can be a huge opportunity for GCC citizens to invest further and make substantial profits from them. As for the awareness of cryptocurrency, nobody knows them better than the citizens of GCC due to the continuous exposure to the cryptocurrency market for a long time.

Office of His Highness has a reputation for encouraging investments in the cryptocurrency market for a long time. Understands the importance of public-private partnerships to achieve these goals. This investment in the cryptocurrency market through the Hamdan token is an opportunity that any GCC citizen with an entrepreneurial mindset he will never lose, especially with the sweetness of having the chance to get five Hamdan tokens from the hands of the same sheikh.

Disclaimer: the cryptocurrency market is highly volatile. Invest at your own risk.
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