Recently, the famous Italian singer Jovanotti, idol of many young and old, has been involved in some rumors about investments made on automated trading platforms. It is not the first time that a celebrity has been involved in similar rumors. The same thing has happened with British celebrities like Gordon Ramsay and Peter Jones, but both have been proven wrong by themselves.

In this article you will find everything you need to know to confirm that Jovanotti has never used any of these trading platforms.

Is Jovanotti involved or not?

Do you want to know if Jovanotti has ever suggested using a Bitcoin system? The answer is no. There are some blogs circulating on the Internet that continue to spread these rumors. The reason they do this is that the more people click on their page, the more users do the more the site appears in the foreground in Google searches.

Lorenzo Jovanotti Bitcoin - Have you invested in Bitcoin systems? - Jovanotti Bitcoin

At the moment, automated trading platforms are extremely popular in the world of crypto and that is why they are involved in these blogs, so that anyone who searches for them online comes across these gossip sites that spread false rumors. We suggest that you do careful research before trusting the web pages you visit.

The trading platforms that appear when you search for the word 'Jovanotti' on Google are some of the most famous robots there are and they are all highly reputed. We will give you a brief introduction of the best ones, including Bitcoin Evolution, Bitcoin Trader, Bitcoin Code and Bitcoin Profit.

Bitcoin Evolution

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Bitcoin Evolution is a crypto trading platform created by a group of IT engineers and professional investors with great experience in the field of trading. The robot uses sophisticated algorithms to analyze market changes and financial news and then place investments automatically. It seems to be one of the most profitable robots there are at the moment, but we recommend that you monitor the progress of trading and not let it operate alone, because you may end up being disappointed by the results of the investments at the end of the day.

We have also found reviews written by some Bitcoin Evolution users who claim that the robot is capable of generating hundreds of dollars a day in profits. Unfortunately, we weren't able to find out if the reviews were true, but we believe Bitcoin Evolution's potential is real. If you want more information about the robot, visit our Bitcoin Evolution review.

Has Jovanotti ever recommended Bitcoin Evolution?

Jovanotti has never recommended or expressed any interest in Bitcoin Evolution. As we have already said in the introductory part of the article, the rumors circulating about the involvement of the Italian singer are completely false. They are simply the result of some gossip blogs that want to increase their number of clicks by spreading fake rumors. A fake title that includes a celebrity's name and a highly sought-after keyword is definitely a smart way to get more clicks, so don't trust everything you read.

How to invest in Bitcoin Evolution

We have tested Bitcoin Evolution to help you with every investment phase. Here you will find a brief summary of the most important stages, but if you want a more detailed guide, please visit our Bitcoin Evolution review.

  1. Visit the Bitcoin Evolution website
  2. Pay your initial deposit
  3. Try to invest in demo mode
  4. Activate the automatic trading mode and start investing

Bitcoin Trader

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Bitcoin Trader is another automated trading robot that appears to be capable of generating large amounts of profits. At least 85% of the reviews written by users that we have found speak of excellent earnings and say that the robot offers excellent services, including ease of use, safety and profitability. There are a few reviews that claim otherwise, so you shouldn't take unnecessary risks.

We have found a couple of stories of people who have lost their pension funds by making investments. The best way to approach these platforms is by making small investments and increasing your investment amounts by reinvesting part of what you earn, so you will never put your savings at risk. Take a look at ours Bitcoin Trader review to know more.

Has Jovanotti ever recommended Bitcoin Trader?

It is very unlikely that Jovanotti will use trading platforms of this kind considering that he earns much more than most Italians. Why should he put his earnings at risk by investing them if he doesn't need more money? As we have already said, even here, it is likely that it is more of a lie put around by some gossip site in desperate search for more clicks, but do not trust. Jovanotti has never recommended Bitcoin Trader.

How to invest in Bitcoin Trader

The Bitcoin Trader website claims that the robot offers the easiest to use interface there is at the moment. To place investments you will hardly have to click. Here are the four steps that you will have to face to start investing in the robot.

  1. Register on the Bitcoin Trader site.
  2. Make a deposit of at least $ 250.
  3. Invest in demo mode to familiarize yourself with the trading platform.
  4. Activate auto trading.

Bitcoin Code

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The Bitcoin Code website claims that the robot is the most profitable among the trading platforms on the market at the moment. The reviews we came across also say that the robot is easy to use and excellent in terms of safety. At least 80% of the reviews we have found are written by users who seem to have managed to make significant gains using the platform. For a detailed guide on how to invest in the robot we recommend you take a look at ours Bitcoin Code review.

Has Jovanotti ever recommended Bitcoin Code?

We can confirm with certainty that Jovanotti has never recommended investing in Bitcoin Code. As we have explained before, gossip blogs have certainly spread the word for personal purposes, but the singer has never expressed any interest in these trading platforms .

How to invest on Bitcoin Code

Investing in Bitcoin Code is very simple. Below you will find a short summary on how to do it. For a more extensive guide, visit our full review.

  1. Create an account on Bitcoin Code from the official website.
  2. Deposit at least $ 250 through a broker.
  3. Invest in demo mode.
  4. Activate the automatic trading mode and start investing.

Bitcoin Profit

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Bitcoin Profit uses algorithms based on investment techniques similar to those used by other robots, but the site claims to have a greater success rate than the others. The robot seems to be based on an artificial intelligence system which allows it to place accurate investments. As in the other cases, we have also analyzed hundreds of reviews written by Bitcoin Profit users and most are very positive and traders seem to be satisfied with the services offered by the platform. It therefore appears to be a reliable robot as well as being capable of generating significant profits. We suggest you don't invest more than $ 250 in the beginning though. It is useless to take big risks right away without knowing if the robot will work in your case. If you are interested, we suggest you take a look at ours Bitcoin Profit review.

Has Jovanotti ever recommended Bitcoin Profit?

There is no evidence that Jovanotti recommended Bitcoin Profit. As in other cases, it was likely that it was gossip blogs that put this rumor around to get more views online. Jovanotti has never publicly expressed any interest in this type of investment. Bitcoin Profit is certainly one of the most reliable investment platforms, but there is no link between Jovanotti and the Bitcoin robot.

How to invest on Bitcoin Profit

To invest in Bitcoin Profit you must follow 4 simple steps that we have summarized below. According to the reviews we found online, it will take you maximum 15 minutes to complete them all and start investing.

  1. Register on the Bitcoin Profit website.
  2. Make a deposit of at least $ 250 through the broker you will be connected to.
  3. Try to invest in demo mode.
  4. Start investing.


Jovanotti has never invested or expressed any interest in Bitcoin systems. If you have come across some site that claims otherwise, chances are they are spreading false information for specific purposes, such as increasing clicks on your site. In fact, the trading platforms associated with the Italian singer are very famous, which is why they are used to create these fake news, because they produce more clicks. The robots involved in the rumors seem to be able to generate significant profits and are simple to use, even for those with little experience in the world of crypto. If you decide to try them, be careful not to take unnecessary risks. Make small investments.