Manuele Blasi is a former Italian footballer who has played in many local teams and has also been called up to the national team several times. Today he is a football manager and is trying to establish himself in this sector too.

Some rumors, however, also want it very close to automatic trading systems to invest in Bitcoin. Will it be true? Here is what we found out.

There seems to be no evidence to support these rumors, so it seems that Manuele Blasi has never invested in Bitcoin. The former Juventus and Napoli footballer (among others) never said he was interested in these investment systems.

The websites that report this news are only looking for web traffic, to be directed to their portals. For this reason, they take advantage of the popularity of these trading systems, creating fake news with names of famous people, just to attract clicks.

Read on if you want to know more about the automatic trading systems associated with the name of Manuele Blasi and if these can be declared safe and reliable, or just yet another well-organized scam.

Manuele Blasi and Bitcoin - Where does this viral trend come from?

As mentioned above, it is the gossip sites that spread this news about Manuele Blasi. But why do these sites do it? The fke news platforms use a well-known marketing technique in this environment, called "black hat". This involves creating so-called "click-catch" titles using the names of famous people and keywords that are trending on Google.

The keywords are on trend in Google Trends: Bitcoin Evolution, Bitcoin Revolution and Bitcoin Era. Keywords with such a high search volume always attract many clicks. For this they are used to attract web traffic to news portals, including fake ones. When people read the name of their favorite, they are more likely to read the news. Consequently, the portals that generate fake news, use trendy keywords and the name of Manuele Blasi to get more traffic and rank higher in the search engines.

We have personally analyzed the trading systems listed above and found that they are 100% safe. All platforms received positive feedback, not only from our portal, but also from the most famous international independent portals in the world.

Manuele Blasi and Bitcoin - Has the footballer ever recommended trading systems? - manuele blasi

Please note: Bitcoin trading software operates on behalf of the user, speculating on the price of cryptocurrencies, just like an experienced financial operator would do. The robots are connected to reliable brokers to perform the operations and profit for themselves and the registered users. By making a minimum deposit of $ 250 these robots are able to generate three-zeros income weekly.

Bitcoin Evolution

Manuele Blasi and Bitcoin - Has the footballer ever recommended trading systems? - Bitcoin Evolution 5 300x68

Bitcoin Evolution is one of the most popular trading software in the world, as it applies proven strategies to perform the exchange of crypto currencies. Those who have already used this software claim to generate thousands of dollars in profit every day.

There are many online testimonials that speak of normal people who have managed to achieve financial independence using Bitcoin Evolution. In addition, almost all the reviews we have read, say that the software is easy to use and suitable for beginners.

Our experience also tells us that Bitcoin Evolution offers an advanced withdrawal system, which allows you to withdraw your funds at any time and without problems. The platform approves withdrawal requests within 24 hours, but if you want to learn more, read our full review.

Has Manuele Blasi ever recommended the use of this software?

The Bitcoin Evolution name is viral on Google Trends and it is for this reason that this keyword is used a lot. From our internal research, we have concluded that on average it appears in at least seven articles online per day.

Keywords like this obviously also attract the attention of fake news sites, which associate Bitcoin Evolution with the name of Manuele Blasi, stating that the former footballer invests with these automatic trading systems (which he has probably never heard of).

As mentioned above, all this is done for the sole purpose of activating more web traffic towards your portal and improving your ranking on Google. Before taking certain rumors for real, it would always be necessary to check their sources.

How to trade with Bitcoin Evolution

Bitcoin Evolution is without a doubt one of the best trading software, as it is suitable for beginners and professionals. It works both in manual and automatic mode, and to get started, just follow these steps:

  • Access the official page through the links you find here
  • Fill in the registration form and verify your identity
  • Deposit your trading capital ($ 250 minimum)
  • Try the platform using the demo account
  • Go live with the click of a button and start earning

Bitcoin Revolution

Manuele Blasi and Bitcoin - Has the footballer ever recommended trading systems? - Bitcoin Revolution 1

Bitcoin Revolution is very similar to Bitcoin Evolution, in that it too is capable of generating high daily profits. According to the official website, the higher the trading capital invested, the bigger the profits.

The reason for such success? The fact that Bitcoin Revolution collaborates with the best financial brokers in the sector, which as such are able to offer very wide levers, up to 1: 1000. With such a large leverage, it is possible to open trades a thousand times your capital, with a huge earning potential for large investors.

Despite its high profitability, it should be remembered that investing with such large levers also increases the risk of losing one's capital. And it is precisely for this reason that we recommend not to invest more than $ 250 in the beginning. Other tricks and tips to make the best use of Bitcoin Revolution can be found in our full review.

Has Manuele Blasi ever mentioned Bitcoin Revolution?

We have not found any testimony, video or audio, where the former footballer spoke of Bitcoin Revolution or at least cryptocurrencies. This means that we are faced with yet another fake news that somehow managed to go viral. As mentioned above, being the name of a famous person, it is combined with that of trendy keywords to attract a few more clicks.

The purpose of these pages is to attract web traffic to their portals and improve search ranking. The fact that Bitcoin Revolution is so popular currently on Google Trends puts it in the crosshairs of these websites, which use its good name in exchange for a few more clicks.

Start using Bitcoin Revolution

To start using Bitcoin Revolution you must first register on its website. On this page you will find the link to the official page. Beware of imitations and click only on links from independent and reliable sources such as ours. Forget instead, the sites that broadcast fake news.

  • Access the Bitcoin Revolution page
  • Fill in the free registration form
  • Deposit at least $ 250 to invest
  • Try the platform in demo mode
  • Switch to Live mode to start generating real profits

Bitcoin Era

Manuele Blasi and Bitcoin - Has the footballer ever recommended trading systems? - Bitcoins Era 3

Another robot that fake news sites use in their titles is Bitcoin Era. This software was launched on the market less than three years ago, but immediately became viral thanks to its high profitability. Today there are about 300 thousand users who use this platform successfully. Many witnesses claim to generate profits of around a thousand dollars a day.

Of course, the Bitcoin Era name is also highly sought after online. Despite its popularity, we have not been able to find negative reviews about it. Ottime referenze instead gets its withdrawal system, which accepts any request within 24 hours. To find out more, you can read our review, otherwise, below we will briefly explain how to proceed immediately with registration.

Has Manuele Blasi ever recommended the use of this software?

Manuele Blasi has probably heard of Bitcoin in his life, but he certainly never recommended using Bitcoin Era. This is not because it is an unreliable platform, but only because it is not affected. Manuele Blasi probably doesn't even know the mechanisms behind the blockchain.

Also in this case the fake news sites have used his name, combining it with that of Bitcoin Era, to catch a few clicks. These sites use trendy keywords to create ad hoc clickbait titles and attract web traffic to their portals, to improve their positioning in search engines. However, this news should be taken for what it is: fake news.

How to trade with Bitcoin Era

Bitcoin Era, like the aforementioned programs, is 100% automatic trading software, which means that you don't have to be an expert to use it. To start trading with this software, just:

  • Create an account for free on the official page
  • Use the assigned broker to make the deposit
  • Practice the demo account
  • Live trading using real software


The rumors that flank Manuele Blasi's name with these trading systems are 100% false and we proved it in this short article. We advise you not to take into consideration what is stated within them, since it is all about fake news.

Despite this, it should be stressed that these are safe and reliable trading systems, which we feel we can recommend without hesitation to all those who aspire to achieve financial freedom.