Phillip Schofield is a very popular TV presenter in his country, as he works with one of the most famous English channels on the planet, ITV. On social media, lately he's been talking about him and his investments in Bitcoin. But will it be true? Does Phillip Schofield use automatic trading platform? Find it out here.

We wrote this article to answer these questions and beyond. Our aim is also to verify the reliability of these platforms. Among the software mentioned alongside the name of the presenter, we mention Bitcoin Revolution, Bitcoin Era and Bitcoin Trader.

Although it seems that Phillip Schofield never used these robots to make investments in cryptocurrencies, these seem to be very popular and highly profitable.

Phillip Schofield and Bitcoin - Fake news is now also real!

Some readers have contacted us to check these rumors and we have satisfied them. We started looking for these news and verified their truthfulness. Unfortunately, we have not found any evidence that highlights Phillip Schofield's interest in these platforms.

For this reason, our conclusions could not have been different: Phillip Schofield never used these robots to do automatic trading. Most likely, this fake news is created to catch a few more clicks.

The robots that are associated with the name of this TV celebrity are very popular at the moment, which means that Google AdWords places them as search results very high. By doing so, fake news sites reach better positions in search engines.

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But before saying goodbye, we want to talk about these platforms in a nutshell, then referring to our full reviews to find out more. Let's find out what the platforms are next to the name of Phillip Schofield and what is said in these rumors.

Bitcoin Revolution

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All traders who want to automate their cryptocurrency exchange business use Bitcoin Revolution. This software uses the price volatility of the main crypto currency, but not only, to make a profit on behalf of the user. The robot trades these currencies for real world market currencies, such as the euro, US dollar and British pound.

Many people are still wary of these automatic trading robots because they promise fantastic returns. Bitcoin Revolution is able to generate a maximum profit of $ 2000 a day, which means a monthly ROI of 400% starting from a minimum investment of $ 250.

We too were quite skeptical at first. We know how these platforms work and nobody is able to achieve these results. But after trying the Bitcoin Revolution algorithms we had to change our mind.

The robot guarantees such high profits, since it can operate with very high levers. If you want to know more about his way of trading, the brokers he uses and how to get started, also read our full review.

So has Phillip Schofield never used Bitcoin Revolution?

The shortest answer is no. Phillip Schofield has never used Bitcoin Revolution to invest in cryptocurrencies, despite the articles that appeared on Pinterest and Facebook have now gone viral.

No authoritative source has confirmed these rumors and the TV presenter himself has denied them through his official channels. Consequently, we can say that these are real fake news, created ad hoc to attract a few clicks.

If you are looking for a reliable automatic trading robot, then we suggest you get more information from authoritative and independent sites like ours, rather than through gossip sites that have nothing to do with the world of finance. Bitcoin Revolution can offer a success rate of over 90% and it is for this reason that today it is the most popular trading robot in the world.

How to trade with Bitcoin Revolution?

You can use Bitcoin Revolution even if you don't have any background in the investment world. This is possible because the platform is fully automated. To start investing, all you have to do is open an account, deposit trading capital and start trading.

  • Access the Bitcoin Revolution website and fill in the registration form. You will need to enter your name and surname, telephone number and email address, which will then be verified later.
  • After completing this quick sign-up process, you will be redirected to the website of a reliable broker, with whom to make your initial investment. All brokers that collaborate with Bitcoin Revolution offer the possibility to make a minimum investment of $ 250.
  • Warning! This is not the cost of the platform, which is completely free, but the money it will use to exchange cryptocurrency.
  • After completing the deposit, you can immediately start trading live or learn the basics with the demo mode. We recommend that all beginners start with the latter so that they can practice before moving on to the real world.

Bitcoin Era

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Bitcoin Era is a rather new platform, in fact it was launched on the market only in 2017. Despite its young age, however, the robot today is very popular in the automatic trading market.

Bitcoin Era can now count on over 300 thousand subscribers and 35% of them have become millionaires. All this thanks to a success rate of over 90% for each open exchange.

Most of the users who tested this platform by depositing a minimum capital of $ 250 found themselves with thousands of dollars in the bank after a few hours. We have verified customer feedback online and they all appear to be legitimate.

Bitcoin Era achieves such high returns thanks to highly precise trading algorithms, which its artificial intelligence manages in the best way. In addition, these algorithms apply the best trading strategies in the industry.

The name of this platform is now popular among all cryptocurrency traders, who thanks to it have gained incredible sums. These strategies are the same as those applied by professional traders. You can learn more about the platform and beyond, by reading our full review.

Does Phillip Schofield recommend investing in Bitcoin Era?

No, Phillip Schofield never recommended using Bitcoin Era, simply because he probably doesn't even know what it is. For this reason we always recommend taking any noise with pliers. Most of the news that went viral on social networks is completely unfounded.

We reviewed Bitcoin Era at 360 ° and demonstrated its 100% reliability. Trading, whatever the platform used, is always risky and for this reason, we recommend investing only money that you can afford to see going up in smoke.

Start trading with Bitcoin Era

Bitcoin Era is also a fully automated platform and for this reason, we recommend it to all aspiring traders. To make real trading with this software, just the click of a button, but not before following these steps:

  • Access the official platform page and complete the free registration form, by entering your name, surname, email address and telephone number. The latter must then be verified to confirm the identity of the user.
  • The identity verification procedure is mandatory with all regulated brokers, so do not be surprised if you also have to face this step required by law.
  • After checking the account, you can proceed with the payment of your trading capital. Again, there is a $ 250 minimum. You can deposit with popular credit cards or e-wallets.
  • After completing this last step, you can proceed in two ways: practice with the demo account or live trading by clicking on the Live button. For beginners, we obviously recommend practicing.

Bitcoin Trader

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This platform is a bit older than the previous one, but in this sector having more years of experience behind it can only be an advantage and a sign of safety and reliability.

Although at the beginning it had some difficulties in emerging, in 2016 its popularity exceeded that of many other competitors, maintaining this trend also in the following year and overcoming the bubble that burst in 2017 unharmed.

Today its popularity has not diminished at all, despite the difficult period that finance and all of us find ourselves living. Many reviews say that Bitcoin Trader is an easy-to-use platform with excellent customer support.

The robot uses effective trading algorithms with which it performs a technical and fundamental analysis of the markets. Once this is done, it issues trading signals, which the platform follows automatically with a 90% success rate.

In addition, Bitcoin Trader uses Machine Learning technologies to learn from its mistakes and automatically improve its performance, exchange after exchange.

Does Phillip Schofield use Bitcoin Trader to invest in cryptocurrencies?

Some rumors have joined the name of Phillip Schofield also to Bitcoin Trader. After some research, we can also say in this case that this is completely unfounded news. The gossip sites have once again put their finger on it.

Bitcoin Trader is an absolutely safe platform and if you want to know more, we recommend you read our review and leave the sites that only spread fake news for a few more clicks.

Safe trading with Bitcoin Trader

You can start trading with this platform in less than twenty minutes. How? Follow the steps below:

  • Log in to the Bitcoin Trader page and open a new account. The registration form is located on the homepage
  • After entering your data, verify your identity by uploading a valid identification document
  • Make a deposit. Brokers accept popular credit cards, wire transfers and eWallets such as Skrill and Neteller
  • Now you just have to click on the Live button to start trading. In addition, with Bitcoin Trader you can also trade in demo, without spending a single penny


Phillip Schofield never said, through any official account, that he had traded with these robots. However, this does not mean that they are not reliable as shown by our reviews.

You can try these platforms now, also through demo accounts and let us know what you think in the comments. Happy trading everyone!