Profit Bitcoin is an automatic trading robot, which generates money by buying and selling various cryptocurrencies at the best time, and offering its operators a success rate of over 90%.Is Profit Bitcoin a SCAM? 🥇 | Read Before You Begin - Profit Bitcoin 1

Such high returns can be achieved thanks to the advanced mathematical algorithms used by Profit Bitcoin. The signals generated are used by the most experienced traders to open and close the trades automatically. But since Profit Bitcoin works on autopilot, it can also be used by beginners who don't have any experience.

Have you heard of Profit Bitcoin before? Riccardo Lardieri is the mind behind this software. He is a former developer who previously worked for a large company and has now decided to make his knowledge available to all. Curious to know more? Then read on our review!

What is Profit Bitcoin?

As mentioned above, Profit Bitcoin is an automatic trading software developed by Riccardo Lardieri. He himself says that his software can predict market price movements in advance and this allows users who use his platform to accumulate profits quickly thanks to the high volatility of cryptocurrencies.

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Profit Bitcoin sends signals to brokers with whom it collaborates and which are automatically assigned to the user, to open or close the exchanges. Does all this surprise you? Know that Profit Bitcoin is not the only platform of its kind, but certainly one of the most effective!

Automated trading platforms are designed by experienced developers and allow their users to sit and relax while the software does all the hard work.

Is Profit Bitcoin a scam?

It's no longer a secret now: everyone is looking for a perfect way to earn money online. And the automatic trading robots have ended up on everyone's lips, for this very reason. Here is why Profit Bitcoin cannot be considered the usual online scam:

  • We have thoroughly tested Profit Bitcoin and the platform is intuitive and easy to use
  • Since cryptocurrency markets are very volatile, we recommend that you do not invest more than € 250
  • Profit Bitcoin offers a success rate of over 90%, which means that 9 out of 10 trades are closed in profit

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How does Profit Bitcoin work?

The operation of Profit Bitcoin is very simple. The app offers its users free trading signals to perform the purchase or sale of cryptocurrencies, which are performed automatically by the broker selected in the platform.

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Exact! The mathematical algorithm developed by Riccardo Lardieri is completely free, just as advertised in the introductory video found on the Profit Bitcoin homepage.

It is therefore legitimate to wonder why its developer offers this software for free. What does it gain? The reason is simple. This software, every time it generates a profit, retains 1% for its developer. This means that software has every interest in this world in generating profits for users!

How to open an account with Profit Bitcoin?

Opening an account on the Profit Bitcoin website is really very simple and to do it, all you have to do is follow these simple steps:


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To get started, you need to open a new account on Profit Bitcoin. To do this, just fill in the registration form on the homepage, inserting your name, surname, email address and telephone number. After verification, the account will be activated immediately, giving you the opportunity to start earning immediately.

To deposit

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At this point you just have to click on the deposit option to be directed to a regulated broker. It is a pop-up that offers the possibility of depositing your capital, which the software will use to perform automatic exchanges. The minimum is € 250, but you can deposit as much as you wish.


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After becoming familiar with the Profit Bitcoin platform with the demo account, you can start earning real money in live mode. All you have to do is click on the Auto Trading switch to start trading via the control panel.

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Key features of Profit Bitcoin

As mentioned above, there are several software similar to Profit Bitcoin, but what makes this robot unique are the features listed below.


The software is capable of generating a daily return of over € 1000. However, to get the maximum you will need to deposit more than € 250. However, if you are not yet familiar with the world of trading, we suggest you start with the minimum.

Easy registration

Only a few basic information is required to sign up, including email address and telephone number. Once you have created your new account, all you need to do is to deposit your trading capital. To do this, simply provide the payment details, but no identity card or bank statement. It really is very simple.

Quick withdrawals

Withdrawals can be made at any time of the day or night. Generally withdrawals are processed within 24 hours and without any delay. In case this doesn't happen right away, there is nothing to worry about. On busy days, it can take up to 3 business days.

Is Profit Bitcoin recommended by any celebrity?

Profit Bitcoin is now on everyone's lips and in some interviews, some popular characters of our country have also spoken about it. Who? Find out below.

Lorenzo JovanottiFabio FazioMarco Baldini

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In an interview he appeared online a few years ago, he said he has supported bitcoin since its launch and firmly believes that these trading platforms can change people's lives in the future.

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He is said to have mentioned it during his popular broadcast Che tempo che fa. But the Rai top management, not having approved, proceeded to eliminate the transmission from all channels!

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We all know that the well-known radio presenter, Fiorello's historic back, had financial problems. In an interview that appeared online, it seems to have confirmed the involvement of cryptocurrencies for its rebirth.

Does Profit Bitcoin offer a mobile app?

Profit Bitcoin is a web based app, which means that its platform can also be accessed via mobile devices.

The software is compatible with iOS and Android operating systems, which means it supports most smartphones and tablets available to users.

Our verdict

The bad reputation that some automatic trading platforms have earned, derives from the fact that some traders have never traded in their life and creating an account on any software, they think they can get a 100% safe and effortless profit.

Although this can happen in some very rare cases, the best solution is to rely on regulated software such as Profit Bitcoin. With a moderate investment of just € 250 you can start your climb to success, in small steps.

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What results can I get with Profit Bitcoin?

The website states that it is possible to earn up to 13 thousand euros per day. But this only depends on the amount paid. With a minimum of € 250 you can earn a maximum of € 500 per day.

How many hours a day should I start Profit Bitcoin?

Users are called to operate the platform at least 8 hours a day, possibly during the busiest hours of the markets, or during the opening of the New York market.

Are there any hidden fees to pay?

No, there is no hidden commission to pay, not even to the broker. Earnings are 100% user and can be withdrawn at any time.